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Jump Into Maximus The Destroyer Of Dogs’ Hilarious And Heated Caturday Lip-Sync Celebration (Video)

Sat, 05/18/2024 - 11:00

Get ready to jump start the Caturday celebrations with Maximus the Destroyer of Dogs, because we are about to turn the music up to 11. Good Caturday to you all, our dear feline fanatics. We hope that you have landed into the weekend, ready to let loose and party like a cat who has fallen into a bucket of catnip, and if not then this hilarious cat video ought to get you there anyway.

The lip sync video has become a staple of online visual media and it seems as though certain feline fur babies have been drafted into the mix, to support their pawrents' efforts to make a better life for them. So as unwilling and disappointed Maximus might seem, deep down he knows that he is doing his cat mom a service, and it is worth putting in the effort to help her. So sit back, get your dancing shoes on, and prepare to get crazy with the king of the seven streets.

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32 Fluffy Feline Photos of Funny Cats with Wholesome Purrsonalities

Sat, 05/18/2024 - 10:00

My neighborhood is full of stray cats who rule the block. Walking around like kings and queens, knowing no one will ever catch them. They can stroll around in peace, hopping from house to house and looking for the neighbors who leave snacks out for them to indulge in. Purrsonally, I love them. It brings a little joy into my day to see cats of all colors sunbathing effortlessly on the sidewalk while I'm headed out of my neighborhood on my commute to work. My dog, on the other hand, is not so fond of them. They drive him nuts - and it seems they do it on purrpose too. From sitting in our driveway, mischievously swaying their tails from side to side while my German Shepard watches in agony behind a fence as they taunt him. Just last night, we were enjoying an evening in the backyard when I spotted a sneaky little feline creeping down the driveway. My dog did not take lightly to this, running full blast through the opening between the fence (in my defense, it seems impossible that a dog of his size could squeeze through this tiny opening, but apparently, with enough momentum, he most definitely can). Sprinting with all his might (and me running furiously behind him), he stood no chance compared to the speed of the strays. He gave up not far down the road and returned home defeated—another point for the felines. 


22 Relatable Caturday Memes For The Feline Pawrents Who Have Been Waiting All Week For Quality Time With Their Cat Children

Sat, 05/18/2024 - 09:00

Yaay, it is finally Caturday, which means it is time to put your feet up and give those hooman toes beans a big old stretch. It has been an arduous week of work, but finally we are blessed with a few precious moments to ourselves and to spend with our feline fur babies, that is if they have not left for their daily rounds of the neighborhood just yet. But if they have, then fear not for we have the purrfect temporary cat child replacement for you, in the form of this list of relatable caturday memes for all you feline pawrents who have been waiting all week long for some quality time with your feline fur babies.

From the feline siblings who have been going at it all morning, turning their kitchen into a WWE arena, to the sleepy cat who is not ready to wake up for any day of the week, to the elder cat sibling who decided that if he cannot join his younger kitten brother in his tiny house, then the house shall have to come down. These stereotypical cat memes are the purrfect thing for when your cat is out and about and not available to give you cuddles in bed.

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25 Purrfectly Cute Kitty Criminals Criminally Controlling Comfy Canine Couches And Monopolizing Mattresses

Sat, 05/18/2024 - 08:00

Good meowrning, fluffy feline fanatics. If you live with a cat, you know for sure that everything you think you own is actually the cat's. Whether it's your favorite chair, your pillows, or your food, it actually belongs to the cat and they will let you know it. That doesn't just go for hooman things, it also goes for dog things, specifically, dog beds. Those big, fluffy beds 10x bigger than they need to be for a cute, tiny kitten are purrfect for them and all of their ego. It's pawsitively hissterical and just the thing we need to turn our day around, so here are some purrfectly cute kitty criminals criminally controlling comfy canine couches.

These rulers of their house have monopolized any and all mattresses, and they won't hear a peep out of you about it. Scroll down to embrace the full funny nature of cats and how, whether you like it or not, you work for them. And, if that's not enough, be sure to check out some hilarious cat memes here!


Mysterious Boy Band of Stray Cats Approach Hooman’s Home Every Night, Bewildered Hooman Gets Hissterical Answers From the Litter Box of the Internet

Sat, 05/18/2024 - 07:00

Hello, I Can Has-ers and loyal members of the cat distribution system. We don't even try to understand what goes on inside a cat's mind, even less so when there are a couple of them together. So when a mysterious boy band of four stray cats comes up to your window every night at the exact same time every evening, you might start to wonder what's going on. Purrhaps the council of cats is choosing them as their next adoptee? Maybe they are looking for a new tasty tuna treat? Or purrhaps they are undercover HOA agents, inspecting their house for immediate entry.

So, wholesome feline lover took to the internet to get some advice on what is going on, and as you can expect the internet had everything, and at the same time nothing, to offer. We won't even spend time writing about them here, but you'll just have to scroll down to read all of these silly kitty comments below. This is truly what cats are for - being silly and causing chaos!


20 Cutest Kittens Of The Week: The Tiniest, Most Irresistibly Awwdorable Criminals (May 18, 2024)

Sat, 05/18/2024 - 06:00

Oh, wow, you're here again. Are you not listening? Why do you never heed our warnings? Yes, this listicle is full of teeny weeny kittens, that's true, but you keep forgetting that these kittens possess powers like no other creature on the planet. Their powers of manipulation are too great. They make us aww uncontrollably, they fill our stomachs with butterflies, and without even noticing ourselves doing it, we suddenly find ourselves marching down to a local shelter to adopt yet another cat

They even have the power to make us create this listicle, showcasing the smallest kittens - i.e. the biggest criminals - every single week. We can't help ourselves. We got the command from up top, and now, there's nothing we can do about it. But you can still save yourselves (from adopting your 10th kitten), so this is your warning, once again, proceed with caution, or these kittens will get you. 


Love for life

Sat, 05/18/2024 - 05:00

Fluffy Feline Starts Limping Days After Diet, Kindhearted Hooman Stops Diet Immediately Which Prompts Clever Cat to Return to Normal: 'I definitely got played'

Fri, 05/17/2024 - 20:00

Cats are clever, no doubt about it. But has your fluffy feline ever played you? Because mine plays me like a fiddle!

See, when Spock, my cute critter, was just a tiny baby, he had a big old brain, because he figured out how to make me feel so guilty about not giving what he wanted, that I gave in to anything. He got way too many treats for his own good! In fact, I had to bring Spock to the vet because he was getting too chubby. But then when he got put on a diet, he yowled for days until I was certain that something was seriously wrong and immediately took him off his diet. Wouldn't you know… he was silent as a mouse after that.

One hooman also got played by their hissterical cat, and the comments that ensued prove that it isn't an isolated incident. Scroll down to read the entertaining thread and then check out these fluffy felines that are too funny for their own good.


Lost Mama Cat Finds Her Feline Fate When She Is Rescued by Heartwarming Hoomans Who Help Her Deliver Awwdorable Litter

Fri, 05/17/2024 - 19:00

They say that when a cat is pregnant, she knows that she has to find shelter to make sure she can safely give birth to her litter. That is why you hear of so many sweet stories of cats showing up at hoomans' doorsteps and quite literally ask to be rescued. They know that there are people out there that can help them and that will not turn them away when they most need them, and that fact just warms our hearts in ways that are hard to explain in words.

The hoomans in this story are no different. Pregnant mama Miso showed up at their house with a clearly baby-filled stomach and asked them for help. The hoomans did not disappoint and immediately sprung into action to make sure that Miso can deliver her babies safely. Even after she gave birth to them all, they continued to look after the mama and her awwdorable babies.

Keep scrolling to read the story, and make sure you scroll all the way down for the actual videos. After you are done, click here for collection of hissterical cat memes.


Sandbox please

Fri, 05/17/2024 - 17:00


Fri, 05/17/2024 - 16:00

Pawsitively Purrsome Friday With 28 Funny Feline Memes For A Day Of Furry Fun

Fri, 05/17/2024 - 15:00

We've battled through the week like fearless warriors, and now it's time to celebrate our triumph with a weekend full of laughter and fun! What better way to do that than a collection of hissterically funny cat memes!

Our feline friends, the true masters of both beauty and silliness, are here to kickstart the fun. These charming cats planning their great escapes, striking yoga poses that would make a guru jealous, and showcasing their playful fun. These funny animal memes are more than just pictures, they're a comedy show full of joy that have left us grinning. Get ready for a hilarious Friday adventure with some paw-some cat memes! These furry friends are here to kickstart your weekend with a big dose of laughter. So, get set to chuckle and enjoy the purrfect purrsonalities of our whiskered buddies. Cheers to an awesome Friday and an even more fabulous weekend ahead!

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‘Show Us Your Precious Feline Fur Babies’: A Bumper Bundle Of 25 Pawdorable Cat Child Pics To Boost Your Mood

Fri, 05/17/2024 - 14:00

Sometimes, when you are feeling a bit low, maybe the work week has gotten to you, or your bullying boss has taken out their aggressions on you. You might find yourself in very specific need to see a plethora of precious feline fur babies, to brighten your day. And if you have found yourself with that particular need today, then you are very much in luck as we present to you this bumper bundle of pawdorable cat child pics to boost your mood.

From the sweet orange kitten, so full of hope and thus far lacking in clawminality, to the slightly peeved tuxedo catto who is not a fan of the camera, to the cutely curled up orange catto living his best life in his cat tree, to the newly discovered void slug, chilling as snug as a bug. These sweet and wholesome cats are the purrfect pick-me-up after a week of worries and woes.

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‘Cats, Listen Up, You Gotta Get Yourself A Hooman’: Hissterical Catto Explains The Benefits Of Having Two Hooman Pawrents

Fri, 05/17/2024 - 13:00

It is not often that we high and mighty hoomans look upon ourselves and consider that perhaps we are not the main characters in the movie. And this clever cat has just the perspective on life to help you reconsider your place in the world. We spend our time talking and musing upon all the wonderful things that enter your life when you adopt a cat. But this cat has flipped the tables and is trying to make us hoomans realize that cats are the true winners in the hooman-feline relationship. And he is not all too wrong.

Whether it is that we financially back all of their fanciful feline activities, or that they can easily end up with two of us, or that we endlessly dote on them, or that we pick up their turds with little to no complaint. This cute kitty fully appreciates just how good he has it, and in all honesty, we are pretty darn jealous of his sweet set up. If only we could find a superior species that would adopt and feed us…

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‘What Do You Mean You’re Going To Work?’: 20 Funny Feline Memes For The Pawrents Who Regret Leaving Their Fur Baby At Home

Fri, 05/17/2024 - 12:00

Even though it is Friday and Caturday is waiting for us in a mere matter of hours, leaving your feline fur baby at home all day while you go to work is no easy choice. And while, you could argue that you are leaving them alone for a somewhat noble cause, you know, the going out to gain financial worth, so that you can keep feeding them and have a house over your head. It is nonetheless no easy task on the hooman heart. So to help comfort you, we have made this list of funny feline memes for all you pawrents who regret leaving your cat child at home.

From the father pawrent who found a very creative way to feed both his feline and hooman babies at the same time, to the clever catto who learned that the sound of his hooman's alarm marks the purrfect time to snuggle with his pawrent, to the feline pawrents who for some reason wanted to further facilitate their cat child's zoomies and built a maze under the bed. These hilarious cat memes are a sweet reminder of what is waiting for us at home when we are done with our working days.

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'Went in for cilantro, came out with a kitten': Wonderful Wholesome Woman Finds Teeny-Tiny Tabby in Walmart, Then Gives the Rescue an Adoption Makeover

Fri, 05/17/2024 - 11:00

Hey, I Can Has-ers. Don't you just hate it when you go into the store for one thing, and then leave with twenty other things you didn't actually need? Usually we walk out with snacks and other sweet things that we didn't plan on buying, but the wholesome woman in this post walked out with a teeny tiny tabby kitten! She was shopping for cat stuff at Walmart when three college students approached her, saying that they found the kitten abandoned outside their dorms and they couldn't keep it.

What do you do when someone presents you with a helpless kitten that has nowhere else to go? Well, you take it of course! She took the tiny fur baby home, got them to the vet, and cleaned up them up to take them to an adoption center. If this awwdorable cat story doesn't renew your faith in humanity, we don't know what will!


A Cardboard Cubicle of Purrfectly Hissterical Cat memes to Unbox a Weekend Full of Feline Funnies

Fri, 05/17/2024 - 10:00

Hey, feline fans and fluffy fanatics. We know that the weekend is just around the corner - Caturday is so close that we can purractically taste it. We here at I Can Has Cheezburger make it our top priority to make sure you have a great Caturday (also every other day of the week) - and that starts with good preparation. We like to prime ourselves with a belly full of feline funnies so that we wake up already on Caturday with a pawsitive vibe. So, without further ado, we happily welcome you to a cardboard cubicle of purrfectly hissterical cat memes to unbox a weekend full of feline funnies!

Just like Christmas day, we encourage you to scroll down and figuratively open this box of cat memes to finish the rest of your week with a smile on your face. That way, you can enjoy your Caturday to the fullest, with your cat snuggling by your side, and drift off into the weekend full of fluffy feline feelings. Sounds meowgical, right?


25 Silly Pics Of Startled Cats Getting Spooked By The Most Hissterical Things

Fri, 05/17/2024 - 09:00

One thing that you learn over your time as a cat owner is that cats… react to things in ways that you would not expect. When some ameowzing big thing happens, like the aurora borealis last week… our cats don't care about the northern lights. But when someone rings the doorbell unexpectedly or when someone sneezes or something or when someone does anything at all that our cats don't see coming from a mile away, they get spooked as if they've seen a ghost. 

And we learn to love the inconsistency. We love that cats get startled by literally nothing. We love that cats have such silly reactions to such silly things. It's part of what makes being a cat owner so fascinating. We can watch these little dudes and dudettes do absolutely nothing for hours and hours and have the time of our lives. 


It's Time To Meet The Newly Adopted Faces Of The Week: 20 Wholesome Cat Adoption Stories

Fri, 05/17/2024 - 08:00

Happy Friday, friends! And welcome back to the cutest, most uplifting, least toxic place on the internet! The weekly segment where all we talk about are cats finding their furrever homes. It's time to meet the newly adopted faces of the week! 

Each and every Friday, we bring you a brand new collection of the cutest cat adoption stories we could find on the web, because seeing cats find their furever homes is something that always makes us - and you - smile, and reminds us of all the kindness that there is in the world. 

As we always do, we would like to say a huge thank you to each and every person who adopted this week. And an even bigger thank you goes to those of you who adopted the kitties who need a little more love and care than most - the ameowzing senior cats, sick cats, rehomed cats, etc. We wish you all many, many happy and healthy years together! 


Utterly Perturbed Cats Who Have Had More Than Enough Of Your Human Nonsense

Fri, 05/17/2024 - 07:00

Hello there, adorable cat enthusiasts and faithful readers of ICanHasCheezburger content. Masters of the side-eye and the slow blink, cats have an uncanny ability to express annoyance with adorable ferocity. Their furrowed brows, sometimes accompanied by a flattened ear or a twitching tail, turn a simple inconvenience – an empty food dish, perhaps, or a pesky vacuum cleaner – into a hilarious drama.

We can't help but be charmed by their indignation. Their tiny, disgruntled faces are a world away from a human frown, making their frustration strangely endearing. Who can resist giggling at a cat who looks like they're contemplating the deepest injustices of the universe, all because their human dared to move their favorite napping spot? These miniature Napoleons of the living room keep us entertained with their perpetual air of put-upon dignity, reminding us that even the most regal creatures have their limits. The cats pictured here today are utterly perturbed and have had more than enough of your human nonsense. 



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