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'AITA for being Karen-ish with retail workers?': Customer flips out on retail workers after they ignore him for a half hour

Fail Blog - 2 hours 12 min ago

After being ignored for over a half hour while shopping, this dude had a complete meltdown! 

While sharing his story to r/AmItheA**hole, this dude made sure to preface his story. He wrote that he's been around service workers his whole life, and worked service industry roles before, so he apparently knows what it's like to be in that line of work. However, he clearly forgot that when he went to a store and got ignored. 

The first red flag is that the OP thought he'd get great service inside a dead mall. He and his wife waited around in a  store without seeing a single employee. When they finally found a cashier, they said they'd send an employee over to help them find what they needed. But after another 25 minutes, there were still no employees around to help the OP and his wife. 

Scroll down to read about the wild overreaction that happened next. Then, this mom got called a "Karen," but she insists she was just trying to keep her child's face off the internet. 

'You disrespected me by consuming my almond milk': Woman gets on a plane and leaves boyfriend because of milk, leaves dramatic letter

Fail Blog - 3 hours 12 min ago

Every so often on the Internet, you come across a crazy story and scroll through the comments, realizing that no one is acknowledging the behavior of the storyteller. That seems to be the case with this story, which was posted to Reddit's r/TrueOffMyChest subreddit. 


Here's the deal. We are sympathetic to the fact that the Redditor is lactose intolerant and has to buy different kinds of groceries, separate from her partner. We are also sympathetic to the fact that her partner has been repeatedly disrespecting her by eating these special products that she purchases for health reasons. For me, it was the letter she added in her edit that felt like a red flag. For starters, it was highly dramatic and clearly made it seem like this couple has serious communication issues on both sides. Our take on the whole milk debacle? It's quite possible that everyone sucks here.


For more stories like this, here's one about two entitled aunt Karens.

'Calm down, Karen': Parent defends her toddler from teens filming videos in public

Fail Blog - 4 hours 12 min ago

Privacy is important to this mom, but some teens called her out for her decision. So she headed to r/AmItheA**hole to ask the internet: was she really being a Karen?

In today's modern world of constant social media access, there's not much privacy to be found. People love to create videos of themselves dancing and participating in trends, while others simply record their daily lives every day. Some folks are so ingrained in the social media world that they forget they can't just go around recording people without permission. If you're filming a dance with your friends out in the open, and you record strangers in the background, that's kind of unavoidable. But this mom had to defend her child from being recorded intentionally by a group of teens. These teens probably meant no harm, but they still have a lot of learning to do!

Scroll through this parent's tale, then check out these memes for world-weary workers

'Welcome to the divorce club': 20 Tinder Conversation Fails That Backfired

Fail Blog - 5 hours 12 min ago

Here is yet another reminder that Tinder puts the "hopeless" in "hopeless romantic!"

'She demanded my manager fire me on the spot' : Entitled customer Karen has meltdown and calls corporate following barista's savage confession

Fail Blog - 6 hours 12 min ago

Karens enjoy being given attention (albeit negative), and unfortunately, it tends to come at other people's expense. Especially those who work in customer service, AKA baristas, servers, retail workers, etc. This Karen picked the wrong day to mess with this barista, as it was the employee's last day. Karen had a constant rude, demeaning attitude, making employees and customers hate her alike. So it couldn't have been that much of a surprise that this employee snapped. But of course, we're talking about a Karen here, and anyone who doesn't worship the ground she stomps on is an immediate enemy in need of quick, skillful termination.

Karen barked at the barista, fed up with the fact that it was 'loud' in the coffee shop, and the barista had had enough. She herself replied with a taunt, admitting that she had ignored every request Karen had ever made to 'remake' her drink. This amounted to about a year. The aftermath of this brave confession was a total meltdown on Karen's part, as she totally lost it. Common Karen phrases such as, 'Get me your manager!', 'Fire her!', and 'I'm calling corporate!' were used. Much to Karen's dismay, nobody really cared all that much, because it was this employee's last day. Scroll down for the full, hilarious story. For more stories like this, check out this tale of malicious compliance, where a man fought his HOA's bylaws by hiring a goat.

'[Four] years after they fired me!' Employer threatens to sue worker for their passwords years after firing them

Fail Blog - 7 hours 12 min ago

It's amazing the lengths that people will go to place blame on anything but themselves, especially when that person is an old employer seeking to blame you for their own mistakes. It's no secret that, after you leave a toxic workplace, everything will be blamed on you—but this company has taken it to another level.

This worker, Redditor u/NimboStratusSuck shared their story to Reddit's popular r/antiwork subreddit, claiming to have been contacted by a previous employer who was seeking to get crucial passwords from the worker four years after they were fired. The worker explains their role as a networking engineer and how they had possession of essential administrative passwords for the company's routers—which were also stored in an electronic vault according to company procedure. When they were fired, they took their institutional knowledge with them, which apparently included basic company procedures. No one thought to rescue the passwords from the vault before it was taken offline, leaving the organization powerless and passwordless when they were locked out of their own system. The company's last-ditch solution was to call u/NimboStratusSuck and threaten them with an absurd lawsuit.

Keep reading to see some screenshots of the original thread and the discussion it inspired on Reddit. For more, check out this boss who tried to trick their worker into resigning to avoid paying them unemployment. 


'Funniest interview I ever conducted': Boss laughs job-seeker out of interview after his hilariously over-the-top request

Fail Blog - 8 hours 12 min ago

Minimum wage? No thanks. This teen is ready for a 6-figure job!

A boss at one shop shared their experience while hiring for an entry-level position, which ended in hilarity after this teen's highfalutin request. They wrote to r/EntitledPeople to share their tale. The OP was only looking for a teen to clean up around their mechanic shop, adding that teens don't usually stick around for long. It seems like it's a starter job for most teens – but then the OP interviewed this dude, who didn't take rejection very well. 

I wonder if an adult in this teen's life told him to ask for a high salary, so that he could then negotiate with his employer. That used to be a thing decades ago… Unfortunately for today's kids, the job market doesn't work like that, especially not in entry level roles. Employers can just pick the next person who will work for minimum wage! 

In the comments, some people wondered if this teen was in fact trying to get out of finding a job. Maybe his parents told him to get a job, and he decided to blow the interview just to make sure he wouldn't have to work. With the way he ruined this interview, that's a plausible theory.  

Next, check out these super secret-y secrets that could only be told anonymously

40+ Hilarious Cat Memes To Help You Laugh Through The Pain Of Clocking In Yet Again To Your 9-5 Job

LOL Cats - 8 hours 12 min ago

Are you struggling to get through another workday? Are you already counting down the minutes until 5pm? Fear not, because we've got just the thing to help you make it through the day: hilarious cat memes! We've scoured the internet to bring you over 40 of the funniest cat memes that are sure to make you let out a hefty giggle. From cats making silly faces to cats getting into all sorts of mischief, these memes are purrfectly silly and just what you didn't know you needed for a better day.

We know it ain't easy putting in the hours and making ends meet. So go ahead and take a break from your emails, put down that spreadsheet, and indulge in some much-needed cat humor. These cat memes will have you forgetting all about your 9-5 job… for a few minutes anyway! Let the cats do the work for a change. Who knows, you might just find yourself feeling a little more motivated to tackle the rest of your workday after a good laugh.

‘I couldn't believe she got away with it’ : Unhinged Karen calls police in attempt to avoid paying for services, places false accusations on employee and gets away with it

Fail Blog - 9 hours 12 min ago

There are people that are willing to go to great lengths in order to avoid paying, such as this Karen, who took advantage of an employee at a nail salon. He was just doing his job when she made an executive decision to make his life unnecessarily harder. She ignored his instructions and purposefully kept moving her hand out of the UV/LED light, so her fingernails wouldn't dry. He gently put her hand back in a couple of times, as it is his job to do so, and she lost it.

She called the cops, because, well, she is, as the title suggests, a little unhinged. When they arrived, she claimed he 'forced her hand into the light' and announced her desire to press charges. To say she got carried away a little would be putting it lightly. The police questioned the people in the shop, and the result of this whole mess was… nothing. That's the problem. She stirred up trouble and didn't pay for the service the salon provided. Plus she didn't get into any trouble for making up lies and wasting police time, either.

u/davidpham268 was furious and took to Reddit to complain. Commenters chimed in that it was his duty to press charges on her for not paying the bill. For more stories like this, here is a man who took malicious compliance to a whole other level when he 'hired' a goat for yardwork after his HOA forbade him from hiring an actual company.

Cat Medley: Cuteness Galore, Funnies, Rescues, And Appreciation

LOL Cats - 9 hours 12 min ago

It's cat time, people, so gather round, come closer. The itty bitty kitty committee is about to commence, the regal senior cats are waking up, and since our cats are too lazy to actually join themselves, we must attend it for them as their loyal servants, and we must enact their world domination plans ourselves. Here, we don't care what kind of cat you are. We love you. We appreciate all cats - including the ones who are too lazy to join these meetings themselves.

Every single week, we have a meeting such as this one. And in every single meeting, we attempt to find the most low-effort plan for world domination, because heckin' heck, but cats really are lazy sometimes. So we continue gathering here and being whipped for our murderbabies. And… actually, we love it.

'The judge ruled in our favor': New landlord demands existing tenants revert house and garden to original state, tries to sue them when he sees the barren hellscape of his own making

Fail Blog - 10 hours 12 min ago

Some people's pursuit of unchecked control and profit causes them to make shortsighted blunders. At least their own greed and stupidity are holding them back because these people's constant manipulation of legal loopholes and leeching off societal virtue means that they otherwise are getting a leg up on the rest of us. 

Enter stage right: Landlords—a group infamous for their corner-cutting, profit-seeking, and below-the-belt tactics. It should be no surprise that a landlord made such a decidedly short-sighted demand as they did in this story shared by Redditor u/AccurateInstance96 to Reddit's r/MaliciousCompliance subreddit. 

Anyone who lives in a rental—which, let's be honest… in 2023, most of us probably do—has probably experienced this with a landlord at some point… paying a premium to live in a dilapidated structure with white, sterile interior paintwork—slapped haphazardly over every surface and wall fixture: outlets, light switches, sometimes even door and cabinet handles. All painted white, as if the Rolling Stones visited the place but had a change of heart in their choice of color.

Yards have a similar charming aesthetic, either untended and overgrown or barren like the Australian outback. 

Any changes you make to improve their careful design work will come out of your pocket. You'll often have to return it to its original state when you're eventually forcibly evicted. Fair is fair–I suppose. But what happens when your landlord sells the home by leveraging the state of your improvements to the place?

Well, that depends entirely on the new owner. If the new landlord demands your departure and the place returned to its original state—well, they might get more (or less) than they bargained for.

That's what happened in this story of malicious compliance that was shared on Reddit's r/MaliciousCompliance subreddit by Redditor u/AccurateInstance96, who shared their story to the popular subreddit. Keep scrolling for selected screenshots of the story that inspired our commentary on the subject, or see the original thread here. For more like this, check out this landlord who tried to charge a tenant over the value of their deposit and lost in a countersuit. 

Top Tales From the Front Desk This Week (March 22, 2023)

Fail Blog - 11 hours 12 min ago

Does anyone have it harder than the front desk agent in this age of horrific Karens, annoying teenagers, and entitled folks? One has to wonder if these front desk agents are the biggest heroes of all these days… especially if you look at this collection of tales from the front desk. Keep scrolling below for these five epic stories of noisy guests, rude Karens, and troublesome OTAs. For more stories like this, here's one about a local Karen and Kevin at a motel.

Cat-Loving TikToker Asks Which Felines Are the Most Like Your Girlfriend and the Answer is 'All the Above'

LOL Cats - 14 hours 12 min ago

Hoomans can relate to cats in a spiritual way. This may be because as human beings, we are inherently skeptical, mean-hearted, and a babbling bumbling collection of contradictions. Like cats, we are both desperate for attention, while also craving solitude. We get ourselves into silly little predicaments, just like kitties, and we also love a good nap during the day to avoid further mischief. 

We're not so different from our feline counterparts. 

One TikToker recently asked his following which cat pictures best describe their girlfriends, and frankly, women everywhere are relating to every single catto he shows us. As it turns out, women are more like cats than we ever thought! Every girlfriend = every cat. Simple as that. 

Like for every personality quiz online, it's only human to skew our answers to match the result that we want to get, but honestly, each of these 'kitty girlfriend-oids' is a bit too spot on. We can't blame the kitties for that, we can only enjoy their quirky little whiskered cheeks and wonder if our boyfriends think of us as graceful little dummies too?

Orange Cat Makes the Most Adorable Meow and Purr Every Time He Hears the Netflix Intro Sound

LOL Cats - 15 hours 12 min ago

"Petition to make sawyer the official Netflix cat!"

Trucking Company Takes Clients Own Advice and Fires Them After Calling Their Bluff

Fail Blog - Tue, 03/21/2023 - 21:00

"Why don't you just fire us then." is an empty threat that you should never make, somewhere along the lines of "If you don't do this I quit" or "Why don't you just leave if you don't like it." When one makes such threats they're saying it thinking they're in a position of power. 

It's a power move and manipulation tactic to force a subordinate (or someone you otherwise have power over) into reluctantly accepting whatever terms you are proposing. By giving them an "out", the person in power is psychologically manipulating them into resigning and becoming complicit with the power-wielders wishes. 

So, when this trucking company had it suggested to them, by the client themselves, that they should fire the client, it triggered a reflection that caused the trucking company to realize that they'd rather not service this client any longer. 

Keep reading to see screenshots of this story, as posted to Reddit's r/MaliciousCompliance subreddit this week by Reddit user u/Wildcatb. They've promised to post an update as things unfold, so we'll be keeping an eye out for it.

For more malicious compliance check out this CEO who laughed off a worker's request for a raise and challenged them to find a new job.

Purrfectly Relatable: 17 Cat Memes That Capture Life's Frustrations

LOL Cats - Tue, 03/21/2023 - 19:00

They're not hoomans, but somehow we see so much of ourselves in our little friendly creatures! Sure, they may be spoiled cats who act like royalty at home, but then every once in a while they are so perfectly relatable that they just deserve to be spoiled! We may not speak the same language but from being grumpy when woken up to not getting their treats fast enough, we 100% understand them and relate to them (hey, I'd be mad too if someone took my snacks away.)

So with these 18 relatable cat memes just sit back, and next time you wake up and enjoy your cup of coffee and prepare yourself for a long day, you'll know that there is always a cat out there just as frustrated as you! 

And remember to give the frustrated kitties their daily hugs and kisses.

15 Cats Busy At Work To Convince Your Boss To Adopt An Office Cat

LOL Cats - Tue, 03/21/2023 - 18:00

Hold onto your mouse pads folks, because there's a new trend in town and it's paw-sitively adorable. While cats are known for their leisurely lifestyles, spending most of their time lounging around and being purrfectly cozy, these adorable cats are proving to be the best coworkers in all the job fields…even the weird jobs.

So call over your boss, go over this cat meme list together, and say "this can happen in the office"! Imagine a kitty waiting for you in the break room, two sitting on your lap while you crunch those numbers, or when you're pretending to work while you're looking at more cat memes. Productivity will rise through the roof! So, who needs human coworkers when you can have these fluffy little helpers around?

Twitter Cat Community Deeply Relates To Angry Goblin Kitten And Attempts To Pinpoint What He Is Plotting

LOL Cats - Tue, 03/21/2023 - 17:00

Garfield is infamous for hating Mondays, which is something we can definitely all relate to. We can also definitely relate to his deep love for lasagna, but that's not what this post is about. We seem to have found a real-life Garfield on a Twitter thread within the cat community. He may not be orange like Garfield, but he definitely seems to have the same attitude. His face tells us he is angry about his circumstances, and therefore, is definitely plotting something, but we can't figure out what evil plans he has up his paws based on just his facial expression alone. The people of Twitter first commented on how they can definitely relate to the anger on his furry face, and then go on to debate what he's plotting next. One person argued that he simply hates Mondays, whereas another person said he's planning world domination. What do you think our furry friend is thinking? Scroll down to see the thread, and share your own thoughts on the angry goblin kitten in the comment section. 

'LOL, He Blocked Me' : Top Dating App Flops of the Week (March 21, 2023)

Fail Blog - Tue, 03/21/2023 - 16:00

There are periods of time when you frequent dating apps more than others, and during your short breaks, you kind of forget what it's like. Reopening Tinder is the catalyst for reinstalling all those memories. The surge is unreal… once the floodgates reopen, you breathe a sigh of distress, and the flashbacks begin. Blocked! Berated! Bot!

The list goes on. But in today's day and age, you don't have a choice. Your bravery has long since gone out the window, forcing you to hide behind a bright screen, swiping for connection. Heaven forbid you actually look someone in the face and tell them you like them. That would be the end of the world as you know it. And who wants the world to end?

As for me, I am currently erasing the app once again, as it has officially tired me out. Scroll down and you'll see why. For more fails, check out this absolute cringe-fest.

Purrito Power: 20 Pawsitively Adorable Purritos That Stole Our Hearts

LOL Cats - Tue, 03/21/2023 - 16:00

Get ready for a furr-ociously adorable treat as we whisk you away to a world of cozy feline bliss. This clawsome listicle is the ultimate catnip for cat lovers, packed with the cutest and cuddliest furballs wrapped up like burritos, guaranteed to make your heart melt faster than butter on a warm tortilla.

Paw through a curated selection of the most charming and snug kittens that have conquered the internet with their purrito powers. From tabbies to tuxedos, calicos to Maine Coons, we've got a purr-sonalized purrito for every feline fanatic. Whether you're a dedicated cat enthusiast or just need a pawsitive pick-me-up, these purritos are sure to make you smile and unleash a chorus of 'awws.'

So, prepare to be cat-tivated as we embark on this purr-suit of happiness and unveil a delightful medley of kitties snugly swaddled in their cozy cocoons. Get ready to unleash your inner ailurophile (That means cat lover!) and embrace the purrito phenomenon – it's time to wrap yourself up in the warmth of these delightful feline bundles. The purr-fection starts meow!"


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