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The internet has generated a huge amount of laughs from cats and FAILS. And we all out of cats.
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Chaotic Moments of Failure That Had People Rethinking Their Decisions

Fri, 12/03/2021 - 12:00

We're all out here doing our best. Okay that's a lie. We're all out here trying to not do our worst. Most of the time, that's sufficient. But there are other times, not so good times, where our only-okay decision-making skills lead us astray. People will drive into planes, wash cheese and bake their glasses into bread. Life is full of chaotic moments of misfortune that we can't exactly avoid. Maybe we could if we tried a little harder, but who's going to do that?

Delightfully Stupid Obvious Plant Products To Doubletake At

Fri, 12/03/2021 - 11:00

Obvious Plant has made people doubletake for years at their off-the-wall satirical takes on everyday products, posters and toys. The humor itself is surreal enough that it makes us feel smart for feeling like we get it, but it's direct and stupid enough that we actually get it. Who doesn't want to buy a pack of little plastic dead birds?

Entitled People Who Made People's Lives Definitively Worse

Fri, 12/03/2021 - 10:00

People are strange. We're mostly reasonable and capable of empathy, but there are some of us who would throw a tantrum at the suggestion that we should treat other people with respect. Entitled peoplewill literally send angry emails to hospitals complaining about the noise of an emergency helicopter in the process of saving someone's life. They'll leave false one star reviews for restaurants because a server only did their job perfectly and didn't blow them a kiss. It's wild out there.

College Student Dies of Shame and Embarrassment When He Accidentally Submits an 'Adult Skyrim Mod Guide’ Instead of His Essay, Fellow Gamers Predictably Ask for Said Guide

Fri, 12/03/2021 - 09:00

This is the kind of mistake that makes you want to quit your life and move into a cabin in the woods somewhere.

Can you even imagine the shame and embarrassment that you would feel in this situation? This exact scenario, ok maybe not exact, has to be somewhere on my list of top 10 greatest fears. 

Predictably, all the gamers in the comments immediately start asking for a link to the guide... To which OP complies. I'm not going to link it here but the cover of the PDF (which is SFWish) is screen shotted below. It's definitely... riveting. 

But I mean, hey, it's a 10 year old game... you have to spice it up somehow!

Must Install Download: Fed-Up Gamer Goes on Impassioned Rant About the State of Modern Gaming

Fri, 12/03/2021 - 08:00

Gaming sure has changed over the last 15-20 years and this gamer's experience is certainly one that we all can share. 

There's nothing worse than getting home with a new game (or even downloading one) and then immediately being faced with ANOTHER update and then ANOTHER update when you boot the game up. 

There seems to be no end to the downloads to ship out patches and content that feel like they just should have been a part of the finished game. There was even that time that The Sims tried to make money off of virtually dusting your house.

Unfortunately, when a game ships its no longer a finished product. Gone are the days of inserting a cartridge and getting right to it. 

Imagine if Mario Kart 64 had had balance patches because 'heavy' characters were too OP. Bowser gang unite.

Guy Tattoos Girlfriend's Name on His Neck, She Comes to His Defense When He Gets Blasted in the Comments

Fri, 12/03/2021 - 07:00

Years after this post initially surfaced and I can't help but wonder where this couple is now. Did they work out? Are they still together?

I like to imagine that they're on a beach somewhere on the coast of Mexico working on an old boat sipping cocktails.

When I picture them heading south in their own car with the top down, it always makes me laugh.
I hope the Pacific is as blue as it has been in my dreams. I hope.  

Regardless of where they are now and where they've gotten. This probably is not the move when you've only been dating for four months. 

Engineering Team Gets the Better of Their Management When They Start Enforcing "Strict Working Hours"

Fri, 12/03/2021 - 06:00

It's probably not a good idea to mess with a group of people who specialize in precision. Engineers tend to be pretty organized and when you bait them into putting that organization into malicious compliance you're going to regret it. 

I bet their managers were rolling their eyes for every second in the minutes before and after work. As a manager how can you have a hope in heck of getting things how you wanted them when the entire team is technically complying to every letter of your demand. 

My favorite type of MC is when an entire team of people band together for the greater good. Props to these guys.

Clever College Chick Gets Revenge After Being Told to "Stop Walking Around Braless" in Her Dorm

Thu, 12/02/2021 - 20:00

Dorm life is a double edged blade of debauchery (cool dnd item name btw) and dissonance. I guess that's what happens when you cram a bunch of barely post-adolescent young adults -who have never taken care of themselves on their own- into close quarters living conditions. It's like a poorly optimized training simulator for adulthood.

Some of us were too focused on video games and consumption to learn any real lessons from this time of our lives but we all get their at some point. 

Anyways, we love a little petty revenge and kudos to this lass for getting the ol' leg up on the competition in this edition of Malicious. Compliance.

Ridiculous Wedding FAILs That Were Brought About By Poor Choices

Thu, 12/02/2021 - 19:00

Weddings. Events designed for debauchery and poor decision making.

There's something about the atmosphere and temporality of a wedding that leads us to do things that we wouldn't normally do. Nothing like being in a room filled with someone else's family and varied strangers to make you forget your senses. One thing is certain at weddings... there is bound to be some drama.

These classic wedding blunders are sure to get a cringe or a chuckle. 

Dude On Street Does Excellent Michael Jackson, Syncs Up Perfectly

Thu, 12/02/2021 - 18:00

The guy has our undivided attention for his perfectly in-time Michael Jackson-ing. Who knows how much time he spends practicing, but it seems like a lot. It's as if music is always inside him, just waiting to explode out onto the streets.

School Band Is Delightfully Horrible

Thu, 12/02/2021 - 17:00

Props to that kid for starting off solo, but man there's no way to prepare yourself for when the rest of the band kicks in. Either way it's still better than what we could do.

Weird And Uncomfortable Cursed Images To Cringe The Night Away

Thu, 12/02/2021 - 16:00

The internet belongs to everyone, so naturally, a whole lotta wild junk goes down there. Peering into the unguarded psyche of random strangers isn't just uncomfortable, it can also be hard to look at. And with the help of cursed images, we can make ourselves uncomfortable at a moment's notice. It's not clear why we feel compelled to look at this strangeness. Maybe we're masochists. Maybe we're just dumb. Either way, here's that.

Dad Gets Daughter Hyped For Freddie Mercury Biopic, Forgets to Tell Her the Singer is Dead and Ruins Her Life

Thu, 12/02/2021 - 15:00

As far as "horrible things your parents could do to you" goes this one is pretty harmless. Pretty epic of the Dad to manage to get his kids hyped about Freddie and Queen without somehow managing to tell them of his untimely, tragic passing.

Being a fan of Queen without knowing Freddie was dead would be like getting to watch Star Wars again for the first time without knowing that iconic line... 

"No, I am your father..."

u/Kage11217 has nailed it on the head here. My feelings exactly. 

"It's such a bizarre feeling when you watch someone discover a fact or idea that you just took for granted that it was universal knowledge." - Kage11217

Company Fires Employee For Opening 99 Cent Tea Before Paying

Thu, 12/02/2021 - 14:00

Customers will open up food and drinks before paying all the time. But evidently, when an employee does the same thing, this enormous corporation can't handle it. Who could expect a giant company to properly deal with the unimaginable infraction of an employee cracking open an Arizona in line so that they can fit it into their lunch break? For some more work BS, here's the unhinged manager who fired an employee after asking for a raise.

Tumblr Thread: The Very Real Cliché Of Bed Scarcity

Thu, 12/02/2021 - 13:00

As much as it sounds like something out of badly written erotica, the concept of "but there's only one bed" is a situation that may of us have found ourselves in. And in the case of one such Tumblr user, a moment of bed scarcity actually led them to a wildly better outcome than sleeping on a couch. For some more moments of Tumblr trying to break down relationships as if they were the plot to the Incredibles, here's the thread on how humans fail miserably at identifying flirting.

Dejected Former Employee Nukes His Entire Catalogue of Work Years After Getting Fired

Thu, 12/02/2021 - 12:00

This guy definitely knew what he had to do when he stumbled across the folder of his old work years after being fired from his gig for asking for a raise. When placed in such a position what would you do?

For various ethical and legal reasons it's probably not the wisest move to go full nuclear and kick a nest full of hornets but someimes you have to do what you have to do. 

There seem to be lots of people telling stories at the moment about when they were fired for asking for a raise. I wonder if there is anything to the trend?

Funny Tweets And Tumblr Gems To Bust Up The Monotony

Thu, 12/02/2021 - 11:00

We live in the future now, so why should we ever have to deal with hearing the burden of our own thoughts? Something about that voice in our heads isn't cutting it. Our internal monologues aren't as snappy as we'd like them to be. That's why we have funny tweets and tumblr gems to kick things up a few notches. Take that, inner monologue!

Company Tries Tricking Employee Into Working 22 Hours In 36 Hour Frame, Quits

Thu, 12/02/2021 - 10:00

It's common practice for companies to try and take advantage of their most responsible employees, which leads them to wonder why they can't hold on to those responsible employees. Plus it smells a lot like this guy's bosses were just trying to bully him for putting in his two weeks notice. Here's the time an employee got overworked, demanded to be fired, and watched as the business imploded.

Step-Father Uses Recently Deceased Step-Son’s Medical Fund to Go On A Golfing Trip While Mother Grieves

Thu, 12/02/2021 - 09:00

This one doesn't even have room for consideration. What an absolute, condemnable, piece of garbage. Words can't even describe the horrors that await him when karma gets its due. 

How, on this good-gracious earth, would you even consider the fact that something like this was possible? It just boggles the mind.

Relationships are hard but next time you need to go get a stress relief buddy... maybe don't use the dead kid's fund to play a game of golf. Ok?


Boss Tries to Force Worker to Come in on His Day Off, Backpedals When Guy Quits on the Spot

Thu, 12/02/2021 - 08:00

The illusion of power is absolutely real. The idea that someone can consider themselves to be above you just because of some thinly-veiled title is usually laughable and easily breaks when put to the test. 

Guys like this manager fold like a house of cards when you put up any resistance and show their true hand for what it is. 

Good on u/42words for hitting hard and fast by quitting on the spot. Great to see another worker get a leg up on their abusive bosses


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