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The internet has generated a huge amount of laughs from cats and FAILS. And we all out of cats.
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25+ Cake Fails That Ruined Graduations, Birthdays, and Weddings

Tue, 03/21/2023 - 13:00

Who knew that a cake really can make or break a party? Seeing the instructions you made for the order on the final product has got to be infuriating upon delivery. I guess you got exactly what you ordered, though. Then, of course, there's the lazy misspelling (i.e. "congrations" instead of "congratulations"). However, upon further reflection, one has to wonder why we don't just say "congrations" in life. I mean, it sounds better, it's easier to spell, and who has the energy for all those excess syllables anyway? Just a thought. Maybe this cake maker was actually onto something there. 


Despite all of these flawed baked goods, there is also the argument that if it tastes good, none of these mistakes should matter. At the end of the day, cake is not about the message. Cake is about the eating. So, in the spirit of Marie Antoinette, let us eat cake.


Keep scrolling below for these cake fails. When you're finished, check out these texting fails.

'She wouldn't stop taking photos': Self-centered influencer makes herself the focus of sister's engagement dinner

Tue, 03/21/2023 - 12:00

Don't do what this self-obsessed woman did at her sister's engagement party! 

This sister was way too patient with her entitled influencer sister. As this OP explains, she and her fiance planned a fun party for their upcoming wedding, with the engagement dinner being held at a fancy restaurant. The OP really wanted this to be her special day. So she warned her influencer sister ahead of time to not take a million pictures and interrupt the evening with intrusive photo-taking and posting. As OP writes, her sister is trying hard to become the next famous influencer to draw the internet's attention, and she apparently won't stop even at the request of her sibling. 

The OP sounds totally justified in her actions. She had to kick her sister out after she literally would not stop acting like an influencer for even a moment. At least the people in the comments totally agreed with her!

For your next article, check out this dude who had to fight for his first class seat, which was stolen by an upset passenger. 

'IT for this company are not the brightest': IT ignores print company's problem orders, cue malicious compliance

Tue, 03/21/2023 - 11:00

Problems don't solve themselves! That certainly was the case at this Print Hub after a change in the production process caused over 500 problematic orders. Since the production office was quite frankly under-compensated and since it wasn't within their job descriptions to work around the issue, they reported all the problem orders to IT. 


Let's just say that IT certainly underestimated the workload here because after a long stretch of ignoring the problem, by the time they finally addressed it, we're pretty sure they wished they had listened to the production office's request to have the problem fixed sooner. Keep scrolling below for this epic tale of malicious compliance and shout out to Dee, who genuinely seems like a great manager. 


For more work-related stories like this, here's one about a horrendously honest job advertisement, and here's another one about an entitled hotel guest who got caught in a lie.

"I'm gonna burn the house down". Tenant refuses TikTok landlord trying to double rent

Tue, 03/21/2023 - 10:30

A landlord turned wannabe-influencer is getting backlash for trying to double his tenants rent, then posting it for views. 

'Mom's in the hospital? Sorry, you're fired': Trainee gets pink-slipped by hostile employer after choosing to take care of her hospitalized mother instead of clocking in for one shift

Tue, 03/21/2023 - 10:00

Employers will always say that they have family values, but almost never put their money where their mouth is. For some reason, most corporations believe that your job should mean more to you than anything else in your life, including your family. One woman, who worked for a small airline in Florida, found out the hard way what it means to work for a company that assigns little to no value to human life. After enduring several rounds of training, this trainee discovered where her company was going to draw the line in the sand on employee 'loyalty'. 

The trainee had informed her boss that her mother was sick and undergoing surgery during her training period. However, when she was just about to be brought in as a fully trained, fully fledged employee, the trainee's mom's health took a drastic turn for the worse, forcing her to undergo more surgeries and remain under close observation in the ICU. The trainee was worried for the mother (like a real human being would be) and told her boss that she wasn't going to be able to make it in for a shift because she was going to stay by her mother's side. 

Welp, the boss didn't like that. 

Instead of having a shred of compassion and working things out on his end, he guilt tripped the trainee, attempting to force her to come in. Instead of yeilding to his peer pressure, the trainee stayed firm and refused to leave her mother's side. Her boss almost immediately and robotically dismissed the trainee, saying, "Good luck with your mom. I'm going to move forward with another candidate"

Yikes, talk about a lack of empathy. 

'Should I accept the job?': Job seeker uses ChatGPT to ace virtual job interview

Tue, 03/21/2023 - 09:00

The fear that ChatGPT, or some other AI, could replace your job in the near future is an absolutely real one—especially when your job mainly consists of writing short, accessible pieces that someone may or may not even read when they visit your webpage.

ChatGPT assures me, when I ask it, that there's no way that it could replace a human writer completely… but what if that's just what it wants me to think so that it can covertly plot to put me out of business? How are we even certain that ChatGPT hasn't written this post? My writing gig certainly wouldn't be the first job to be made obsolete by new technology.

Well, as frightening as the prospect is, there appear to be ways that these technologies can help us too. This Redditor, u/JoJolion_,  claims that they managed to ace a virtual interview by using the AI to answer the interviewer's questions. Is this real? Who can be sure? But it's an interesting prospect and a fun read.

Keep reading to see some selected screenshots, or check out their original Reddit post.

'You shouldn't be cutting your own bangs': Receptionist baffled by coworker's baffling behavior at the front desk

Tue, 03/21/2023 - 08:00

This unfortunate receptionist has found themself in a hairy situation with their coworker! 

You can choose your job, but you can't choose your coworkers. This person is honestly being very kind after witnessing their coworker do something pretty concerning, because they didn't run to their boss (yet). As the OP, using an appropriately named account called u/hairgag, shared this harrowing tale to r/AmItheA**hole. The OP works as an art museum receptionist, greeting guests and selling tickets. They also work with a coworker who has been kind of failing at their job. The coworker is truly struggling with even the most basic necessities of the job, like forgetting important duties and misbalancing the company's ledgers. 

Scroll through this story, then check out this guy who had a wild ride on his last flight! He confronted the man who stole his first class seat, only to have the guy erupt in anger. 

'I WANT IT FOR THIS PRICE!': Entitled Karen gets epically put in her place after grocery store manager reads word-for-word the definition of a "unit price"

Tue, 03/21/2023 - 07:00

It's not easy working in customer service and don't let anyone trick into thinking it is. The actual work is not hard, anyone can learn it. But dealing with the customers… That takes skill! Especially when it comes to dealing with entitled Karen customers. This is the kind of customer who marches into the place like they are the king or queen or rules over it and then asks for the impossible and throws a tantrum when they can't get it. 

For example, a person on Reddit shared a story of an entitled Karen marching into a grocery store and demanding the "unit price." In the comment section, it turns out a lot of people didn't actually know what a unit price is, but they didn't go around demanding it like a Karen and acting like a child. But this Karen put up a fight saying they had to "honor" the unit price. The fight got so annoying and fruitless that the manager pulled a petty and amazing move. He literally pulled out his phone, looked up the definition of "unit price," and read it word-for-word to the Karen. 

You can't argue with that, now can you, Karen? The Karen was finally defeated and ended up just leaving without purchasing anything. Bravo, manager! Bravo.

'I don't work there anymore. Please don't call me': Worker gets phone call from somewhere they haven't worked for 8 years

Tue, 03/21/2023 - 06:00

Getting contacted by an old workplace is a lot like running into an ex-lover. There's all this history of shared trauma and buried emotions of all sorts on either side. You had so much intimate knowledge of them once, but now they're a complete stranger. There might be some longing and regret but, deep down, you know it's better that you went your separate ways. 

This Redditor, u/AcrolloPeed, shared their story of an experience like this to Reddit's r/IDontWorkHereLady subreddit community. The community hosts all kinds of stories of cases of mistaken identity where innocent bystanders are mistaken to be workers by (often aggressive) customers. Sometimes there are stories such as this where workers are contacted by an old employer despite not working there for years. This story falls in the latter category.

One thing is for certain; this administrator was dreadfully confused yet determined to complete the task at hand—hey, at least they're good at getting the job done… even if the result is completely useless. 

Keep reading for some selected screenshots of the original Reddit thread. For more, check out this disabled customer who mistook a rude Karen for an employee, but then sparked a wholesome interaction.

‘I’ve emailed people. NOTHING’: Guy with no manager and no work to do has been getting paid for 7 months and counting

Tue, 03/21/2023 - 05:00

This may sound like the beginning of a dystopian film, but this is actually real. This employee was hired back in the fall for a large company and has since found himself with no manager, no oversight, and most importantly, no work to do. He has asked for assignments and has kept a log of emails proving his efforts to get more work, but he is convinced at this point that he's just lost in the shuffle.


The best part of it all, though, is that he has still been getting paid for 7 months and counting. As many people in the comments section mentioned, this is clearly the dream job. Our best advice? Read some books, develop a hobby, get a second remote job, and try to keep this thing going for as long as possible. Best of luck to this hero!


For more stories like this, here's one about a boss who refused to their employee wear a headset and the malicious compliance that followed.

HOA Doesn't Want Dude Parking in His Own Driveway, Blocks Street Instead

Mon, 03/20/2023 - 21:00

We'll leave it for you to judge who is in the wrong here, but there ain't no way we're siding with the HOA. Even still, parking cars in front of your neighbor's house and blocking the street in the process is pretty damn entitled behavior… So we're finding it pretty hard to side with the poster either. It's probably the mounting jet lag and utter lack of sleep, but I'm having trouble agreeing with anyone today.

Harassing your neighbor with your car collection and making it, so the street is completely impassable is just not a good way to get even with your annoying HOA. Sure HOAs' are all too frequently the bane of many home-owning person's existences but dealing with them should involve less collateral to those who have to continue to exist around you.

That's my take on this one at least, it's not like the neighbors had any part in this. Whats your read on the situation?

Keep reading to see the screenshots below. For more HOA drama check out this HOA Karen who took issue with the particular type of shrubbery that the guy had in his yard.


20+ Funniest Work Memes for Burnt Out Employees With a Permanent Case of the Mondays (March 20, 2023)

Mon, 03/20/2023 - 16:00

Coming back from a weekend with a drinking holiday is always brutal. Sure, there was a time when St. Patricks day had nothing to do with pinching people, wearing green, or drinking your weight in dip-dyed beers, but that was back when people didn't have to clock in to work on Monday mornings at 8AM. However, some of us have been spiraling in that hungover, Monday-morning moody attitude for decades, wondering when our bonuses are coming and calculating how many more years we have to work until we can retire in Mexico. Hopefully none of those folks are holding their breaths, because it looks like we're all gonna be in these cubicles for the rest of our lives. 

Love to commiserate about work? Here's more snarky work memes for burnt out employees with a permanent case of the Mondays.

'Check our hours on Google next time': Karen leaves 1-star review when she tries to order food after close, gets roasted by owner's scathing response

Mon, 03/20/2023 - 15:00

There is no greater horror when working in service and retail than having a customer come bursting through the doors moments before closing—sometimes, as you're literally turning the key to lock them. Some people have no chill and not a lick of common sense; they really don't understand that these workers want nothing more than to go home the moment their shift is done—with every right to feel that way.

This post was shared to Reddit's r/quityourbulls**t community by Reddit user u/NarutoCell, who shared screenshots of a 1-star google review in a thread titled "left [one-star] review on super bowl Sunday."

The review in the screenshot appears to have been written by a very salty Karen, who was displeased by the staff's apparent lack of interest in serving them. They then go on to explain that they've never actually tried the food there, detailing another time that they had arrived two minutes before close and had been refused service. 

The owner responded in a scathing message, citing their surveillance footage and claiming that the Karen had not, in fact, come two minutes before close but had arrived a full eight minutes after close when the team was desperately trying to clean up to make it home in time for the Super Bowl. 

Keep reading for this brilliant exchange; for more, 

'Man-baby throws screaming fit after stealing my seat': First-class passenger erupts in profanity-filled rant — until this guy brings his ego down a notch

Mon, 03/20/2023 - 14:00

As if flying wasn't already a huge annoyance, this guy got seated next to a fired-up fool. 

While on a flight from Minnesota to California, this traveller expected to board their first-class seat. However, they immediately came across an issue. As the OP, u/SatisfactionDull, wrote, they boarded the plane and planned to chill out. However, they couldn't even sit down. There was already a guy in the OP's seat, and he wasn't leaving without a fight. He got a "weird confused smile" on his face before trying to tell OP that he was in fact in the correct seat. The OP tried to gently tell this dude that they bought an aisle seat, and wanted to sit there. After all, first class isn't cheap, and that's only reasonable. Not to this guy though! This enraged traveller just couldn't believe that another first class passenger might actually want the seat he paid big bucks for. He was only focussed on his own needs.

Up next, a wedding vendor got some wild texts from a potential client — and he had to put this disrespectful man in his place. 

‘I cut her power’: College student gets fiery revenge on roommate by cutting the cord to her lamp, gets roasted in the comments

Mon, 03/20/2023 - 13:00

Some forms of petty revenge are so savage that even the Internet will call you out on it. In this instance, we have a college student whose roommate clearly is difficult. She stays up all night writing her novel ($20 says it's terrible) while insisting that she keeps a large lamp on the whole time and placing it on our protagonist's side of the room. That situation is notably unbearable. 


However, what the student decided to do next was way worse. When her roommate was out, she cut the cord at the bottom of the lamp just enough so that it would stop working before hiding it back under the base of the lamp. After a few days, the roommate conceded that the lamp was broken and allowed the student to put it in the closet. What the roommate failed to realize is that not only was the student responsible for breaking the lamp, but also she was actively endangering their dorm as cutting the cord has potentially made it practically on the verge of burning down. 


Keep scrolling below for the full story. For more, here's a truck driver's tale of petty revenge. 

'I will not be lowballed or insulted': Wedding vendor pestered by client with rude cost-cutting ideas

Mon, 03/20/2023 - 12:00

This groomzilla had a mouthful to say to one of his wedding vendors. But luckily, this vendor is not new to the scene — or to cranky clients being totally demanding and insane. 

The conversation started with Paul, the groom, telling the vendor that the menu "looks excellent," but that he has a few concerns before committing to hire him for his wedding. As Paul goes on to explain in numerous text messages, he's gone a tad over budget while planning his big day. The best way for him to save some cash? Just don't tip anyone! 

Luckily for Steve, the vendor, it's clearly not his first rodeo. It's super satisfying to watch him put Paul in his place. 

Up next, this woman's niece pranked her in an outrageously expensive manner. She decided she'd have to pursue legal avenues — and revealed what she did in this update

'I don't tolerate liars': Local Karen and Kevin denied a room at hotel, front desk worker stands ground

Mon, 03/20/2023 - 11:00

There are some people you just don't want to mess with, and front desk workers at hotels are definitely among those people. Making enemies with them can only speak trouble, considering they could make your stay literally terrible. However, in this case, this shady Karen and Kevin won't even have a bad stay… because they won't be having a stay at all. 


This thread was posted to Reddit's r/TalesFromTheFrontDesk subreddit by u/crabdancer64, who explained that given some bad previous experiences, the hotel in which they work no longer rents to locals in the area. As the Redditor says themselves, it's not their decision, and it's not their policy. So when the original poster caught this local Karen and Kevin in a lie and could tell they were trying to circumnavigate this strict rule, the Redditor stood their ground despite their, shall we say, aggressive personalities. Keep scrolling below for the full story and for the best comments.


For more stories like this, here are some top entitled jerks for your amusement.

Tragic Cringe-fest of 20+ Infuriating Fails

Mon, 03/20/2023 - 10:00

People suck, what else is new? Whether people were born jerks or ended up so as a product of their environment is a mystery, but the evidence is right in front of us, and it is indisputable. The world we live in holds many types of Karens, and this listicle is a great example of the entitled ones. They can mildly inconvenience us or totally ruin our day. Not everyone was born with a sunshiney attitude, and it shows.

From Karens who believe that fast food employees work for them, to Karens on airplanes who think it's legitimate to stick their feet in your face, there is an entitled Karen here for everyone. Scroll down and check out these mildly (and majorly) infuriating pics of selfish dude/ttes. Besides Karens, you'll find an array of regular annoying things that happen as well.

For more, here is an employee who maliciously complied with her boss, resulting in a hefty fine of $30,000. 'Call IT', they said. It'll be fun, they said.

'Is she being duped?': Boss tries to trick coworker into resigning to avoid paying unemployment [UPDATE]

Mon, 03/20/2023 - 09:00

Getting fired from a job is never a fun experience; it can be a major blow to your self-esteem, and the often sudden disruption to your daily routine, along with a sudden loss of income, can cause significant undue stress. Almost always, it feels like a major step backward, like someone has plucked you up out of your life and placed you down somewhere else entirely.

What's more, there's this sense of failure and embarrassment that you feel follows you into each ensuing job interview, hampering your confidence and making it even harder to get back on your feet.

At least, in most parts of the world, there's some form of unemployment payment to help ease the burden and stress of the fired worker, though this often comes at the expense of the firing employer. So, it's unsurprising then that some unscrupulous business operators will seek to frame things in a way that absolves them of this obligation 

That's what seemed to be happening in a post shared by Redditor u/starberrico to the popular r/antiwork subreddit. In their post, the original poster describes a situation in which their coworker had been asked to move into a different role; when the coworker refused, the boss told them that they would "need to leave" the business. The coworker thought they had been fired and was surprised when they were instead asked to write a letter of resignation instead. The original poster suspected that this was because it would absolve the owner of their obligation to pay unemployment.

Readers and community members engaged in the comments to share their thoughts, ultimately agreeing that the worker should not write the letter as it would disqualify them from unemployment payments.

The original poster has returned with several updates regarding the situation (Items #5-8). Keep reading to view selected screenshots of the original post, updates, and comments—or view the original post here


20 Ridiculously relatable workplace memes for world-weary employees

Mon, 03/20/2023 - 08:00

Don't start your Monday without this pack of memes from people who are also dragging themselves to work once more. Every workplace has its' ups and downs. Maybe you hate your boss but love your coworkers, or perhaps you have a great team, but super annoying clients are breathing down your neck. When you all have to be crammed into the same workplace for 40 whole hours every single week, it's easy to get fed up with it all. 

Below are a collection of relatable memes regardless of which industry you're in. If you've ever had to type out a "per my last email," or gave your coworker the side-eye for stealing all your dang pens from your desk, look no further. 

In addition, while we're talking about office drama… This IT team got a new "Karen" coworker and managed to get her fired, but they aren't telling the whole story. 


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