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The internet has generated a huge amount of laughs from cats and FAILS. And we all out of cats.
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'He wanted to be the first one of the day': Entitled market owner delays trucker by 4 hours

Sat, 05/18/2024 - 12:00

This customer tried to get some petty payback on a company that he felt had wronged him. It didn't end well for him! 

Customers tend to fall into two groups when they've been wronged by an establishment. Let's say for example a customer buys a product, and it's faulty, and they try to return it. The store refuses and won't budge. The customer may get so irate that they declare, "I'm never coming back here ever again!" Here's where the two groups come into play: some of those people mean it, and others are lying. The group that is lying will keep coming back to the store, usually out of convenience or laziness, but they'll make life hard for the employees. 

It's never made sense to me why people would bother doing that. If you get shoddy service somewhere, what's a better reward for yourself than never paying them another penny? You get the satisfaction of finding a better product elsewhere, and you won't be lining the pockets of a shady business. If you just keep going back to a company and complaining about how much you dislike it, you're going to be the person the employees laugh at and make fun of in the break room. Just leave!

After you check out the story of the irritated customer who demanded to get his deliveries first, read the story of the grandma who took on an impolite bank manager and won big

Employee files complaint after boss is caught on video stealing her bag, HR sides with boss: 'She faced no consequences'

Sat, 05/18/2024 - 11:00

This workplace debacle pretty much epitomizes the idea that HR protects the employer, not the employees.

When the evidence of wrongdoing is so definitive, it's hard to imagine the human resources department coming up with a justified reason to side with the boss. However, this team managed to side with her anyway. Here, we have an employee who caught her boss stealing her bag after work hours. Furthermore, the security cameras even captured the boss leaving the office with the employee's bag and dumping it into the trash. It doesn't get much more obvious than that.

The employee usually leaves her bag with her personal office supplies (pens, paper, etc.) under her desk at the end of each work day. She first notices that something was fishy when she arrived at work one day, only to discover that her pens and papers were neatly stacked under her desk while her bag just so happened to be missing. After searching through the security camera footage and discovering that it was, in fact, her boss who was behind the whole thing, the employee filed a formal complaint against her boss. Still, HR managed to side with the boss, so the employee took the opportunity to stand up for herself and leave this job altogether.

Keep scrolling below for the fallout. When you're done, check out this post about a manager who demanded coffee at the end of every shift.

Tech support employee attempts to fix incompetent new hire's mistake but they get fired anyway: 'She just stared at her desktop'

Sat, 05/18/2024 - 10:00

Once I had a very incompetent coworker who was just the nicest person to walk the face of the earth. Seriously, it was so hard to be angry at her for not doing her job well because she was always so chipper and thoughtful. Much like Lucy in this story.

One employee took to r/talesfromtechsupport to share a story about their coworker, Lucy, who began working as a HelpDesk technician at a financial company. They did password resets, fixed Windows issues, and basically did all of the tech stuff related to the office. The tech support department was small, but they had a lot of turnovers. The employee in question had become the most senior person on the job, so they were given the task to teach Lucy how to excel at her work. Well, Lucy was adorable, but she also wasn't born to work in tech support, and that was the simple truth of it.

After reading how Lucy inevitably messed up despite her good intentions, check out this housemate who kept ordering food with their roommate's money and getting full refunds, but not returning the cash to their roommate.

‘I got 25000 miles from my email nemesis’: People share the most clever ways to get strangers who use their email addresses to stop

Sat, 05/18/2024 - 09:00

People with common first and last names all deal with the issue that they have to share their names with a lot of other people around the globe. There must be thousands of people with names like John Smith or Mary Williams, and that can create a lot of issues.

One of those issues is presented in this funny petty revenge story. OP (original poster), for years, has been dealing with a person, probably with the same name as her, trying to use her email account. That person doesn't really have access to the email account, but they continuously use the address for their personal affairs, like prescriptions and memberships. Since OP has no way of contacting that person, she came up with a clever way of getting them to stop. This story sparked a funny discussion in the comments of all the ways Redditors got their "email nemesis" to stop using their addresses.

Scroll down to read the full tale. After that, click here for a story of a nurse who overheard a patient's plan to use someone else's insurance.

'My manager asks Karen exactly what she wants': Helicopter parent refuses to accept dorm roommates for her college-aged son

Sat, 05/18/2024 - 08:00

Being a helicopter parent to a toddler is one thing, but if your kid grows up and you're still acting that way, it's going to get awkward real fast. 

When you're raising a toddler, it makes sense to keep a close eye on them. They're whirling dervishes of destruction who can color your couch with markers one minute and climb inside the dishwasher the next. But over time, you've got to let your kids gain independence by seeing the world on their own. Too bad no one ever told this college kid's mother, who is still apparently running her son's life like she's glued to his side. 

One Redditor headed to the r/ChoosingBeggars subreddit to share this wild tale of the "choosing beggar mom" who's getting far too involved with her son's life. He hasn't actually gone off to college yet, since he's still trying to figure out which roommates to live with. Most of the time, you're just randomly assigned a roommate. They either become your best friend, your worst enemy, or someone who's just kind of there. You don't know what it'll be until you live with them. No matter what happens, it's important to learn how to get along with all different types of people… too bad this kid might never get the chance to do that if his mom doesn't lighten up a bit. 

Next up, this dude was irate when a pizza delivery driver kept insisting on speaking to his girlfriend, plus trying to give her a note! 

Worker's resignation letter to their boss sparks discussion online: 'I am taking that vacation starting now..."

Sat, 05/18/2024 - 07:00

One day, you're going to quit your job—and that's a fact… Whether it's over a disagreement, for relocation, for growth—or because you're leaving the workforce for good. When that time comes, it will be up to you (mostly) on what terms you want to leave on. Do you want to leave on good terms, possibly even despite long-held grudges? Or do you want to set the world ablaze—full scorched earth policy—burning every bridge behind you as you go?

This worker shared the resignation they were planning on sending to their boss after landing a new job with better pay and benefits, detailing how they were going to tell their boss that their last day would be today before outlining their grievances and the reason for their departure. 

Their post sparked discussion in this lively online community, and readers shared their thoughts in the comments, see screenshots of this original post and some of the reactions below.

'Today I snapped': CEO's receptionist bosses around a tech support guy, guilt-tripping him into doing tasks outside his job description before getting hastily put in her place

Sat, 05/18/2024 - 06:00

Whether you're a computer wiz or technologically challenged, we can all agree that there's one office appliance that has earned the award for 'Worst Piece of Equipment Ever Made': The printer. No matter which way you approach it, printers always have something wrong with them, they never work properly, and their interfacing changes seemingly on a whim. I'm not suggesting that printers are out to get us, but if there were any mechanical appliance that was to take over the world just to spite humanity, I wouldn't be surprised if it was somehow orchestrated by the printers. 

Although there are some companies where the tech support teams are in charge of printer management, the techy guy in our next story had the fortune to work for a company large enough to outsource this responsibility to professionals. However, the pushy, arrogant, and CLUELESS receptionist in our next story didn't seem to know the difference between the official printer company's tech guys and their own. 

Scroll for the entire tale of how a tech support guy stood up for himself by setting healthy boundaries in the workplace, even when a bossy and incompetent coworker tried to push him around. 

Researcher gets back at startup bro by helping make a better product and selling it to the competition: 'Now he's going out of business'

Sat, 05/18/2024 - 05:00

It's easy to make enemies with startup bros. They're not exactly the most likable bunch of individuals. 

This so-called "CEO" spent way more energy stirring the pot with competitors than running an actual company, and it wound up biting him on the behind in the end. First, he lost a tech competition to an academic researcher and started sending a ton of mean-spirited messages. He even crashed the researcher's Zoom lecture to spam the comments. This was the final straw for the researcher, who decided to take the opportunity to check out this startup bro's subpar product.

The product was supposed to be a water filtration apparatus, but it did not take long for the researcher to perfect the product and come up with a far better system. Rather than help the startup bro out, he decided to sell his new product to the CEO's biggest competitor. You can imagine what happened to the startup bro's business after that.

Keep scrolling below for the full story and for the best reactions from folks in the comments section. For more stories of workplace drama, check out this post about workers and that one colleague everyone dislikes.

‘Mom, am I adopted?’: Twin sisters take genetic test only to discover they share no DNA, parents refuse to admit that one of them is adopted

Sat, 05/18/2024 - 04:00

Siblings should always tease one another, that is pretty much the most basic rule in the siblings' rule book. One of the common ways to tease your younger siblings is by telling them they are actually adopted, and coming up with the most elaborate story for what happened with their actual birth parents, hiding their baby pictures, and sometimes even asking your parents to go along with it.

The girl in this Reddit story discovered that her life is not far from being a big adoption prank, except it isn't a prank at all. When she and her twin sister decided to take a random genetic test, the results showed that they didn't share any DNA. After making sure it wasn't just a mistake, OP (original poster), started questioning her family members about the test, but they were all uncooperative and refused to answer any of her questions, making OP believe she is, in fact, adopted.

Scroll down to read what OP decided to do next. After you are done with this story, click here for a story of an employee who discovered concerning facts about their position at work.

27 Hilarious Work Memes for Employees Counting Down Until the Weekend

Fri, 05/17/2024 - 16:00

Another day, another dollar. One would think so, but actually, one has to actually do work to earn that dollar! The world is cruel. But that doesn't mean we can't still take meme breaks right? After all, who can focus when there are mounds of work to get done? So, we've got just the thing here to keep us all sane until the weekend: 27 hilarious work-related memes to get us through the workweek. Because let's face it, work would be unbearable without a little humor to lighten the mood. So treat yourself to a few memes with your coworkers to help give you that extra dose of serotonin that might just be enough to push you through until the weekend finally arrives. Who knows, maybe laughter really is the best medicine for surviving the 9 to 5 grind. But just remember, if anyone asks, you were conducting important research on workplace morale. And if it's there's still research to be done, we have these memes for you next: 28 Dark Humor Work Memes to Banish Monday's Power at its Zenith 

Group project members refuse to do any of the work, get none of the credit: 'It is almost 40% of the total grade'

Fri, 05/17/2024 - 15:00

Group projects are the absolute worst—and the absolute worst for a reason. Never up until this point in your life have you had to suffer such a demotivated group of sniveling tagalongs who want nothing more than to cling to the coattails of whatever member is willing to drag them to the next step of their education rather than actually learning something and putting in the work to get there themselves. But, it's not necessarily their fault; the system has taught them that getting to the next step is the only thing that counts—that it's the only thing that's really important—and that what they might learn along the way is just secondary and of little consequence. 

This frustrated medical student shared how they were made to do their group's project, which was worth 40% of their grade, alone. After giving up on trying to coordinate the group, they gave their presentation solo, leaving their group mates high and dry. They turned to this online community to see if they were in the wrong for doing so and awaited readers' responses.

'I opened the door and he looked at me, confused': Pizza delivery guy slides note under customer's door

Fri, 05/17/2024 - 14:00

This guy was forced to confront a pizza delivery guy… because he tried to give a note to his girlfriend right in front of his eyes! 

Pizza delivery is supposed to be fast and simple. You place your order on an app or by calling the restaurant, the guy drops off your pizza a half hour later, and then you watch a movie while you chow down. It's supposed to be the easy dinner option. Apparently no one told that to this pizza delivery guy, who kept insisting on seeing the woman who lived at this place. 

You can read the entire story below, as well as additional information that u/Pplthrowaway507 wrote in the comments section. It seems entirely possible that his girlfriend has been cheating on him with this delivery dude. Why else would he show up, give a mysterious note, and then insist on speaking to the girlfriend? Maybe he was caught off guard by her boyfriend's presence (maybe he thought she was single!). Other people suggested that regardless of their relationship, what the pizza delivery dude did was way out of line. It was one of those r/AmItheA****** posts that no one can agree on, and until the OP fully reveals what was in this mysterious note, it'll remain unsolved. 

Next up, these workers shared the reasons that they all hate that one colleague, like the guy who can't stop making this "nails on a chalkboard" noise with rows of staples. 

Ungrateful bride sends wrong text badmouthing bridesmaid, bridesmaid sabotages the bachelorette: 'I cancelled the reservations and didn't mention it'

Fri, 05/17/2024 - 13:00

People who badmouth their friends over text better be careful with their phones! Otherwise, you might accidentally send a petty message to the very person you're gossiping about. 

Personally, I am guilty of this phenomenon. My friend jokes that I shouldn't even have a phone after all the times I have accidentally texted the wrong person. Most of these situations were harmless; I am not always gossiping. That being said, one time I was on my way to brunch with an old friend I hadn't seen in years but felt obliged to hang out with after running into them on the street. I was two blocks away when I texted my best friend that I was about to get brunch with this annoying person followed by the word "ugh." Well, it turns out I didn't send that text to my best friend; I sent it to the annoying person. I was then forced to walk into the restaurant as if I hadn't just completely revealed my feelings about spending time with her. I managed to come up with a nonsense excuse as to what I meant when I said "ugh," but it didn't really work considering we never got brunch again. However, I suppose that's what I wanted all along, so maybe I did win in the end.

Keep scrolling below to see what happened to this ungrateful bride when her bridesmaid received a text about her from the bride herself that she wasn't supposed to read. For more stories like this, check out this post about a Karen customer's tantrum at a drive-thru. 

'They charged me $500 for leaving a glass cup on the BBQ': 20+ HOA horror stories

Fri, 05/17/2024 - 12:00

When you want to be charged several hundred dollars for decorating your home as you wish, the HOA is your organization. These notorious corrupt groups seem to love handing out massive fines for tiny little violations. Home Owner's Associations, or HOAs, are groups of people who are supposed to look out for the well-being of their community. But instead, they seem to spend an awful lot of time messing around. 

For example, one person's HOA horror story involved them painting their house a new color. The HOA came by their house to complain that this freshly painted house had to be coated in a whole new layer of paint. Why? Oh, well because the house was painted a greenish-brown instead of the "yucca brown" the HOA required. That story, which you can read below, was also one of those cases where corruption was ruining the HOA for everyone. It turns out that someone was getting kickbacks for repainting the houses! How very shady of them. 

After you check out these horrible home owner's associations, read about the bridezilla who insisted one of her bridesmaids change almost everything about her appearance, with friends adding that the bewildered bridesmaid "was being stubborn." 

Company offers fully remote work in exchange for 24/7 monitoring of all home network traffic: 'Why would a company even want to bother with this?'

Fri, 05/17/2024 - 11:00

Something shady this way comes!

Let's preface this with the fact that several folks who work in IT have already deemed this a nightmare in the making. This company thought it would be a good idea to give in to employees' requests for fully remote work, but there was a catch. That catch was that the company would provide all work-from-home employees with a router and a document for them to sign that would permit IT to monitor all of their at-home network traffic 24/7. That's right. We're not even talking about work hours only, though that would still be an invasion of privacy. 

The offer of working from home entirely is certainly enticing, but in this case, at what cost? Many folks in the comments section shared their skepticism and feelings that these employers are definitely up to something fishy beyond monitoring their employees' work progress. Keep scrolling below for the full story and for the best reactions. For more tales of workplace drama, feel free to take a look at this post about an employee who finally snapped at their manager after constantly having to make them coffee at the end of every shift.

'I regret taking this job': Employees Share the Least Enjoyable Jobs to Work At This Year

Fri, 05/17/2024 - 10:00

Every job becomes tedious over time, especially if you're working 72 hours a week. But which jobs in particular are the worst to work at, and why? Employees get candid in a Reddit thread when asked this exact question. If you were to ask me, I'd say that working in the customer service industry is the worst. Long hours, meh pay, power tripping bosses are all a recipe for disaster. Oh, and don't forget the rowdy and entitled customers who honestly, need to check themself before they go out in public. It just makes you hate humanity. I always thought that people working as veterinarians might like their jobs, but when one person below described why it's absolutely soul-sucking, I changed my mind. I can see now how caring for animals is a double-edged sword. Scroll down to read what employees all around the world had to say about which jobs are the worst to work at, and when you're done reading, check out this grandma who used her spare key to enter her kid's apartment, only to receive a not so warm welcome from her entire family.

Prospective employee gets burned after 7 rounds of interviews when the company claims the job listing was ‘incorrect’, offering $70,000 less than promised: ‘Classic bait and switch’

Fri, 05/17/2024 - 09:00

Interviewing is exhausting. Although it seems simple to submit your resume to every company you're interested in, each business has a customized portal where you have to manually input all the same information. And nowadays if you even get past the application process, you're likely in for a rollercoaster ride of multiple rounds of interviewing, spouting the same information that can be found in your resume to 10 different (likely incompetent) C-level bosses. 

In an attempt to weed-out the bad eggs, business have made interviewing excruciating. 

For the prospective employee in our next story, the interview process went far beyond 'excruciating' and straight into the badlands of insurmountable disappointment. After 7 rounds of interviewing and months of preparation, the original poster (OP) found himself in the final rounds of the process. With only the prospects of the $100-150k salary range which was promised on the original job listing, OP was thrilled to make it to the final rounds–except, all that was waiting for him at the finish line was a measly $80,000 offer. 

Scroll for the entire story of how this experienced employee ultimately dodged a bullet with a shady employer. 

'The banana cream pie cookie "tasted like a pie"': 15+ Absurd reasons people wanted their food refunded

Fri, 05/17/2024 - 08:00

Some customers don't have any sense at all. No one knows that better than people who work in customer service jobs, like retail work and food service. 

Just ask u/SpiteChickens7. They shared two stories from their gig at a popular cookie spot. On this particular shift, they had a person come in and insist on a refund. Why? Well that's because they'd bought a couple of chocolate cake cookies. Instead of eating both of them, they'd tossed one to their dog! Unsurprisingly, that chocolate cookie made the pup sick. Isn't it common knowledge that chocolate can make dogs very ill? Apparently not, because this person not only wasted a cookie and upset their dog's tummy, but they also demanded a refund on that cookie

In the comments, people commiserated with u/SpiteChickens7. Some told stories from their own experiences with the cookie chain, while others revealed the silliest reasons customers at other restaurants insisted on getting their money back. It's never a dull moment in customer service! 

Next up, these people couldn't make it through their first day of work without getting fired, like one fast-food worker who "just wanted to see how many free burgers he could eat before getting canned." 

Tenant and Landlord team up to take down odious Property Management company, claiming almost $10k in penalties: 'My landlord was on my side during the court hearing'

Fri, 05/17/2024 - 07:00

While renting, it's generally up to your landlord to maintain the premises and repair anything that breaks. But if you've ever dealt with a landlord, you'll know that they're often reluctant to do so, regarding any such request with disdain and thinly veiled hostility and insinuation at the fact that you're somehow responsible for their 20-year-old dishwasher breaking a week after you moved in. So, over time, you get in the habit of just doing things yourself, even if they're not your responsibility, or just making do with things how they are in an effort to maintain minimal contact to draw minimal attention to your tenancy in a vain attempt to keep the landlord from increasing your rent (again.)

Of course, this isn't a great outcome for the property, which is why good landlords want to be notified of issues so that they don't become bigger ones, and they don't really want you undertaking your own work unless you muck something up… Unless they trust you to do things correctly, just as this landlord did before they appointed one of those terrible property management companies to manage the property for them, throwing a spanner in the works of what had been a great relationship.

Now, the arrangement was strange to begin with; it seems that this tenant had arranged to help the landlord upgrade the unit they were renting—which was really just a converted garage adjacent to the landlord's actual rental home. They upgraded the unit through the years on their own dime until the property management company took over. But when the property management repeatedly failed to follow through on maintenance, it set the stage for them to get that money back.

Company forces job applicant to interview again after already he accepted their offer: 'I was shocked'

Fri, 05/17/2024 - 06:00

Job interviews are not easy, and they take up a lot of your time. Not just the interview time itself but all of the prep work and practice can take up a lot of mental capacity. And if you're interviewing for multiple jobs at the same time, it's basically a full-time job. In this story, this job candidate was doing just that. After receiving an offer from one of the job prospects, be politely asked for two days to consider the offer before giving the hiring manager an answer. After careful consideration, the applicant decided to accept the offer presented. But, he was in the midst of being recruited for other jobs, so he declined them all and gave the good news to his new employer. Or so he thought. In those two days, the company claimed they had begun to consider another candidate, and now, the original offer is off the table. If this candidate still wants the job, he will have to interview again. Given really no choice, the original poster took to the internet to see if anyone had ever had this happen to them before. Keep reading for the full story and the discussion amongst other workers.

Just in case it wasn't clear, this situation is a major red flag for job seekers. Check out these other 25+ Red Flags in a Job Interview That Scream 'Do Not Work Here'.


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