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We know where you sleep, hooman

LOL Cats - Sun, 12/03/2023 - 17:00

'I'm quitting... Over text": Sketchy salon owner blows up at stylist for being 15 minutes late, gives her an ultimatum, so stylist peaces out

Fail Blog - Sun, 12/03/2023 - 16:00

Never be afraid to confront a sketchy boss. Seriously, in this day and age, in this economy, it truly behooves you to take initiative like that for your own well being. That's the advice this professional hairstylist needs right now. On reddit, she posts about the awful and very sketchy things the salon owner, her boss, keeps pulling. And in her good nature, she doesn't want to think the worst of her boss. But it's very clear to any reader, that this boss is pulling some nefarious things—the top recommendation so far is to report her boss to the IRS. OP says after months of toxic behavior, she was running 15minutes late to work. She told her boss this an hour before her actual shift, and the boss seemed fine. However, when she got there, her boss blew up at her. She told her she would have to start doing all these annoying nitpicking things if she wanted to continue working there, she initially agreed. But after continuous abuse, she's ready to quit on the spot via text. What would you do?

Hard working cat

LOL Cats - Sun, 12/03/2023 - 16:00

'I give it 3 months before he quits or gets fired': Karma takes over a former employee's department after he quits, revealing a slacker manager's true managerial value

Fail Blog - Sun, 12/03/2023 - 15:00

It's frustrating to see someone else take credit for your work at your job. This can be especially frustrating when you know that the guy claiming your good fortune is a total nincompoop that wouldn't survive a day without you in the office. That's the thing about the corporate world, when you win, there's always some vulture manager who's prepared to lay claim to your success without a second thought. Better climb the ladder quick, lest you risk becoming the hardworking corpse everyone feeds off of…

In our next tale, one employee decided he was tired of running the entire company with no recognition. Finally, we have a triumphant story of workplace wins where the little guy comes out on top! Scroll for the entire story of mayhem and destruction after a loyal employee decided to let his pompous, slacker manager take the reins of the workflow for once, resulting in the satisfying demise of his former department. 

Afterwards, here's another polarizing story of another resignation that divided one family's Thanksgiving meal. 

23 Sleepy Snuggly Cats Lounging And Lazing Through The Weekend

LOL Cats - Sun, 12/03/2023 - 15:00

Lazy Sundays are the absolute best, it's a day to chill, relax, and forget about worries. And you know who's the boss at mastering the art of laziness? Cats! These awwdorable furry felines have nailed the lazy mode to perfection, especially when it comes to the weekend.

Felines are the ultimate experts in finding unique and cute places to rest. From cozy cardboard boxes to the warmth of a sunny window ledge, these clever cats have got their spots all sorted. Some even choose the most unexpected places, like a shoe rack or a pile of laundry, making us laugh with their unique, cute cat nap destinations. When it comes to Sundays, they take it to the next level. You'll find them sprawled on a soft blanket, snuggled up in a cushiony chair, or even upside down, dozing away with paws in the air. Their sleepy, content faces tell the story of a purrfect day in pure relaxation.

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'Am I still in your phone as "Cool Grandpa"?': 20+ Grandparents on a wholesome quest to use the internet and text their grandkids

Fail Blog - Sun, 12/03/2023 - 14:00

Grandparents are the best. They'll do anything for their grandkids, like buying them way too many toys, cooking delicious meals for them, and being their favorite playmate. Many kids grow up having their grandparents as babysitters, which creates a strong bond between them. These grandparents want to keep in touch with their grandkids, even once the kids turn into teens. But fear not, they aren't afraid to utilize technology to connect with their family. 

Their methods may be a tad unorthodox, but you have to give them a ton of credit for trying and succeeding at texting or using the internet. For some, it comes naturally, while other older folks aren't nearly so savvy at using new tech. It's not easy to grow and change with the times, but these grandparents are proving they can and will. 

Check out all of these wonderful grandparents and their tries at using modern tech below. Once you've read that, check out these 15 pranksters who shared their best stories, like one person who pulled off a truly epic prank in Antarctic

Spicy Sunday Cat Snack: Funny Flavour-Filled Feline Memes To End The Week

LOL Cats - Sun, 12/03/2023 - 14:00

Ah, what a week it has been. It began with the weekly tragedy of going to work, engaging with other hoomans and spending vast amounts of time away from our favourite fluffy felines. Yet it ended with such joy, copious cuddles, purrfect play time and nice, long naps. And now, as we stand on the precipice of yet another work week, it is time that we value the good times we had in this last week and light up our nervous system in anticipation of the frustrations of tomorrow.

As such we have put together a list of spicy feline memes, packed full of facetious flavour to help you emotional and spiritually bring this week to its natural end. From the introverted felines who's pawrents think they should have made more friends this week, to babuska cat who will protect you on your long walk home from the bar, to the cats calling press conferences for clawminal emergencies, we are fully stocked on spicy Sunday feline memes to help you close this week and get ready for the next.

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'I clogged the toilet in Hawaii': 20+ anonymous secrets from men who can't confess to their partners

Fail Blog - Sun, 12/03/2023 - 13:00

Everyone has secrets, but have you ever kept one from your partner for so long that if you reveal it now, everything could unravel? Perhaps your first thought to this question might make you think about someone having an affair or lying about where they're from. However, more often than not, it turns out people keep small truths hidden from their partners because they either don't want to hurt their significant others' feelings or they don't want their significant others to think differently of them. Thankfully, these small truths are not nearly as drastic as something like infidelity, and they probably wouln't put an end to the relationship if they were revealed. However, these men have been keeping these secrets for so long that they feel they can't possibly reveal them now. Instead, they shared their truths anonymously via this r/AskReddit thread. 

Keep scrolling below to see what your partner might be keeping from you. When you're done, check out this post about the top 20+ weddings gone wrong.

Pawdorably Purrfect Memes Of Cats Preparing For This Snugly Festive Season

LOL Cats - Sun, 12/03/2023 - 13:00

With our paws placed firmly in Decemeber it is well and truly time to start our prepping for the snugly winter season that lays ahead. From the wholesome holiday season, to the nostalgic New Year's Eve, to the heartbreaking end of the winter holidays, there is so much to look forward to and prepare. Which is why we have taken it upon us to get your hooman bones as prepawed as possible for the upcoming festivities.

We plan to do this with a running ream of wholesome pawdorable feline memes, that will keep you energized throughout the winter season and filled with more adventurous anticipation than can fill an advent calendar. In this first instalment of furry festive season-ready felines we have such hissterical characters as Catzilla, the only cat capable of derailing model trains with the flick of its tail, flat pack cat, the cat who can travel with you on all your holiday excursions and of course thinking cap cat, the only feline that focuses your mind for festive holiday prepping. So put on your favourite xmas jumper and curl up with this heartwarming collection of cloying cats.

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'[I] called someone out for their lie': Couple calls agency with bogus claim, call center rep shuts down their lies

Fail Blog - Sun, 12/03/2023 - 12:00

This woman told a whopper of a lie, but she wasn't expecting to be called out

Customers learn their behaviors by reinforcement. While it might seem obvious to you to be pleasant to the person on the other end of a phone call, not everyone acts that way. Some folks have been conditioned to believe that the louder and more demanding they act towards customer service reps, the faster their problem will be solved. In reality, as call center workers will tell you, this is almost never the case. 

Most call center workers have to read a script to you. Even if you rant and rave, that customer service rep does need your home address and your email. You're not changing anything by raising your voice, I promise. Just calmly tell the person all your information, explain the issue as succinctly as possible, and then ask them what they can do to help you solve it. Because reps are used to dealing with grumpy people, they're often especially helpful if you're nice. They will go the extra mile to solve your issue, and neither of you has to throw a fit about it. 

Sweet Sensitive Brunch-Time Memes Of Fluffy Felines For A Sensational Sunday

LOL Cats - Sun, 12/03/2023 - 12:00

You would be hard-pressed to find a meal more indicative of relaxation and restoration than the sacred Sunday brunch. And with good reason as it is the pawfect way to unwind and celebrate the last day of the weekend with those you are closest too. And if you are a feline pawrent then it is likely that one of the closest people in your life is your precious fur baby, which is even more clawuse for celebration. You and your furry friend can set up your very own brunch-style picnic in the living room. Full of tasty fishy treats for both of you.

To accompany this fine fishy meal we have selected a pairing of pawfectly matched sweet and sensitive feline memes, that'll complement and elevate your relaxing and restorative meal. From the felines who have been practising their loaf all week long, to the cats who might even miss brunch while they are busy napping, to the cats who like you might have cancelled their alarm for the 47th time and altogether missed their brunch reservations, there is a meme for every kind of cat loving brunch afishionado.

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'[HOA] want[s] to sue us': Residents purchase home before HOA was reinstated, then HOA threatened to take them to court

Fail Blog - Sun, 12/03/2023 - 11:00

We know all too well at this point that HOAs are full of obnoxious type-A individuals who will stop at nothing to make your neighborhood experience a living nightmare. No HOA is immune to these extremes, so it is up to homeowners to find some level of healthy distance from them so that life in the neighborhood is at least slightly bearable. 

Now, as someone who lives in a city, my personal encounters with HOAs are nonexistent, but I also know full well what it's like to be taken advantage of by property managers, landlords, etc. The key to navigating these disputes is persistence and maintaining evidence of wrongdoing on their part and/or innocence on your part. If you have none of those things, prepare to be walked over by your landlord, property manager, HOA, or whatever equivalent toxic force rules over your living situation.  

28 Cats That Are Purrhaps Plotting The Demise Of Their Hoomans From All The Silly Things We Put On Their Purrfect Little Heads

LOL Cats - Sun, 12/03/2023 - 11:00

Sometimes our cats love us, and sometimes, they want nothing to do with us. The times when they want nothing to do with us surely have nothing to do with our constant singing of songs to them, picking up when they're having an enjoyable cat nap in the sun, or constantly forcing them to cuddle with us. They also surely don't have anything to do with the fact that we love to test our cat's patience by putting things on them until they get annoyed with us, but up until that point it's pretty funny!

They may plot our demise after stacking things on top of them, but aren't they already doing that every day? Until they enact their grand plan to take over the world, we'll keep giving them tuna and hope for the best. Enjoy these seriously silly house cats and we hope that they bring a smile to your face this Sunday. Enjoy!

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'It was like a clown car': Bullheaded Karen expects a free upgrade after booking a tiny hotel room for her whole family, finds out the hotel is completely booked

Fail Blog - Sun, 12/03/2023 - 10:00

Imagine how audacious you'd have to be to expect a free upgrade everywhere you go? Like if you were heading to the mechanic for a tire rotation and expected a full new set of tires. And if you had GA concert tickets, imagine thinking that the band would personally find you in the crowd, upgrade you to VIP, and take you on their tour bus after the show! Or if you had coach tickets for your flight home for the holidays and Jeff Bezos just showed up to the tarmac insisting you take his private jet instead. Feels silly, huh? 

People that feel entitled to an automatic upgrade don't realize that the upgrades are more expensive because they require more work to provide a higher quality service. However, entitled Karens everywhere have been pushing the boundaries on what's reasonable for a loooooong time.

Caturday Night Fever: 36 Hilarious Cat Memes To Cure Your Weekend Hangover (December 3, 2023)

LOL Cats - Sun, 12/03/2023 - 10:00

Feline friends and cat enthusiasts, gather around! Did you have a wild night last night and you're regretting it this morning? Did you share a bottle of wine (or two) with your cat and now you have a pounding headache? Well, we've got just the thing for you. We have 36 cures for your weekend hangover in the form of hilarious cat memes. Don't get out of bed, there's no need, just scroll away until you feel better. Shall we order some food while we're at it?

From a hissterical standoff with a life-size stuffed toy tiger to a purrfectly accurate needlepoint depiction of a super chonky boi, these super silly cat memes in the form of human funnies will have you laughing until your food gets here, so then you can go back and nap away the rest of your hangover. Or better yet, take your kitty under the covers for some snuggle time and just giggle through these memes together.

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‘Gears were turning, and I got a trailer’: Complex forces young tenant to pay for parking space she doesn't need, so tenant buys a trailer and rents it out to neighbor instead

Fail Blog - Sun, 12/03/2023 - 09:00

Going through all the clauses in a lease is one of my least favorite things to do in the world. The dull feel of the paper, the tiny writing, the boring yet difficult-to-read legal stuff… It's too much for me. That is why I always get one of my friends in the legal field to check the documents I sign before I sign them. This young tenant did not bother to read certain clauses in her lease, but it all turned out okay in the end because once she did pay attention, she knew what she had to do. It all began when her apartment complex made her pay for a parking spot she wasn't using. When she explained to the complex that she did not need the spot, they basically told her to go away and read the contract.

She didn't have a choice, and so away she went… to read. Boy, was she glad she did that. As it turned out, there was a way to spin this in her favor. So she went and bought a trailer, and began renting it out to her neighbor. From there, it spiraled into an uncontrollable phenomenon where suddenly EVERYONE was doing what she did… and the complex was losing a lot of money. Scroll down to read what happened next.

Next up, a demanding hotel guest who told off the front desk clerk for not having a Thanksgiving meal, and then threatened to get her fired. You know, Karen on a good day.

Cats With Jobs: 37 Functional Felines With Purrpose On The Nine to Five Grind To Bring Home The Tuna

LOL Cats - Sun, 12/03/2023 - 09:00

Hey there, cat lovers! We purrsonally know a thing or two about being on that 9-5 grind. Now, we won't go as far as to call ourselves breadwinners, but we certainly contribute to the household expenses and do our best to bring home the bacon. We spend such a significant portion of our lives working and at work, we might as well enjoy what we do! We are presenting you today with a delightful selection of 37 functional felines with a purpose heavy on the nine-to-five grind to bring home the tuna, and we sure hope you enjoy it. 

Cats are lazy most of the time. But when these felines have their priorities straight and understand that they have got to start contributing to their respective households, they can get any job done. Those tuna cans don't pay for themselves you know! Nor do those expensive cat trees, scratching stations, and squeaky toys.

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'This is literally hundreds of different customers orders': Nightmare boss tells factory worker to only run machines, worker decides to stop shipping orders for a whole week

Fail Blog - Sun, 12/03/2023 - 08:00

This is such a satisfying story (for workers, not bosses). 

One employee shared this story from a company they used to love, but which quickly went sour after a merger. Despite what managers or HR want to tell you, mergers aren't often positive developments for the current employees. U/allgoodnamestaken98 writes that at the factory they were working at, a merger caused a great workplace to tank, all because three different managers were each trying to prove they were the best. 

This boss told his employee to only work on one part of the multi-step process of processing and shipping orders. These days, if you order something online, you can expect it to get to you crazy fast. Some items will come the next day, even if you didn't specify that you needed it so quickly! Other stuff might take between three to ten days to arrive. No matter what, the customers need their packages if the business is going to be successful. And customers will definitely not care about the reason their package hasn't even been processed yet! This company can kiss their customer retention rates goodbye. 

Next up: modern problems have modern solutions, which this person found out when her partner dumped her using a note that A.I. (probably) wrote

Spectacularly Spicy Soirée of 42 Ferociously Feisty Felines to Inspire Cat Loving Human Beans

LOL Cats - Sun, 12/03/2023 - 08:00

Hello, dear friends! We're excited to be back, presenting an even grander collection of charming cat pictures to uplift your spirits. At ICanHasCheezburger, our adoration for all things feline knows no bounds, and we take great pride in it. Cats are our spirit animals, we are obsessed with all things feline. While they may indulge in spirited frolicking, their undeniable charm and endearing behavior far exceed any hint of feistiness! 

The essence of cats lies in a harmonious blend of independence, curiosity, and mischievousness, radiating a unique allure. Their mischievous nature is inherently charming, offering moments of stress relief and infusing our lives with laughter and joy. Here at headquarters, we wholeheartedly embrace and celebrate the levity that our feline companions bring into our lives, whether on a daily or, dare we say, hourly basis. Now, shall we enjoy a spectacularly spicy soiree of ferociously cute and feisty felines? Yes, we shall. 

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'I needed to clear my conscience': Server is miffed by 3% tip, gets a holiday miracle the next day when customer comes back to give additional 50% tip and an apology

Fail Blog - Sun, 12/03/2023 - 07:00

HOLY MOLY, a human was decent. Alert the news! Sound the sirens! Everybody hold hands and enjoy this moment of faith being restored in humanity. It's quit uncommon to find a store on the internet that does just that. Usually, it's people venting about some horrible incident with a Karen or incompetent manager that makes life feel unbearable. But, hey, it's the holiday season! Some wholesomeness and empathy is called for. This Redditor recalls an embarrassing moment in his life that he will never forget. Long story short, he was in charge of a work lunch that racked up a pretty penny. When it came to the check, he put it on the card, signed, and was off. Everything went smoothly until he realized at night (as one does when rethinking their life choices) that he grossly did the math incorrectly. He had only tipped around 3% instead of 20%. He was red in the face as he tried to go to sleep. The next day he went back to the restaurant and demanded to see the server. She approached him warily, thinking she was about to get Karen'ed or get in trouble, but instead he profusely apologized and handed her about a 50% tip in cash. You see, sometimes miracles do happen! 


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