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'Two can play that game...': Overworked hotel employee gets even with upper management following their refusal to accommodate his medical condition

Fail Blog - Thu, 01/25/2024 - 17:00

The business world is cruel. They take great pride in their well-known motto, which emphasizes the value of family and how they treat their staff as one large, happy family. But when the chips are down, who gets pushed aside first? Yes, exactly. Think about that for a moment.

The story that follows is from a dissatisfied hotel employee. At the time of the incident, OP had been managing multiple duties. He drove the shuttle for one of the airline crews and was responsible for loading and unloading the crew's belongings. Everything was going well until OP started to feel as though his wrist injury prevented him from performing manual tasks. As the responsible and accountable employee that he was, OP discussed the matter with his manager and kindly asked to be informed when an administrative post should open up. Matters deteriorated, though, when OP did not receive information once a role was made available. As a result, OP devised a devious plan to exact revenge on upper management for their alleged 'oversight'.

So, if you're interested in learning how OP got even with upper management, read the story below! And when you're done, be sure to check out the story about the tenant who settles the score with his entitled landlord here!

A purrfessional delivery driver

LOL Cats - Thu, 01/25/2024 - 17:00

'You know that was two years ago, right?': Backwoods burglar unsuccessfully robs a pair of new homeowners after mistaking their house for his

Fail Blog - Thu, 01/25/2024 - 16:00

Living in the middle of nowhere can be scary sometimes. With law enforcement miles and miles away, when something goes amok on your property, you're on your own. So while you're out there living in the boonies and you hear a calamitous kerfuffle outside, you should grab whatever weapon you can reach and go check it out yourself. 

If you're lucky, it'll be a coyote, a raccoon, or a skittish young bear venturing too close to your garage, but if you're like the guy in our next story, it's a little more 'small town' than that. 

Water Can Be Startling

LOL Cats - Thu, 01/25/2024 - 16:00

'You’re manifesting my business's failure': Dispiteous boss accuses employee of "manifesting failure" of her business

Fail Blog - Thu, 01/25/2024 - 15:00

Get your Tarot cards out and crystals ready cause we're out here trying to manifest the failure of every terrible boss we've ever had. Like, can you imagine getting called into a meeting with HR just because your "vibes" were off? Like, heck, Erin, so what if I was in the water closet building a voodoo doll out of the CEO's socks and toenail clippings… Just leave me be.

31 Purrfectly Hissterical Cat Memes For A Day Of Pawsitive Feline Fun

LOL Cats - Thu, 01/25/2024 - 15:00

We have finally made it to Thursday, just a drop away from dreams of lazy cat cuddles and extra sleep start to dance in our heads. And speaking of cats, can we just appreciate how delightfully unpredictable and amusing they are? It's like they've got a secret world of whiskers and mischief, and we're just lucky to witness it.

Cats are the masters of surprise. One moment, they're strolling around with regal elegance, and the next, they're in a cardboard box, convinced they've cracked the code of invisibility. It's this unpredictability that makes our feline friends so utterly charming. These hissterical cat memes capture those quirky, spontaneous moments that define their unique personalities. From their peculiar love for knocking things off shelves to the sudden sprints across the house for no apparent reason, these memes encapsulate the joy and randomness that cats bring to our lives. So, here's to a Thursday filled with laughter and a purrfect dose of feline fun!

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'I turned on my camera and allowed the entire call to see': Student maliciously complies with club rules

Fail Blog - Thu, 01/25/2024 - 14:00

It might help if this school club was just a tad bit more accomodating. Maybe they'll change their policies after a chat with one student. 

Since the beginning of the 2020s, people have adapted video calling into their everyday lives. For a while, people used it for work and school when we all had to be isolated from each other. But even after the fact, people still love video calls. Facetiming your family is a great way to have a face-to-face conversation that's a little more personal than a phone call. 

At many workplaces, Zooming into a meeting is de rigueur. The days of staying at your office building for a meeting are so over for many employees. Instead, you can put on your coziest sweatpants and a nice shirt and chat with your boss from the comfort of your couch. 

Many students find themselves back in physical classrooms, but teachers can still find ways to incorporate video calls into their students' lives. 

26 Purr-fectly Hilarious Cat Memes That Are The Cat's Meow

LOL Cats - Thu, 01/25/2024 - 14:00

Get ready for a feline frenzy with our collection of 26 crazy cat memes that are guaranteed to bring laughter and joy. These memes capture the essence of cat behavior in the most hilarious ways, from their quirky antics to their majestic, sometimes sassy, demeanor. Whether you're a cat lover or just in need of a good chuckle, these memes are the perfect blend of humor and cuteness.

Each meme in this list is a celebration of our furry friends' most amusing moments. Be it a cat caught in a silly pose, delivering a classic judgmental glare, or just being their adorable, unpredictable selves, these images encapsulate why cats have taken over not just our homes, but also the internet. With a mix of classic memes and fresh, laugh-out-loud additions, this compilation is a testament to the endless entertainment provided by our whiskered companions.

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Top Dad Jokes of the Month (January 25, 2024)

Fail Blog - Thu, 01/25/2024 - 13:00

It may be a new year, but dads will always be dads. Everyone may want to pretend that they don't love a dad joke, but there is something to be said for the number of times we guffawed while compiling this list. 

Here's the thing about what dad jokes produce. It's never loud laughter. It's never a cackle. But there is value in a guffaw. A guffaw is almost involuntary, and because we are often socialized to roll our eyes at dad jokes, the fact that these jokes provoked a guffaw out of us shows the value of the joke itself. The joke must actually be pretty funny despite what we're socialized to think of it. 

Keep scrolling below for this collection of brand new dad jokes, compiled from the r/dadjokes subreddit. Feel free to share your own in the comments section below. When you're done, here are some funny adult temper tantrum stories. 

Funny Feline Memes For You Introvert Hoomans Planning Your Weekend Staycation

LOL Cats - Thu, 01/25/2024 - 13:00

With it being Thursday and all you are probably getting ready for the weekend's festivities. However, if you happen to be one of the many introverted hoomans who patrols the internet like a cat guarding its precious treats, then you might be looking forward to a weekend at home rather than an all out rager. Which is why we made today's collection of funny feline memes for all you introvert hoomans planning your weekend staycations.

From the felines who are doing their best to act like a plant to get extra water, to cats who saw an empty room in the house and decided it was time they had their own bedroom, to the man who ran from the cops but stopped to pet a cat, to the cattos who like to live the wet life, falling asleep in the sink. We have got just the kind of memes that make you want to curl up on the couch at home and stay covered up under a blanket all weekend long.

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'I was at a loss for words': 20+ Entitled people who acted completely ungrateful

Fail Blog - Thu, 01/25/2024 - 12:00

Gratefulness doesn't come naturally to these people. Usually, people are taught from the time they're young that when someone gives you a gift, you should be thankful. Even if you don't like the gift, you should thank the person who got it for you. When they're five or under, kids tend to be brutally honest about the gifts they do or don't like, and it can be pretty funny for those around them. But when a teenager throws a fit because her parents bought her the wrong car? That's a whole lot less charming. 

These people were absolutely flabbergasted when they went out of their way to give great presents, only for the recipient to act wholly ungrateful. Some people went really far out of their way to give such a present, spending lots of money or going great distances, and still got a negative reaction. 

Most people have a pretty low tolerance for this kind of behavior. The OP of this post is a great example of that. They told their own story of what happened when they gave their niece a laptop. u/CarelessMonday sold their own belongings in order to get their niece this nice college present, only for her to call it the "worst present ever." The OP shares that after her freakout, they're not contacting that niece again---and certainly never giving her anything again. Hopefully, the niece learned something from the whole situation. 

Next up, the way this barista talked to a customer has the internet divided on whether or not the barista was out of line

Hilarious And Heartwarming Pics Of When Cats And Glass Mix

LOL Cats - Thu, 01/25/2024 - 12:00

In the feline world there are several combinations that simply create hilarity. Whether it is cats and their various attitudes towards water, or the unpredictable manner in which cats relate to dogs, or the way some cats simply despise cat nip, there is something wildly unpredictable and hilarious about combining cats with other things. And as such today we take a look the hilarious pics that were taken when cats and glass mixed.

From curious cats catching a glimpse of themselves in a mirror, to funny felines faces distorted by bottles and glasses, to the utterly pawdorable smushiness of cats sitting on glass tables from below. We have got some of the most unique and funny moments that capture the meeting between our dear cats and the various meeting they have with glass objects. So find a comfy spot to laugh out loud in and settle in for a journey through the wonderfully weird world of cats.

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'15 other people saw it': Karen sends unkind message about coworker to entire department by accident, coworker reports her to HR

Fail Blog - Thu, 01/25/2024 - 11:00

Always be careful who you're sending your messages to, especially at work! One would think this is a self-explanatory warning and not something that needs to be stated, but it turns out some coworkers out there really are that reckless. 

Here, we have a Karen coworker who liked to boss others around, especially this Redditor who was fully on her level within the hierarchy of their company. Karen told her to take lunch at 11 am, but something came up and OP switched lunch times with another employee. This did not affect Karen's schedule in any way, yet she felt the need to gossip about it. However, instead of messaging her work bestie, she messaged the entire department. Sure, she quickly deleted the message but not until everyone in the group already saw it. Let's hope that OP follows through with HR proceedings because this was apparently not the first time this Karen was difficult with other coworkers.

Keep scrolling below for the full story. When you're done, check out this post about a delivery worker's beef with his boss.

Facetious Feline Memes And Tweets For Your Mid-Morning Treat

LOL Cats - Thu, 01/25/2024 - 11:00

Good morning dear cat curious hooman and welcome to another day in feline paradise. The cats are screaming, their food is late, and you guessed it, us hoomans are to blame for everything. But there is one thing that is different about today, and that is that we have prepared for you a list of facetious feline memes and tweets for your mid-morning treat. Because we all deserve a little something nice after the early morning screaming match we had with our feline fur babies.

From an in-depth look at the feline's perception of ownership and who in the feline-hooman relationship owns who, to the silly cattos who jumped into their favorite box, only to be labelled as smelly, to the cats who have been hit hard by the cost of living crisis and had no other option than to go back to living with their pawrents, to the runaway cats who ran away to attend a local child's brithday party. These are the treat filled feline memes that will color your morning with the alluring shade of pacific salmon.

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'Back off and wait for us to be ready': Childfree couple snaps when tenacious parents pressure them to have kids immediately

Fail Blog - Thu, 01/25/2024 - 10:00

When you're in your late 20's or your early 30's, if you've been in a semi-stable relationship for more than 5 minutes, nosy relatives start coming out of the woodwork. You've heard the phrase 'it takes a village', but never thought it meant the village coming after your ever-fruitful loins, chasing you with baby-mongering pitchforks and flaming fertility torches. 

As if there's a ticking time bomb on your chest, aunties and uncles you barely know start feeling entitled to offer you their unsolicited opinions about your biological clock and the urgency of having children as soon as possible. Regardless of how unprepared you are to have children or how apparent it is that you can't afford a child right now, your family never seems to understand the simplest of answers: We're not ready. 

A Mischievous Menagerie Of 25 Hissterical Cat-astrophies Featuring Felines Playing Hide-And-Seek With Their Better Judgment

LOL Cats - Thu, 01/25/2024 - 10:00

You know what they say about cats and curiosity, right? It's a good thing that cats have 9 lives, or else they would be in for a world of trouble! If you're a cat owner, you know how cats have a proclivity for getting themselves into all sorts of mischief. Whether walking into the bathroom to see a little cat head sticking out of the toilet bowl to finding your cat hanging from a ceiling fan, there is no end to the depths of their curiosity.

Since we can only help but laugh at our cats' silly shenanigans, we found a bunch of other feline fanatics who took to the internet to talk about the times, how can we say this nicely, played hide-and-seek with their better judgment. Don't worry, no chaotic kitties were harmed in the making of this listicle, but a lot of laughs (and baths, as you'll see below) were!

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Front desk clerks discuss ‘well-travelled individuals’ who are actually just entitled

Fail Blog - Thu, 01/25/2024 - 09:00

If you've ever worked at the front reception of a hotel, you will have heard it all. From, 'This is the first time I've ever been asked to do this', to 'I have never heard of city fees', people will say anything to convince you to let them off easy. The funniest, most ironic part of it all is they usually say something along the lines of, 'I've traveled ALL AROUND THE WORLD, and I've never heard of such a policy'. Immediately you roll your eyes… If they really are so 'well-traveled', then this cannot be the first time they hear of such policies.

But hey, people aren't that smart. Scroll down for a funny Reddit thread where front desk clerks share the most annoying phrases they have heard from hotel guests. Then, check out this employee who informed all of their coworkers that one worker was making more money than all of them. The boss handled the situation perfectly.

Meowmentous Memes: A Colossal Chonk Of Feline Funnies To Send To All Your Favorite Cool Cats In The Office

LOL Cats - Thu, 01/25/2024 - 09:00

Happy Thursday, I Can Has-ers! Friday is just around the corner, which means that the weekend is almost here. Until then, we have approximately 14 hours left total in the office, and we can't seem to get anything done. If we round up, Thursday is purractically over, and who gets any work done on Fridays, right? We think it's time to enter the weekend mode and get our giggle on, so instead of working for the rest of the week, we're going to scroll through a colossal chonk of feline funnies, and then promptly send them to all of our favorite cool cats in the office.

Give the gift of procrastination with an awwdorably silly picture of some feetsies, or even better yet, a meme about a cat named Lord Montague. So throw away all that extra paperwork and cancel your meetings because we've got some funny cat memes to read through and giggles to give away!

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'That's what you get for bragging': 15+ Tales of instant karma

Fail Blog - Thu, 01/25/2024 - 08:00

Karmic intervention is coming for those who need to be humbled. Just ask the people who shared their favorite stories of the times it's happened to them. 

It happens to every driver at some point: you're minding your business, enjoying a relaxing drive on the highway, when some dude decides to tailgate you. Some folks just have road rage, and all they want to do is compete with everyone else on the road. It seems like there are a few different types of these drivers. Some are trying to go fast, so if you're in their way, you'd better move. Others want to stare down other drivers and intimidate them (which usually just makes the other driver roll their eyes). These drivers always think they're so cool, but no one else takes them seriously. Well, except for police officers—they'll have no problem pulling over aggressive drivers and writing them ticket after ticket. Karma's going to get those road ragers!  

Other people had workplace karma stories involving their terrible customers. Watching crabby customers get what they deserve is so satisfying as it plays out. 

Check out these entertaining stories of karmic smackdowns. Then, read about one boss who cost the company $220k by signing off on catalogs that could never be put in the mail. 

Super-Mom Cat Adopts A Rescued Kitten Who Is Still Learning To Walk And Raises It Alongside Her Own Kittens (Video)

LOL Cats - Thu, 01/25/2024 - 08:00

Being a cat mom is a difficult job. You may think that cats are independent, that they don't need no owner, that they can handle themselves… as long as they don't get their claws stuck in some unexpected piece of fabric that they weren't allowed to touch in the first place or have their food changed without their express say-so. And that's all true, but it's not true for kittens. Kittens need to be taught all the ways of being a cat, and their teachers are their mothers. 

But what happens if a kitten tragically loses its mother. If they're lucky, another cat mom can take over that role, and thankfully, cats are way more maternal than anyone gives them credit for. We have seen cats adopt kittens from other litters and raise them as their own. We have seen cats adopt puppies into their litters, regardless of how different they might be. We have even seen a momma cat adopt a lynx cub and raise it alongside her kitten. And that's the kind of story we have today - of acceptance and wholesomeness. 

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