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Just Some Orange Cats in Hats to Refuel Your Serotonin Levels This Week

LOL Cats - Tue, 03/07/2023 - 02:00

If you're a proud cat parent of an orange cat, then you are obsessed. And that's ok that you're obsessed, we're obsessed too! There is something about a sweet little fireball of a ginger cat that just pulls at the heartstrings. They're chaotic and loving, wild and lazy, and omg we love them so much. They all only share one braincell, so they're adorable little doopy moments are some we treasure the most. But when it's not their turn with the braincell, or their chill mode is activated in order to conserve energy as they wait for their turn with the braincell, we can have some adorable moments. For instance, this is the best time to dress them up because they will be saving their mvrder mitten usage for braincell time. So we are more that excited to scowl the internet for photos of precious orange kitties sporting fashionable little hats. We've gathered 21 of our favorites that came across our feeds these week and we hope if boosts a little bit of your depleted serotonin this week. 

Top 10 Ferocious Feline Videos of Kitties Who Will Always Choose Violence

LOL Cats - Tue, 03/07/2023 - 01:00

Some days, cats will just wake up and choose violence. Nobody knows why, nobody knows how, and most importantly… nobody knows when. A cat can be chilling one second, enjoying your love and affection, and then will snap for no reason, extending their toe bean knives and exposing their pointy teefs. As a cat owner, it can be tough to predict your feline's feisty tendencies, but one can never be too careful. 

As natural born predators, cats can be pretty terrifying. Even though they're a measly 10lbs, they're incredibly fast and decked out with weapons on all sides. No hooman can withstand the pressures of the cat. Once they strike, you'll never be able to stop them. They've tasted the valor of human flesh and will never be satiated again with their Fancy Feasting. Now they're feasting on the fear that will never leave your heart when you turn the corner and get your ankles snatched by the couch demon. Nobody is safe from the aggression of the house cat after dark. 

32 Delicious Cat Memes & Pics To Start The Meowrning Off On A Pawsitive Note

LOL Cats - Mon, 03/06/2023 - 16:00

Are you a cat person looking for something to start your day off on the right paw? Look no further than this listicle of 32 delicious cat memes and pics! These adorable and hilarious pictures are sure to put a smile on your face and help you start the meowrning off on a pawsitive note. It's no secret that our furry feline friends are expurrts at brightening up even the grumpiest of mornings. We recommend consuming these delightful cat memes and pics alongside a piping hot cup of joe for optimal enjoyment. 

So grab a cup of coffee and get ready to scroll through some of the most purrfectly hilarious and heartwarming cat memes and pics around. Whether you're a cat person or just a fan of good memes, this listicle has a little something for absolutely everyone. Because we can all relate to wanting to kick off our mornings on a pawsitive note. Go ahead and enjoy these silly memes and pics, you'll be glad you did. 

'The woman laughed and made a whiney noise, mimicking me. She had no idea who she was messing with.' : Entitled Karen teases woman and steals her parking space, leading to wild revenge

Fail Blog - Mon, 03/06/2023 - 16:00

Parking at wholefoods can suck the happiness out of anyone. Even if you won the lottery ten minutes prior, sliding into the wholefoods parking lot will take your high and throw it in the trash. The number of Karens running, driving, strutting and squawking is implausible, unless you've seen it firsthand. This lady was waiting patiently for her turn in said parking lot, her blinkers turned on, the wind blowing in her hair, just chilling, as an elderly woman was taking her time leaving her parking spot. Suddenly a Karen appeared out of nowhere and snatched the parking spot up. Mind you, she almost took off the elderly woman's door in the awful act.

Livid, OP asked her what was up. This Karen had the audacity to mimic her and told her 'S-o-rrr-y', which led OP to believe that she was not in fact, sorry at all. She had never been so angry in her life. What ensued was a mix of outrage and humiliation, followed by the use of a certain key on a certain car. Scroll down to read about this sweet, petty revenge.

For more, check out this enraging story of a boss who told his employee that he will 'work when I tell you to work'. It's enough to make anyone maliciously comply to the point where the boss realizes he messed up, big time.

Twitter Thread: Crypto bro weeps after losing all of his of his NFTs to phishing scam

Fail Blog - Mon, 03/06/2023 - 15:00

Perhaps. Just—perhaps…  investing everything you own into cartoon drawings of monkeys and whatnot is not the soundest financial decision one could make. Especially when said monkeys are stored on a virtual drive that has no recourse for recovery once you fall victim to a run-of-the-mill phishing scam. Sure, my assets may be vulnerable to the collapse of society, but at least up until that point, they're guaranteed by the financial institution that is using that cash for its own profits. Similarly, I'm protected from fraud by another, larger financial institution each time I go to transact. 

This post was brought to you by BigBankTM

It turns out that something is not made inherently valuable just because it's non-fungible. There still has to be a value attributed to it outside of the non-fungibility that gives it worth… and you also need to be able to protect that thing once it has worth. 

Overall, it's painful to imagine the loss that this crypto bro is experiencing—but that didn't stop Twitter users from having fun at his expense.

Keep reading to see the original thread and selected responses. For more, check out this NFT bro who tried to keep from paying his artist.

Cats Who Cosplay: 20 Funny Feline Tweets Featuring Cats Rocking Their Best Costumes & Embracing Geeky Culture

LOL Cats - Mon, 03/06/2023 - 15:00

Hey friends! Ever heard of a little phenomenon called cosplay? It's purrty darn cool. It refers to the practice of dressing up in costumes and accessories to represent a specific character or idea from a fictional universe, such as a movie, TV show, comic book, or video game. Now that we've got some background, go ahead and get ready for this listicle featuring cats cosplaying as your favorite characters! These pictures are sure to make you smile and show off just how creative and adorable cats can be.

From cats dressed as superheroes to those sporting their own unique costumes, these feline friends know how to dress to impress. Purrpare yourselves to be amazed at the creativity of these four-legged feline cuties as they transform into characters from your favorite movies, TV shows, and books. Whether you're a cat person or just a fan of cosplay and geeky culture, this listicle has a little something for everyone. The detail and effort put into each costume, as well as the adorable expressions on the cats' faces is enough to make anyone smile. And don't forget to share these pictures with your fellow cat lovers and pop culture enthusiasts! They're sure to appreciate the cuteness and creativity of these feline cosplayers.

Tail Envy: 18 Pictures Of Cats With Impeccable Tail Game

LOL Cats - Mon, 03/06/2023 - 14:00

Cats are already known for their grace, agility, and cuteness, but their tails are at a whole other level of perfection. Some cats have tails so long and majestic that they seem to have a life of their own. These tails can be used for balance, to express emotions, and to simply look fabulous. Other cats have short, but equally adorable tails that perfectly match their personality and breed. Whether it's a Manx cat with a pom-pom tail, a Siamese cat with a kinked tail, or a Maine Coon cat with a bushy tail, each cat's tail is unique and fascinating.

These cats with impeccable tail game are not just show-offs, they also know how to use their tails to communicate with their owners and fellow cats. From a twitch of the tail to a flick of the tip, these cats can express a wide range of emotions, such as happiness, excitement, fear, and annoyance. So, whether you're a cat lover or just appreciate the beauty of nature, these pictures of cats with amazing tails will surely make you smile and wonder how they keep their tails so purrfect.

'You're out of your mind, Susan': Dramatic bride goes nuclear when friends won't pay thousands for her wedding, deletes entire Facebook page

Fail Blog - Mon, 03/06/2023 - 14:00

This (former) bride was steaming mad at her wedding guests for ruining her big day by not giving her exactly what she wanted. In an utterly unhinged post, this woman named Susan shared her side of the wedding story to everyone on her Facebook page. She aired out her dirty laundry because she'd gotten so entitled that almost no one, friend or family, would talk to her. It's truly a journey through the mind of a woman so self centered that she loses it all. 

In a nutshell, Susan wanted her guests to give her money, no gifts, just four figures or more. A surprising number of guests actually did offer her several thousand dollars, but as the wedding grew closer, the bride started to panic that she still didn't have enough to have her dream nuptials. The best part of this post are her two followers, who immediately roasted her wild post

Next, this dad doesn't want to lift a finger for his daughter's birthday party… but he may actually have a point. 

'Wow, you're cheaper than I thought': Bridezilla charges guests for Michelin star restaurant service at wedding, guest bails to get McDonald's instead

Fail Blog - Mon, 03/06/2023 - 13:00

People really think they can get away with wretched behavior at their own weddings, don't they? This bridezilla literally lied to their friend and colleague, who asked point blank at the beginning if there were any fees attached to attending her wedding. Turns out there was a BIG unexpected fee. When the friend arrived at the reception, she found herself having to pay exorbitant amounts of money for dinner - talk about something the bride probably should have mentioned.


The friend posted her side of the story to this thread on Reddit's r/AmITheA**hole subreddit, and should she have confronted the bride that she was stepping out for a bit to get McDonald's? Probably not. She probably should have just done it and no one would have noticed. That way, no one would have caused a scene. That being said, we are still very much on the Redditor's side here. Charging your guests a dinner fee is ridiculous, especially for that kind of food. Just have a Big Mac and call it a day!


For more stories like this, here's one about an entitled mother and some parking drama.

Whisker Away: 19 Pictures Of Cats Traveling To Incredible Places

LOL Cats - Mon, 03/06/2023 - 13:00

Whisker away with these globetrotting felines! If you love adventure and cats, then this list is purrfect for you. From the beaches of Bali to the streets of Paris, these cats have traveled to some of the most incredible places around the world. Get ready to be inspired and awed by these curious and adventurous kitties.

You won't believe the incredible places these cats have explored! They have seen snowy mountains and beautiful beaches. these cats have truly lived their best lives. They've visited famous landmarks, explored hidden gems, and even gone on long treks. You might think that cats are homebodies, but these globetrotters prove that they can be just as adventurous as their human counterparts.

So pack your bags, grab your cat, and get ready to explore the world! Whether you're looking to plan your next adventure or just need a little inspiration, these cats will show you that anything is possible. So sit back, relax, and let these traveling felines take you on a journey around the world.

'I refuse to lift a finger': Dad resists cleaning for his daughter's party after wife rejects his ideas

Fail Blog - Mon, 03/06/2023 - 12:00

Cleaning for a 5 year old's birthday party is pushing this couple into a huge fight. This couple has a 5 year old daughter, and they each work between 60-80 hours per week in legal careers. If that already sounds exhausting, they're also adding on the stress of organizing a party for their kiddo. 

The OP writes that his wife really wants this party held at their home, but she isn't satisfied with the cleanliness of their home. U/Silas_Of_The_Lambs, the OP, added that his wife needs the place to look "completely spotless," which he thinks is a pretty unreachable goal. He instead offered a bunch of other perfectly reasonable solutions: hiring a cleaning service, asking friends and family for help, and even just accepting that their place won't be spotless. But none of that is going to fly with his wife… In the comments, people offered heartfelt advice for this OP and his wife for how they can manage their expectations and salvage their child's party despite their spat. 

Next up, this guy tried to help out his neighbor before a massive winter storm, but he got shouted off her property instead. 

I have standards!

LOL Cats - Mon, 03/06/2023 - 12:00

'Things started to get really awkward': Guy accidentally invites boss to weekend getaway with friends, boss shows up

Fail Blog - Mon, 03/06/2023 - 11:00

This guy discovered that he accidentally invited his boss to his weekend getaway with his friends. Sounds like this boss was lonely and/or couldn't take a hint; that being said, it seems like he handled the weekend as well as he could. The employee who messed up shared this now updated thread on Reddit's r/tifu subreddit.


The highlight of the weekend definitely came when the Redditor's friend started cracking inappropriate jokes after the group had been drinking. The Redditor got anxious and didn't know how to compose himself in front of his boss, but his boss apparently chimed in and contributed more dirty jokes. This certainly will change the tone for what the office dynamic will look like come Monday morning, but the truth is, work is work, and outside of work is a totally different ballgame. People were a bit tough on the Redditor in the comments for getting uptight. It definitely is a stressful, awkward situation, but maybe next time it won't be.


Keep scrolling below for the full story. For more, here's one about an employee who discovered their CEO is their half-brother.

'Now I have to bring these to the contracting officer' : Boss flips out after he sees employee's vacation expense reports, even though they are well within company budget

Fail Blog - Mon, 03/06/2023 - 10:00

The unspoken rule that it's against company policy to have fun is not always so unspoken… One man completed 4 years of contract work to the US Army in Germany, and at the end of said contract, was homeless as he and his family waited for their household goods to arrive back in the States. The company authorized a rate for the hotel he would stay at in the following thirty days.

He figured out budget-wise what he could and couldn't do, and took his family to visit EuroDisney in Paris, staying in one of the hotels there. He did not put the actual visit to the park on the company's bill, rather just the hotel and meals, as was authorized. When he came back to the States, his boss was furious. He shouted at the employee and made a scene, even though the employee was well within the previously discussed budget.

What followed was simple MC, AKA malicious compliance. Scroll down to read how he reacted to the hot head that was his boss. While we're on the topic of coworkers, check out these funny coworker memes that are all the more so relatable if you're an employee with one foot out of the door.

Sleepless in Purr-adise: Couple Sets Up Camera to Find Out Why They Can't Get a Good Night's Sleep and Discovers Their Cat Slaps Them All Night (Pictures & Video)

LOL Cats - Mon, 03/06/2023 - 10:00

This video is hilarious, but not shocking. If you own a cat, you know that as soon as you turn the lights off, the circus act begins. Whether it's 3 AM zoomies, a toilet that needs to be flushed 1000 times, or the sound of something being scratched that you know isn't supposed to be scratched, cats love to play the joker in the darkness. This hilarious cat likes to play a game with its hoomans, which is fun for the cat, but not so fun for the hoomans.

In the video, you see the cat jumping on them, booping their noses (it honestly verges on slapping them in the face), and doing all sorts of things to disturb them. It's quite funny because it's not happening to us, but we're sure it's annoying as heck for them. According to the comments on the video, the cat is just trying to make sure they're alive, which is kind of cute, but the hoomans probably wish that the kitty could find a nicer way of doing it. The things we put up with for love!

'I'll kick you out': Worker experiences backlash from immature boss after handing in their notice

Fail Blog - Mon, 03/06/2023 - 09:00

Many people don't handle rejection well, but when it's part of the job and has been (at least partially) brought about by your own decisions—well… you'd best be professional about it. Unfortunately, many managers and business owners struggle with this. They're perfectly content with any arrangement as long as they're the ones who have the upper hand, but as soon as they lose that edge, the mask comes off, and their ego reveals their desire for control… over you.

That's the most plausible reason I can come up with why this is such a frequent occurrence. If you're unlucky, they might fire you on the spot; however, this could still be a considerably better alternative than having to endure weeks of passive aggression and verbal abuse. 

This worker took to Reddit's r/antiwork subreddit to share their experience with their "salty" boss, who took offense to their resignation and insisted that the employee should stay, as they would have been able to promote soon. Despite the worker being recently passed up for promotion in favor of their current boss when their old boss left.   

Keep reading for screenshots of their post, along with some selected reactions from readers. For more

28 Cats That Forgot How To Cat And Say "Heck You" To Gravity By Standing On Two Legs

LOL Cats - Mon, 03/06/2023 - 09:00

When cats do things that are weirdly human, we get concerned. Not concerned in a nervous way, but definitely concerned in a suspicious way. To this day, we're not entirely sure that cats aren't actually aliens in cat costumes, so when they do things like stand on two legs, our sus meter goes through the roof. But that doesn't last for too long because it's super cute, so we forget all about it as we're taking the picture.

These cats said, "Gravity? That's not for me today." and decided to try the human experience of walking on two legs. Whether they're begging for food, checking the situation, or just derping out, these kitties are feeling long and strong and looking at life from a new perspective. They're purrfectly posed and ready to take on whatever challenge lies ahead. If saying "heck you" to gravity isn't exactly what we would expect from our feline friends, we don't know what is.

'Hopefully the dry cleaners can fix it': Clueless Kevin instantly ruins brand new marching band uniform

Fail Blog - Mon, 03/06/2023 - 08:00

"After 12 hard years of constant fundraising, our band finally bought new uniforms to replace our old ones from the 90s," one student wrote, as they revealed how one goofy Kevin made a mess of it.

U/myheelswillcrushyou wrote to the r/StoriesAboutKevin sub to share a story about a dude (actually named Kevin) who just could not follow directions. Even before Kevin ruined the brand new uniforms, he was a bull in a china shop. The OP writes that he was late to rehearsals, couldn't understand time signatures, and even dropped his drum quite often. So it couldn't have come as a surprise that Kevin couldn't understand the instructions that came along with the marching band's new uniforms. He was instructed not to eat in the uniform, and to be careful with the new outfit. The OP writes that everybody knew this rule, because they were reminded a ton of times every day. But that didn't stop him from breaking the rule with maybe the messiest possible food! 

Up next, if you went to a friend's house and had dinner, and then they asked you to pay for your plate, would you do it? 

25 Purrfect Cat Memes For All The Grumpy Cats On Monday Morning (March 6, 2023)

LOL Cats - Mon, 03/06/2023 - 08:00

Are you feeling grumpy this Monday morning? Well, you're not alone! But fear not, because we've got some outrageously ornery cat memes to make you feel better (or at least, help you wallow in your grumpiness). They're the extra shot of espresso in your coffee this morning, just what you need to perk up and face the world today.

Whether you're feeling grumpy because you didn't get enough sleep, you're facing a mountain of work, or you just don't like Mondays (who does?), these hilarious cat memes are the perfect way to express your mood. So go ahead, indulge in your grumpiness and enjoy these pawsitively hissterical memes. And remember, even if you can't be as famous as Grumpy Cat, you can at least share in her grumpy glory this Monday morning.


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