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'Are you trying to play a trick on me?': Karen guest demands front desk manager 'change his name' after finding out multiple employees have same name

Fail Blog - Fri, 12/08/2023 - 06:00

Names are tough. How do our parents pick our names? I've heard that some parents choose the names of their children before they are even born. How does that work? I mean, I can like a name, and I can even believe that it is the perfect name for my unborn child… However, what happens if the child is born, and the name we have been daydreaming about for the past nine months simply doesn't seem as perfect anymore? Do I stick to the name just because I announced it in a grandiose name reveal to all of my friends and family, or do I put on my big girl pants and admit that I have made a mistake? To be honest, I would probably just swallow my pride and change the name, but what would you do? 

I scrolled on Reddit and came across a story that captures the true significance and influence your name has on your life. So, if you're even a little bit curious, be sure to check out the Reddit screenshots below! After you're through, don't forget to read another entertaining Reddit story here!

Top 20 Cat Memes of The Week - Cheezburger Users Edition #322

LOL Cats - Fri, 12/08/2023 - 06:00

Hello, ICanHas aficionados! Here's a pressing question for you: have you showered your cat with a million tiny forehead kisses today? If not, it might be time to reconsider your priorities. Starting the day with a dose of feline affection is undoubtedly the epitome of perfection.

In our household, as the day unfolds, cats either join us in bed or are already nestled there, setting the stage for a delightful round of morning cat cuddles. That's how we kick off our "meowrnings" every single day. Once we meander out of bed, it's on to caffeine! Whether you're a black coffee purist, a connoisseur of cream and sugar, or a cappuccino devotee you'll surely appreciate our love for cats and caffeine.  Our mornings are incomplete without that comforting cup.

Now, let's circle back to our feline friends. Serving as a cultural touchstone, we epitomize the internet's enduring love affair with cats. Our iconic "I can has cheezburger?" catchphrase pays homage to the timeless joy the internet revels in. Among our proudest features is a weekly compilation of original lolcat memes, generously crafted and submitted by our cherished users. Every day, our community showcases their commitment to the art of cat meme creation. If you're feeling creative, contribute to the feline frenzy by using our meme builder—your creations might just take center stage in next week's edition.

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'We don't need you, why don't you just quit': Karen and Kevin diner owners challenge overworked server to quit, server maliciously complies

Fail Blog - Fri, 12/08/2023 - 05:00

Who doesn't love a classic "you don't know what you've got till it's gone" story? Here, we have a server fresh out of school who was constantly manipulated and treated poorly by her Karen and Kevin bosses. While I have never shared the particulars of a story, I do empathize with the situation as someone who has worked for ungrateful clients. In this case, I was working in a client-facing role and was already swamped that I did not need this particular person's business. When he started making unnecessary demands that required more than what I was being paid for (not to mention more than what I had time for), I eventually had the courage to recommend someone else for the job all the while knowing that this client was about to have a serious awakening. That's because I was already doing more than what was required of me, and I knew no one else would take that much on for an hourly rate. Sometimes, however, the only way for the Karens and Kevins of the world to understand how lucky they are is to leave them in the dust. 

The Egyptians had it right

LOL Cats - Fri, 12/08/2023 - 05:00

'He actually needed it': Disabled dude confronted by stranger demanding his mobility scooter

Fail Blog - Fri, 12/08/2023 - 04:00

A major problem with the social media-fueled "always right" attitude and justice-seeking is that we often are wrong in our own thoughts and perceptions, often because our perception is almost always formed off an incomplete picture. So, in seeking the justice we crave from the people we have incorrectly labeled as antisocial wrong-doers, we ourselves become the antisocial wrong-doers. 

A Sweet Spoonful of Whiskery Treats in the Form of 33 Scrumptiously Smol Kittens to Warm the Hooman Heart

LOL Cats - Thu, 12/07/2023 - 22:00

Hellooooo cat lovers, and welcome to an adorable edition of scrumptiously smol kitten pictures!

We were 'that cat family' in our neighborhood, and our house was always surrounded by happy, healthy, and fluffy felines who would be generously fed on a daily basis. It was like a petting zoo, except none of the cats were in cages, and they were free to roam around and do what they liked. Our property was pretty big, and there was a lot of lush, green nature around with other animals to keep them on their adventurous toes.

One day, a teeny tiny black speck of a kitten was left on our doorstep — he was only one week old! Of course, we immediately got to work, bathing him in warm water, covering him up in a fluffy blanket, and giving him yummy, delicious kitten formula in a bottle, which he gobbled up gratefully. Now, he is one of the happiest cats we have ever met! He likes climbing trees and getting stuck, grabbing chicken from pans on our stove, and falling asleep on fresh laundry. He also gets along splendidly with our other cat, Spock.

So, in honor of us having his cute little highness for 7 years, we bring to you 33 scrumptiously smol kittens! Then, check out MORE adorable fluffy felines here. And finally… Sign up for our newsletter for a daily dose of hissterical cats and feel-good felines!

Cat Loving Hooman Writes Hissterically Wholesome Haikus for the Fluffiest Felines of the World Wide Web

LOL Cats - Thu, 12/07/2023 - 21:00

We may not be poets, but we can appreciate a good poem when we read one! One very creative cat enthusiast showed off her skills on a hissterical Reddit thread, where said skills were celebrated by fellow cat lovers. The poster, u/EstroJen1193, uploaded an adorable picture of their cat and wrote, 'Show me and tell me about your cat and I'll write a haiku'. Of course, nobody was going to pass up on such a purrfect opportunity, and they got right to it, pronto. Many users uploaded pictures of their cats with a mini backstory to give the OP a general idea that they could pull inspiration from to write the haiku.

We enjoyed scrolling through them so much, and were even tempted to upload our own cats… Leo, and Spock, who are this very moment, yanking at our ankles with their little claws. We guess that means that it is dinner time… So, while we are off to feed them, scroll down and check out the funniest, most adorable cat haikus of the year!

Next up, tenderhearted and toasty tuxedo cats to scroll through to make your heart shine like the sun.

A Midnight Scroll of the 39 Floofiest and Fluffiest Black Cats to Boost Your Silly Spirits

LOL Cats - Thu, 12/07/2023 - 20:00

Hello, my fellow hoomans! The weekend is almost here and we couldn't be happier… mostly because we get to spend all days with our cats, one of whom we have dedicated this article to. We were just informed that a new friend will be joining the family! We know, Christmas is just around the corner, but who could resist the temptation? Our family is finally complete, and we are in complete and utter bliss. Tomorrow, we will officially become a family of nine. It will be ourselves, Pancer, Comet, Dancer, Donner, Cupid, Vixen, Dasher, and… drum roll, please… Rudolph! 

Rudolph, unlike his siblings, is kind of shy. He hasn't fallen in love with the camera yet. But fear not—with his diva-like attitude, he will quickly become a pro! One of the things that makes Rudolph stand apart from his brothers and sisters is his thick, jet-black fur coat that he wears with pride. With contrasting bright yellow eyes, our baby is a stunner! Yeah, we may be biased, but who could resist an adorable black kitten? So, today we have decided that in honor of our charcoal cutie, we must gather a bunch of screenshots of purrfect little black kittens. And we did! When you are done scrolling, check out some more cats and kittens posing for Mlemsday here!

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25 Therapurrtic Cat Memes to Bestow Good Vibes Upon Every Cat Lover

LOL Cats - Thu, 12/07/2023 - 19:00

Whenever I'm feeling the seasonal saddies hit me in the face, I grab my floofy feline and squeeze them tight. As they meow in protest, likely confused by the manic musings of their overly-affectionate hooman, good feelings flood my soul, replacing the gloomy clouds from before. No matter how many snow days or rainy months are ahead, we can always count on our cats to bring sunshine into the house. 

'Server to server...': Off-duty waiter takes friends to brunch at the restaurant they work at, tips coworker 60% but still gets put down for 'not tipping well'

Fail Blog - Thu, 12/07/2023 - 17:00

If you have worked in the service industry, then you know that the best thing about the job can really be your coworkers. They're going through the same work struggles as you and know you both are definitely not getting paid enough. Unfortunately, when they aren't good coworkers, they are the worst. When they don't have your back and throw you under the bus constantly—a real tragedy for the service industry. A server wrote on Reddit that they took their friends to brunch at the restaurant they work out when they had a day off. They were excited to be sat in their coworkers section and hyped him up to their friends. However, the coworker was not only a bad server to them, he also demanded a bigger tip and embarrassed OP in front of their friends to get it. The math ain't mathin' with this one. Anyone who has worked in the service industry knows that when they get hooked up by their coworkers, they tip on the bill that would have been without all the hook ups. So a normal tip, but a discounted bill, get it? But this greedy server demanded more. 

And I Had Such Plans

LOL Cats - Thu, 12/07/2023 - 17:00

'She got busted': Office thief gets caught stealing Christmas gifts after encountering a hidden boobytrap

Fail Blog - Thu, 12/07/2023 - 16:00

Christmas time is the season of giving, yet many people seem to think it's the season of 'taking'. Unmerry maniacs even think it's the season of STEALING. When faced with a notorious thief in the midst of cheerful mirth, what is an office holiday planner supposed to do? Besides, what sort of heartless person would steal Christmas gifts out from under the office tree? The Grinch, of course.

Well, in our next story, one expert decorator decided to put a little extra surprise in one of the gifts to flush out their own office Grinch- and it worked surprisingly well. Scroll for the entire store of how a glitter bomb was able to identify a scummy thief who really was a heel. 

Afterwards, read more about some other folks and their Grinchy behavior with this classic Karen tale of a holiday shopping fiasco gone totally wrong. 

Feline Reflections: 23 Cute Cats Caught In A Purrfect Mirror Moment

LOL Cats - Thu, 12/07/2023 - 16:00

In every home, there's that one mirror we humans often sneak a peek into, making sure our appearance is just right. But when it comes to our awwdorable furry friends, it's a whole different story! 

Is there anything funnier than when these charming whiskered creatures suddenly spot themselves in a mirror? It's like a scene from a comedy! Cats, who are usually so cool and confident, can turn into the most curious and puzzled creatures when they see their reflections. Their reactions are always priceless making them the ultimate masters of animal entertainment. Whether they're confidently posing or simply staring in wonder, their curious encounters with their reflections are a reminder of the endless amount of cuteness these creatures bring into our lives. When it comes to cats they turn any simple moment into a hissterical one reminding us that something as simple as a cat looking in the mirror can elevate our day.

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'Am I the [office Grinch] who stole Xmas?': New hire of only 4 months wants senior IT employee to cover his holiday shift since he doesn't celebrate Christmas, gets a big ‘NO’

Fail Blog - Thu, 12/07/2023 - 15:00

Who hasn't had to work a holiday shift? It just comes with the territory. If you're a new hire, you have to put your time in and work some of the hard shifts. That's just how the cookie crumbles. You think you will get the holidays off before the more senior employees who had to give their holidays up years before you? I don't think so, babes. So the audacity of this new hire in this Reddit story is palpable. A senior IT employee usually works the Christmas break and never minded it since he doesn't celebrate it. However, the last Christmas break he worked was so chaotic and exhausting, especially since the team became short staffed, that he requested the next holiday off immediately—and got approved! However, now as we approach the holiday, a new hire of only 4 months wants him to switch shifts with him. His excuse is that he celebrates Christmas so it's only fair. The thing is, however, is that the company has Christmas day and Boxing Day (the day after) off, so he really just wants the days before the actual holiday off. It's baffling how this new hire can't see the entitlement reeking from this? Of course, the senior employee said no, but now he feels like the office Grinch. What do you think?

28 Pawsitively Awwdorable Cuddly Cats Cozied Up In Colorful Socks

LOL Cats - Thu, 12/07/2023 - 15:00

As the chilly weather sweeps in, we all have that special pair of socks that we love to slip into for some cozy comfort. Our awwdorable feline friends are no different! Yes, cute cats embracing the snuggly warmth of socks is awwdorable. During this time when we're all about being cozy, these furry pals are taking it to a whole new awwdorable level by snuggling into colorful socks, making it impossible not to smile.

Cats have this magical ability to make anything look fantastic. Whether they're peeking out from inside the socks or rocking them on their tiny paws, either way they are rocking the sock lifestyle. This cute collection of cuddly cats in socks is beyond cute. Their whiskers poking out from the socks combined with their playful behavior make everything seem brighter. These awwdorable little felines have totally mastered the art of being both comfy and purrfectly charming.

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'You want me to intentionally break a client's new computer?': Employee insists coworker give 'bad customer service,' coworker breaks customer's computer with new software

Fail Blog - Thu, 12/07/2023 - 14:00

This sales associate was perfectly fine with breaking a customer's computer just to make his own life easier. 

While buying new technology, things can get confusing pretty quickly if you aren't the most tech-savvy person. If you're buying a computer in person, for example, you might go into the store knowing exactly what you're looking for. But then a sales associate starts talking to you, and suddenly they're telling you that computer won't work for you. Instead, they say, you should get one that cost three times more. Oh, and get these add-ons, too. If they work on commission, they're going to try and sell you the tech that's best for their wallet, not yours.

It seems like the woman in this story fell victim to this exact kind of employee. She was sold software she didn't need, but the store wouldn't want to give her a refund and lose all that cash they just took in. So the OP, a repair associate at the store, was sent this woman's computer, along with a task that was doomed from the start. 

Check out the whole story down below. And up next, this overworked restaurant closer was ready to prove a point to the bosses who were making them juggle a million tasks. 

30 Cute And Sassy Cat Memes To Cuddle With At Home (December 7, 2023)

LOL Cats - Thu, 12/07/2023 - 14:00

Will the internet ever run out of cat memes? And what will happen if it does? You may not know this but the entire Internet infrastructure is dependent on a constant stream of freshly baked cat memes. Not many people today remember the great cat meme shortage of 2004, Where the entire internet came to a screeching halt because there was a collapse in one of the cat meme mines, and several hundred meme miners were trapped with no internet service and could not export the memes onto the internet. Within minutes the world's economy collapsed and the earth stopped rotating.

Luckily, the government found a surplus of unused cat memes, which lasted for long enough until the meme mine was re-opened. That was a scary time, It's weird nobody remembers it except for me. Wait… was that a dream? I'm pretty sure it happened.

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'When you pause the music but keep the headphones on so you can eavesdrop': 20 Major 'Me IRL' moments

Fail Blog - Thu, 12/07/2023 - 13:00

The wonderful world of relatable adulting memes can sometimes hit a bit too close to home. Sure, it can be occasionally comforting to know that something you do all the time isn't the weirdest thing in the world. Sure, it can be occasionally comforting to know that "you're not alone," or whatever. But the truth is that realization is comforting only to a certain extent. 

Sometimes, you come across a so-called relatable meme that is so insanely specific that you feel like someone must be filming a documentary about your life and then mocking you on the Internet. Now, I know that may sound like a serious case of main character syndrome, but how did the anonymous folks of the r/me_irl subreddit know about my eavesdropping tendencies in the office? Is it main character syndrome or am I just not as special as I thought I was? 

Keep scrolling below for this collection of the top relatable 'me IRL' moments this week. For more, check out this list of facepalm moments!

In Your Face Feline Memes For A Wholesome And Spicy Flavour Explosion

LOL Cats - Thu, 12/07/2023 - 13:00

One of the more surprising qualities of cats is their combination of extreme curiosity and absolutely no recognition of physical boundaries. Which as most feline pawrents will know, results in some rather in your face behaviour that can leave the unaware feeling rather unsettled and just a little scared. However, the truth could not be further from this, as when our fluffy feline friends get all up in our face it is their way of openly communicating what they are feeling. Sometimes it is wholesome, for example when they want cuddles or pets, but other times it is completely facetious and they might do something like make you think that they'e come for kisses and as you lean in they casually turn around leaving your face mere inches from their butt.

Nonetheless, it is a risk worth taking and a lesson worth learning. If you are going to show others how you feel it is always best to do it in a setting that is up close and personal. That way there are no misunderstandings and the person you are trying to communicate with has to give you their undivided attention…even if it means your butt in their face.

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'[He was] trying to count thousands of boxes before the deadline': Factory CFO changes inventory schedule, factory stops shipping orders while employees are overwhelmed with the task

Fail Blog - Thu, 12/07/2023 - 12:00

Who knew a factory could have so many moving parts? Apparently the factory's own CFO was not informed of how his own company worked. Yikes. 

One of those CFO's employees told the story of the time all of the employees were impacted by changes their manager made. They all worked at a food packing plant, and though u/batkevn doesn't specify which product they made, their job was ordering jars and other packaging for the food. They share that their job was pretty straightforward… until the CFO decided to go changing things. 

This is common with managers who aren't sure how to lead. They decide to try new things, and their word is final. So what if the employees push back? This boss only had time to do what he felt was the best decision, and he certainly paid the price. His employees were the ones stuck cleaning up his mess. I'm sure all of the overtime was terrible for morale (and the OP even notes that a bunch of people called out of work or took their vacations in the aftermath). 

Scroll down to read through the story and comments. After that, these people shared their ultimate moments of cringe that are still haunting them decades later, like the kid who was so excited to dress up for Halloween at school, just to realize they had gotten the date wrong and were the only one dressed up


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