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‘HR emailed me about a bug in the ERP system, and I wished them good luck’ : Employee maliciously complies with boss after he tells him to stick to his 'job title'

Fail Blog - Mon, 03/06/2023 - 07:00

The correct response to an employee doing good work outside of their job title is 'thank you', but there was one supervisor who has apparently lived under a rock his whole life, instead getting mad at an employee who did exactly that. See, this employee was working at a construction company, his job title being related to inventory. He quickly became good at it and took it upon himself to study the company's cloud-based ERP service that they used for all internal and external transactions. He quickly became good at that too, and the company cut ties with the ERP consultants (who were practically on standby) as a result, to whom they had been paying $5,000 a month.

OP was saving them big bucks. Long story short, there was a new warehouse manager who created a major crisis regarding inventory but decided to pin the blame on OP, because it felt easier. As a result, OP was no longer allowed to work on anything outside of his job title. That created MASS problems, to say the least… and resulted in people not getting paid properly. Of course, this manager came sniveling back to OP, asking him to 'fix it', but OP had other things in mind… cue malicious compliance. Scroll down to read a detailed account of how this little genius outsmarted all his superiors.

For more, check out this server's tale which is as old as time, regarding a rude, entitled customer who cheaped out on his tip.

Hisstercial Stories Of Conniving Cats Living Double Lives With Their Neighbors And Getting Double The Love (Viral Thread)

LOL Cats - Mon, 03/06/2023 - 07:00

If you're someone who lets your cats outdoors or someone who has an incredibly conniving cat who slips out despite not having permission… do you ever wonder where exactly your cats go? Or maybe you're someone who - every once in a while - has an unexpected visit from a cat who is clearly a house cat, and you find yourself wondering about who does this kitty belong to. Well, it turns out that some cats live double lives with their neighbors.

Yes, these conniving, smart little cats visit our neighbors without our knowledge. We're at home, worried out of our minds, while our cats are sitting on our neighbors couches getting snacks and love. But hey, we can't even blame them. Double the treats, double the love, we'd do it too if we were that cute and cuddly. 

Customer bugged by uncounted bag of crickets, demands worker count them out, ends up with less crickets

Fail Blog - Mon, 03/06/2023 - 06:00

It's important for all you perfectionists out there to remember that not everything always has to be exact. Sometimes it's ok, better even (for everyone involved) if you just leave things to a little bit of healthy approximation. Sometimes the best answer is the one that is delivered quickly. Although, engineers, surgeons, and scientists need not heed this advice—you guys just keep doing your thing. 

This is the logical purpose behind measuring rice by the cup, water by the gallon, and crickets by the bag. It's not worth anyone's time to go through the process of trying to count out individual rice granules to determine the appropriate amount to prep for a meal. It's similarly not worth the effort to separate out each water molecule in order to determine the amount of water you should boil to cook the aforementioned grains of rice. 

For this same reason, I beg you: Please stop asking retail associates to count out large quantities of things to the exact amount. Whatever scoop or helping they have sequestered for you will be sufficient, I promise. These people aren't being paid enough by their employers to prioritize their employers' profits, so if you aren't a total dickwad, you'll come out ahead every time. 

For more like this, check out this worker who was forced by their boss to find non-existent muffins.

Person Takes Their Cats On A Ride In A Stroller And Gets A Bunch Of Hate For it, The Internet Comes To Their Defense (Viral Thread)

LOL Cats - Mon, 03/06/2023 - 06:00

When it comes to making our cats happy, there is not much that we're not willing to do. That's the honest truth. We are whipped for them so hard, and we're not even ashamed of it. If making our cats happy means having silly little meaningless conversations with our cats, you bet we'll do it. If it means buying our cats really expensive cat trees so the cats could sit in the cardboard boxes the trees came in, so be it. If it means taking our cats out on walks in a stroller… well, we wouldn't judge.

But apparently, some people are not as accepting of our weird kitty cat antics and are even willing to openly judge us for taking our cats out on walks in a stroller. No fear, friends, the cat people of the internet will come to your defense by showing you all of the most ridiculous, hilarious, and adorable photos of their own cats in strollers. 

'CEBro went nuclear': Employee takes DNA test, turns out their CEO is their half-brother, CEO tries to get them fired

Fail Blog - Mon, 03/06/2023 - 05:00

This employee literally just wanted to find out if their grandmother was from Ireland...turns out their CEO is their half-brother instead. Talk about taking a DNA test and finding out you are 100% not that b****. This thread was originally posted [Ask a Manager] and was subsequently reposted to Reddit's r/BestofRedditorUpdates by u/supertoasty, and wow, there are more twists and turns in this one than anything streaming on Netflix right now.


Not only was this an upsetting turn of events for the original poster's family, but also this Redditor had absolutely no idea their CEO would find out and would subsequently initiate such a shady, over-the-top project to get them fired. The hero of this story, as several folks in the comments section pointed out, would be Katie, the original poster's direct manager who anticipated all this shadiness and made sure that the Redditor was protected. Keep scrolling below to see how the CEO's actions were found out. For more, here's a story about a rejected job applicant being unfairly asked to help for free.

Talented Cat Plays Feline Version of Fetch, Wowing Hooman Audience

LOL Cats - Mon, 03/06/2023 - 02:00

Have you ever met a catch who played fetch before? Neither have we! To be fair, this is a special game of feline fetch, as this smart critter doesn't exactly bring back the objects she catches with her adorable paws (rather, the sharp nails attached to them). @catofield uploaded a hysterically hilarious video of a fluffy feline playing a great game with her owners.

Positioned on the top floor, her owners threw various objects up at her, and she caught them without fail. She used her claws to catch them. We knew that there were some talented felines in the world, but we've never seen anything like this! Scroll down to check out the funny screenshots, and scroll further for the entire, gobsmacking video.

For more, you're always welcome to check out these ferociously funny feline memes that are sure to get your serotonin levels up and running. Heaven knows we sure need it.

Rainy the Cat Proves She Is Always up for an Adventure, Refuses to Let Humans Go On Walk Without Her

LOL Cats - Mon, 03/06/2023 - 01:00

We find that most kittens are not really in the habit of going on walks with us humans. Sure, they like to goggle out of windows and meow pitifully when you leave the house, scratching at the door in frustration, but the fact of the matter is that if you try putting a leash on your sweet critter, chances are they're gonna fight back. We've had one too many instances where the leash ended up in tatters, with our felines grumbling.

But Rainy is no ordinary kitten! Abdul and his wife Shamiyan have an amazing mission that they are carrying out — fostering cats right up until they're adopted by their perfect hooman match. Rainy is one such foster kitten, and boy does she love the great outdoors!

Scroll down to check out this adorable cat who we are certain will find her forever home shortly. It will definitely be hard for her temporary parents to see her go, she has quite a feisty personality. If you scroll until the very end, you'll find the purrfect treat of the video. You're also more than welcome to click here for the fluffies animal pics of the week!

Squirrels helps get revenge on Karen neighbor: 'This whole event caused her to toss the entire roast she had been making [ ] out the window'

Fail Blog - Sun, 03/05/2023 - 15:00

Nothing like nature taking its natural course and weeding out the evil ones. This story below is a perfect example of humanity and nature coming together to annoy the evil ones aka Karens. Yes, even nature hates Karens.

The story begins inside a simple city apartment. The Karen neighbor is on the top floor and the squirrel allies are below her. This particular Karen neighbor has many instances where she throws tantrums and treats everyone below her like… well, like they are beneath her, if you know what we mean. Maybe because she is on the top floor she feels like she has the right to treat her neighbors like trash and be a horrible example of a "friendly" neighbor. But, we digress. The story began one day when the downstairs neighbors heard some commotion and then a window break. They looked outside at the shared yard they unfortunately had with the Karen, and see a lone roast sitting on the ground. Turns out something happened and the Karen threw a roast through a closed window… 

The roast was the catalyst for the squirrels. The apartment building had a squirrel problem once before, but they were able to get it under control, no thanks to the slum-like landlords. The Karen neighbor did not care we suppose, because she left her roast out there for all the squirrels to feast on and then on top of that left her disgusting dirty-diaper-filled trash out for the squirrels to get to. 

So, of course, the squirrels got to everything and eventually made their way back into the building's walls. They started making loud noises scurrying between walls all day, keeping the Karen neighbor up. Since the landlord sucked, like they often do, the Karen just had to live with the squirrels torturing her. 

The neighbors thought maybe they could do something to help, but then again… Nah. This was nature's way of giving the Karen neighbor what she deserved. Thank you, city squirrels! Read the entire situation and how it ended below: 

Mother Hen Chooses Cat As A Qualified Chick-Sitter And Allows Her Babies To Climb All Over It (Video)

LOL Cats - Sun, 03/05/2023 - 14:00

Despite their reputation for being "cold" or "aloof" or "unfeeling", cats - over and over - prove that they can be incredibly affectionate. Cats love cuddling and will do so with creatures of their choosing. It's just that cats are indeed a bit choosy, but since when is having boundaries a bad thing? We don't feel like cuddling every single person who wants to cuddle us. 

Cats are great cuddle buddies. We have seen a cat cuddling up with a bunch of ducklings - being gentle and careful with them to not hurt them. We have seen a cat and an otter be cuddle buddies - the very best cuddle buddies who clearly love one another. We have seen a cat cuddle a bunny who just wants affection. The fact that cats won't cuddle just anyone makes it so that when they do cuddle someone - and go as far as trusting them enough to fall asleep next to them, that just makes things all that much more special. And today's videos - of a cat cuddling with a whole bunch of chicks under their trusting mom's supervision is indeed incredibly special.

'That’s so gauche': Woman demands payment from dinner guests after they've already eaten

Fail Blog - Sun, 03/05/2023 - 14:00

While hosting a dinner for friends, this woman accidentally confused everyone in attendance with her strange payment policy. The OP of this story, r/Pinkishrabbit, was so befuddled that they wrote to r/etiquette to figure out what was actually going on. 

As the OP tells it, they went for a dinner at a pal's house along with two other mutual friends. They had a nice time, until the next day, when the two friends began texting the OP that the host had asked them for money. Sure enough, the host asked each person to pay $7 for the food ingredients. "Am I wrong to be surprised by this?" the OP writes. 

In the comments, people dished out advice and etiquette lessons alike. Many told her that this woman was impolite, and advised the OP not to dine there again. However, it's possible this woman just didn't have the money to host a party, and panicked once she realized what she spent. Honesty would have been the best policy here. 

Speaking of breaking apart a relationship, check out these extra goofy break up lines

Harder to impress than her father

LOL Cats - Sun, 03/05/2023 - 13:00
When a Cat closes it's eyes around you, It trusts you:

'The flat is paid for and you are still paying rent?!' Woman gets ripped off by trust fund baby boyfriend, internet reacts

Fail Blog - Sun, 03/05/2023 - 13:00

I smell a breakup in the near future. Let's hope the original poster is listening to the feedback she received after posting this thread to Reddit's r/AmITheA**hole subreddit because this relationship is just toxic now.


Let's start with the fact that this trust fund baby had his apartment fully paid for by daddy, yet he insists on his girlfriend paying him half of what the market rate would be each month. That's not money that's supposed to be paid to a landlord or to the guy's father. That's just free money for the boyfriend. And on top of that, now he wants all of their expenses to be split proportionally according to their income, a request he conveniently made not long after she got a big promotion. Does this guy earn any of his own money? The audacity is mind-boggling at this point. How about they factor in generational wealth to make things really fair?


Keep scrolling below for the full story and for the best comments. When you're finished, check out this person's petty revenge on their evil stepmother.

30+ Delightfully dorky 'drop-off lines' to break up with your boo

Fail Blog - Sun, 03/05/2023 - 12:00

If you get dates with a pick-up line, you use a drop-off line when you break up! On the r/AskReddit sub, people were in stitches with these outrageous hypothetical breakup lines. Some people claim to have actually broken up with people in this goofy manner in middle school! Don't actually use these unless you want to have some major regrets. With lines like "Our relationship is like my financial status: Broke," at least they're plenty relatable. Comments flooded in with suggestions, so clearly people have thought about using these goofy one liners, should they ever get the chance. 

Decide for yourself which breakup line you love most, or drop your own version in the comments below. Then, check out this family vacation gone wrong after one mom demanded her cousin watch her kids, then freaked out when she heard their salary request. 

Where's my refund?

LOL Cats - Sun, 03/05/2023 - 12:00

'I forced myself to keep going out of spite': Entitled woman kicks athlete's water bottle while waiting to use sled weights, athlete gets petty revenge

Fail Blog - Sun, 03/05/2023 - 11:00

Are gyms the newest breeding ground for entitled behavior? I won't lie, when I first saw this thread, which was posted to Reddit's r/pettyrevenge subreddit, I assumed that the original poster was one of those people who hog a machine and spend upwards of ten minutes "resting in between sets" at a machine while scrolling through dating apps and social media.


However, that doesn't seem to be the case here. In this story, the Redditor was taking only a minute in between sets and used their water bottle to mark their territory. Cue the entitled woman, who literally kicked the Redditor's hydroflask and attempted to take their sled weight. This led to the original poster's desire for some exercise-fueled petty revenge. Keep scrolling below to see exactly what they did next and how the woman responded. For more stories like this, check out this Redditor's revenge on their stepmother!

Purrfect Programmers: 15 Tech Savvy Felines Who Love To Code

LOL Cats - Sun, 03/05/2023 - 11:00

Cats and technology may not seem like a natural pairing, but the truth is that many cats have a natural affinity for computers and programming. Perhaps it's the allure of the glowing screen or the rhythmic sound of the keyboard, but whatever the reason, these feline techies are making their mark in the world of coding.

These adorable cats are not only experts in the field of coding, but they also make the perfect coding companions. They sit quietly by their owners' sides, observing the code as it's written and sometimes even lending a paw or two. And while they may not be able to type or click the mouse, they certainly know how to keep their humans motivated and entertained with their playful antics. Meet Purrfect Programmers, Meow-sers of Code, and Tech-Savvy Kitties – all with a passion for programming and an unrelenting curiosity for technology. Their natural curiosity and intelligence make them quick learners, and their playful nature and love of attention make them excellent co-workers.

‘You’ll work when I tell you to work’ : Terrible boss makes employee work on vacation, cue malicious compliance, boss gets fired, employee gets boss's job

Fail Blog - Sun, 03/05/2023 - 10:00

When a boss is as terrible at managing projects as he is at managing people, trust you're gonna suffer the consequences, whatever they may be. This employee had to work on his vacation to make up for the ridiculous amount of time lost thanks to awful management. He was working on a project for his company, of which he and his team were behind schedule. The reason for that being… his boss. He quickly realized that he was going to be the scapegoat for said lousy management, so he handed in his two-week notice during his vacation.

His boss was shocked and tried convincing him to stay, but it was too late. After the employee left, his old company reached out to him, offering his old boss's position, as apparently upper management wasn't that stupid. Shocker. Scroll down to read how this employee's malicious compliance turned into petty revenge.

For a tale as old as time, a server losing a tip because of a huge miscommunication that wasn't his fault, click here.

Tweets From "Cats Who Share One Brain Cell" Purrfectly Sum Up Our Love-Hate Relationship With Our Feline Friends (31 Hissterical Cat Tweets)

LOL Cats - Sun, 03/05/2023 - 10:00

Oh hai, friends! Happy Sunday. If you don't already know @CATBRAINCELL, you're missing out. It's one of our favorite cat-themed Twitter accounts, with all the funny cat photos and memes you could ever ask for. They specialize in silly photos of cats, especially the ones who look like they're trying extra hard (or not hard at all) to use their few brain cells to accomplish something.

The photos in this post, however, represent purrrfectly our love-hate relationship with cats. Sometimes we love them, like when they make purrfectly baked cat loaves, or let us pet the forbidden belly….and sometimes we hate them, like when the 3 AM zoomies won't quit, or when they spill all their food on the floor and just walk away, completely unbothered. Every family has its arguments, but regardless, we love these little fluffballs no matter how many times they scratch us or wake us up in the middle of the night. C'est la vie!

'We are aware of that': Manager wants workers to prep store for opening during Level 2 snow emergency, draws ire online

Fail Blog - Sun, 03/05/2023 - 09:00

At what point are health and safety more important than opening in the middle of a blizzard? 



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