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Mischievous Felines Getting Into All Kinds of Trouble and Making Cat-astrophic Mistakes

LOL Cats - Tue, 06/11/2024 - 13:00

Hey there, ICanHasCheezburger enthusiasts! As you probably know by now, cats are not known for being graceful. Rather, they tend to be total goofballs who engage in derp behavior that leads them into some sticky situations. Of course, their clumsiness (or blatant disregard for the rules of normal behavior) often results in glasses being pushed over the edge of the table, getting stuck in various absurd positions, stealing the tastiest morsel of food right off of your plate just as you were about to take a bite… but I digress. 

Today we are shining our fabulous ICanHasCheezburger spotlight on the hilariously mischievous feline pals we hold near and dear getting into all kinds of trouble and making simply cat-astrophic mistakes. It's impawsible not to laugh at these humorous situations. Cats are gonna cat, ain't no arguing with that statement. Don't believe us? Just take a look at all of the shenanigans yourself. 


'[I] went for another technicality': Employee maliciously complies with HR's photo request

Fail Blog - Tue, 06/11/2024 - 12:00

When you're right, you're right. If you can bend the rules without breaking them, it's your prerogative to try! 

U/The-Oncoming-Storm has run into the same dilemma that lots of employees these days face: how do you choose a good headshot photo for your workplace? Some folks choose to get professional headshots, especially actors and those in other performing arts careers. But for the rest of us, paying hundreds for a headshot for work isn't feasible. Instead, you'll need to choose a nice selfie or have your friend snap a nice picture of you. The photo you choose says a lot about the way you represent yourself. You want a photo where your hair looks nice and your clothes are ironed. There can't be other people in the picture, and it's got to have a nice background. 

In an increasingly remote world, a lot of employers require their workers to put a profile picture on their Slack or email profiles. It's nice to know who you're working with if that person is on the other side of the globe. But some people, like this worker, just can't be bothered. Instead of just snapping a quick selfie, this person decided to maliciously comply with the instructions, as you can read below. 

Next up, read about the employees whose bosses were so terrible that they quit on the spot

Cats With Silly Auras Chilling Comfortably In A Splendid Variety Of Cardboard Boxes and Bags

LOL Cats - Tue, 06/11/2024 - 12:00

Hey, pals! Cats are some of the silliest creatures known in the history of existence. We say this with great certainty, what other species crawls into a variety of cardboard boxes and bags just to catch up on a necessary relaxation session? And don't even get us started on how cats make the strangest noises when they see a bird from the window. These little furballs are without a doubt hilarious beings with the silliest of auras. Trust us, we're professional cat humor enthusiasts after all. 

Today we have compiled for you a delightful selection of cats flaunting their silly auras while chilling comfortably in a splendid variety of cardboard boxes and bags. Because it ain't easy being a cat, sometimes you've got to jump into the nearest grocery store bag to catch a quick peaceful snooze. The humor that our favorite feline companions radiate is undeniable. Just take a look at these goofballs, pure silliness is in store. 


10+ pizza delivery drivers share how their most bizarre customers got banned from the restaurant: 'His living space was a shrine of greasy cardboard'

Fail Blog - Tue, 06/11/2024 - 11:00

It's remarkable how eerily similar some of these delivery tales are!

Whether it's entitled customers getting frustrated about the silliest things (like not enough extra sauce) or teenagers trying to pull pranks or people getting a little too flirty with their delivery drivers, the ways in which customers can end up on a "No Delivery" list seem to fall into the same range of uncalled-for behavior. What's more surprising is how many people try to pull the same stunts over and over again and how customers somehow feel the agency to cross way too many boundaries when they feel that they have been wronged.

Dealing with this behavior should not be a part of the job description of a pizza delivery driver, yet it seems to have become a part of the daily work grind. So next time you get even remotely frustrated with your driver, think about some of the Karens and nonsensical behavior they may have already experienced today before you do anything outlandish. For more stories like this, check out this list of embarrassing work stories.

Scrumptious Sillies In The Form Of 30 Hissterical Cat Memes

LOL Cats - Tue, 06/11/2024 - 11:00

Good meowrning ICanHas-ers! How did y'all sleep last night? We've been prioritizing our sleep lately, and it's one of the best things we could have done for ourselves. Do you really need to lay in bed scrolling through social media for two hours before finally drifting off? No, you really don't. Our tip? Leave the phones to the side and once you get into bed, focus only on sleep. Turns out, those extra two hours make a huge difference in our moods and overall feeling of restedness!

When we get good nights of sleep, we are more enthusiastic and have a greater capacity to appreciate humor and all things silly. Like, for example,  a series of scrumptious sillies in the form of hilarious cat memes. Oh wow, what a coincidence, we've got a smashing series of cat memes for you right now! Go ahead and dig into these fiercely funny feline memes and remember to get a good night's sleep tonight! 


Man wins online auction for headphones, seller claims he dropped them and won't provide proof: [I'll] likely keep them for myself'

Fail Blog - Tue, 06/11/2024 - 10:00

Apparently, this can be a common scam among second-hand sellers. When this man won a bidding war for a brand-new pair of headphones, he was ecstatic. That is, until the seller promptly messaged him to tell him that he had dropped the headphones, so he could no longer sell them. Then he urged the man to cancel the order. The man, of course, wanted to see the damage to assess if he really wanted to cancel the order or not. The seller filled him in that he'd be getting the headphones repaired and then most likely keeping them for himself. Then, crickets. Apparently, a of people have had a similar thing happen to them. What commonly happens is when an item sells in an auction for lower than the seller was hoping, they'll cancel the order and relist the item for a higher price, giving some sort of excuse to get the original winner to cancel the order. We're not totally villainizing this seller, but check out the comments to hear other people's stories so you know what to look out for!

21 Cute Cats Caught In the Act Of Eating For A Day Of Furry Food-Filled Fun

LOL Cats - Tue, 06/11/2024 - 10:00

Seems like we aren't the only ones who can't wait to dive into our food, these awwdorable and mischievous felines have been caught with their face in food. There is just something so cute about seeing cats caught with their furry little faces all covered in food. From their hissterical expressions to their innocent faces its a purrfect combination.

Our whiskered friends are masters of warming our hearts with their feline joy and when it comes to them enjoying a meal its as if they have taken feline entertainment to a whole new level. After all what is cuter than seeing our little feline friends with a food beard? These charming felines think they have just eaten a treat meanwhile they are the treat we never knew our day needed. So why not continue this treat train with the cutest collection of cats caught eating and enjoy the messy moments in life. 


21 Hilarious Feline Funnies To Share With Your Coworkers Instead Of Working

LOL Cats - Tue, 06/11/2024 - 09:00

On this day of days that is Tuesday, we often find ourselves severely lacking in the inspiration and motivational departments of our brains. It can often feel like there is no realistic way for us to even approach working for all of the regret we feel about the proverbial locking in of the working week. Which is why we made this list of hilarious feline funnies to share with your coworkers instead of working. Giving you a much better and awwdorable activity to spend your time on.

From the xray of an orange tabby cat's head which is just full of balls with bells inside, to the funny feline who is a fiend for chicken nuggs shaped like dinosaurs, to the cat sitter who had to coax his feline client out of hiding with the greatest feline temptation there is, wet food. These hissterical felines are the purrfect distraction for the whole office to get involved with.


'I'm more important than you': Karen-in-law snaps when another guest has the same dress as her at the wedding

Fail Blog - Tue, 06/11/2024 - 09:00

Nobody knows how to ruin a wedding celebration quite like a Monster-in-law. 

Fueled by entitled rage and Karenish tendencies, the Monster-in-law is a fabled foe that few can vanquish–except the powerful groomsman in our next story. When the groom's mother, a snobbish and entitled woman, came dashing towards his date, the original poster of this story came to her rescue with some clever heroics. 

To match the 'western theme' of the wedding, the groomsman's date had purchased a dress from a popular cowboy store–little did she know, the groom's mother would be in the same outfit. Most rational adults would laugh it off or take a funny photo to commemorate their whoopsie-twinning moment, but this Karen-in-law wouldn't let her self-importance be outshone by a younger guest. Keep scrolling to read the entire story of how a crazed mother at a wedding attempted to kick out another guest because they wore the same outfit to a casual event. 

After this, here's another tale of another Karen that gets pwned by their own untrained dogs.

'An entire department quit on the spot': 20+ Workers who quit ASAP thanks to their terrible bosses

Fail Blog - Tue, 06/11/2024 - 08:00

These workers had a few choice words for their bosses, like "good luck" and "good riddance." They're proof that you can only treat your employees badly for so long before they decide that the grass is greener at another employer. 

People from all types of industries shared their stories with the r/AskReddit community. u/Who_Did_You_Expect1 was curious about the things that bosses did that made employees quit as soon as humanly possible, and more than 900 people replied. 

Disliking your boss at some point in your career is a universal experience. If you have a great boss, count your blessings! Some people are passionate about the work they do, but their bosses are micromanagers or have zero sympathy for call-outs or sick days. No matter how passionate that employee is about their work, the toll of having a bad boss can turn a beloved job into a despised one. For some people, this happened during their first jobs at restaurants or fast-food places. Others shared that they were already into their professional careers by the time they got fed up with their awful bosses. Check out the stories below! 

Up next, these delivery employees revealed the absolute craziest things they ever saw on a delivery run, like one poor soul who had a customer quickly warn them, "There's a bear right behind you." 

Hilarious Memes Of Wholesome House Cats To Temper This Terrible Tuesday

LOL Cats - Tue, 06/11/2024 - 08:00

Tuesday, the day of days, the woe of woes, it is simply undesirable. Too close to the weekend to forget, too far into the work week to back out or fake illness. It is truly the representation of being stuck between a rock and a hard place. But on this Tuesday, we have harnessed the hope and power of some wholesome house cats to help us ease into this unfortunate day and hopefully make it a little more bearable overall.

From the hilarious house cat who will only ever wake up for the sound of the treat bag, to the humble homebody who has made the best plans with its pawrent already, to the slightly facetious feline who will try to stomach listening to your complaining but is really just waiting for food and playtime. These hissterical cattos are the purrfect pick-me-up to help you deal with the scourge that is Tuesday.


Rural landowner thwarts joyriding snowmobilers with concrete reinforced fencing: 'They all received tickets and their snowmobiles were confiscated'

Fail Blog - Tue, 06/11/2024 - 07:00

Fences have a singular specific primary purpose: To keep people, and things, out of places they shouldn't be. If you see a fence—or are otherwise told about its presence when you enquire with the property owner about crossing it—chances are that you shouldn't go ahead and cross that fence anyway or do something to sabotage it and gain entry. At the very least, such actions would probably have consequences.

Of course, some of those still reading might argue that fences are also used to keep things in just as much as they're used to keep things out but the point still stands regardless.

During the winter months, this landowner was approached by some snowmobilers about crossing his property while they were out for a cruise after heavy snowfall. Regardless of his advice not to, since he had just put up a new fence that was all but buried in a snowdrift, he returned to find that his fence had been smashed by crossing joyriding snowmobiles. Picking up the pieces, he erected a new one, bigger and stronger, practically daring other snowmobiles to cross its path…

Cutely Colored Cat "Chiyo" Goes Viral For Her Uniquely Meowrvelous Markings, Internet Goes Into A Wholesome Fluffy Feline Frenzy For The Rare Kitty

LOL Cats - Tue, 06/11/2024 - 07:00

Have we got a treat for you today, feline fanatics. In our whole time as fluffy feline expurrts and writers at I Can Has Cheezburger, we have never seen a cat as unique as this one. This cutely colored cat, "Chiyo" was born with some pawesome patterns and meowrvelous markings unlike any we have ever seen before! She has 3 siblings, two tabby's and one tuxedo cat, yet she alone was born with this cute cookie-dough fur.

Needless to say, the internet went wild for Chiyo. As they should, she is probably the cutest cat we've ever seen. People thought she might have vitiligo, others think it's a random mutation, but we don't really care, we just think she's absolutely awwdorable. Scroll down to see more pictures of this kitty cutie and what the internet has to say about her!


Funny Roommate Gives Cat A Middle-Part Whenever He's Bored, Plus Other Animals With Hilarious Haircuts

LOL Cats - Tue, 06/11/2024 - 06:00

Living with cats means constantly fighting the urge to touch them. Yes, you have to fight that urge. Every once in a while, you might get lucky, and your cat will allow you to gently pet them for a little while in that specific way that they love, but that's a rare enough honor. It's something that you have to earn. Most of the time, you simply yearn. There is nothing that you want more than to poke your cat's cute nose or to touch your cat's soft beans or to gently pet your cat's fluffy belly. But you can't. You must be patient. 

Unless you're lucky, and you ended up with one of those cats who lets their owners do anything to them. We've never experienced such meowgic, but the person in this thread clearly has, and the results are hissterical.


'Checkmate!': Employee gets paid for 120 hours of overtime and earns 3 days of sick leave after their micromanaging boss tries to play hardball

Fail Blog - Tue, 06/11/2024 - 06:00

(Sometimes) Managers know best, but a micromanager never knows what's good for the company. In their attempt to get a grip on every facet of their workforce, micromanagers inadvertently strangle their best employees, forcing even good workers to maliciously comply. In our next story, a retail worker working in a terribly micromanaged department decided to let their boss's bad decisions blow up right in their face. 

After feeling a scratchy throat coming on just before their day off, the original poster of this story thought it was best to rest up as much as possible to avoid an all-out illness. However, even after her restful day off, she was still feeling under the weather. Luckily, company policy stated that she could use any amount of her overtime hours (which had been previously unpaid), to cover an extra day off–like PTO! So with 120 hours in her overtime bank, she asked for one more day off. 

But her micromanaging boss wasn't having it…

Scroll for the entire story of how this retail employee got 3 days of paid leave and 120 hours of overtime paid out in full simply because her boss wouldn't let her stay home sick. 

Downstairs neighbor sends series of unhinged texts about tenant's dog: 'I know now to NEVER EVER give neighbors your phone number'

Fail Blog - Tue, 06/11/2024 - 05:00

It always starts with an innocent exchange of phone numbers. After all, the downstairs neighbor seems like a normal person, he offered, and it would be weird to turn him down. Well, it turns out you really should have turned him down because now you're getting incessant complaints about everything from noises to your dog. 

That's what happened to this Redditor, who started to receive a series of unhinged messages not long after exchanging numbers with her downstairs neighbor. First, it was a noise complaint that wasn't legitimate, considering the Original Poster (OP) was studying in silence. Then, there were constant concerns about OP's dog being left in a crate while OP was gone. Pretty soon after that, the complaints were constant and OP was in too deep.

What's particularly amusing about this story is that folks in the comments section were quick to criticize OP for enabling their neighbor and not disengaging right away. People pleasers can be like that, guys. Have a little understanding! For more stories like this, check out this list of hilarious misspellings. 

Pure rage

LOL Cats - Tue, 06/11/2024 - 05:00

Fast food chain informs employees their tip money will be used for group activities, but fail to mention those are for management only: ‘We're basically funding their day off'

Fail Blog - Tue, 06/11/2024 - 04:00

Group activities within a company are basically a must these days. Every company (well, most companies), wants their employees to have a good relationship with each other, and for their employees to feel their work is being appreciated, and a fun activity outside of the office is often the way for companies to do just that.

So if a big fast food chain tells their employees their tip money will be used for group activities, you would expect those activities to be extremely luxurious, since the employees have to pay for them. But that was not the case in this Reddit story, in which employees found out that their tip money is being used not to fund their own group activities, which they had none of, but the activities of the chain's upper management, the people who had nothing to do with the hard-earned money servers made from tips.

Scroll down to read the full story. After you are done, click here for a story of a hiring manager who stood up to HR in order to hire a promising worker.

Guy Goes to a Kohl's Department Store, Leaves with a Grateful Kitten Instead: 'Uh-oh, I'm coming home with a cat'

LOL Cats - Tue, 06/11/2024 - 01:00

Sometimes plan to pick up some necessities, and sometimes the universe says that necessity is a tiny kitten. 

Too much to ask?

LOL Cats - Mon, 06/10/2024 - 16:00


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