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'So then you’re the one who’s been stealing?': One guy's devious plan to catch his roommate stealing

Fail Blog - Sun, 01/29/2023 - 12:00

This guy hatched a plan to get his roommate to admit he was stealing, but did he go about it in the right way? The guy posted to r/AmItheA****** to ask for a verdict on if he went too far, or if he his roommate was actually the jerk in this situation. 

As the OP shared, he has two other roommates who he lives with, sharing costs, but not the cost of groceries. That didn't stop one of the OP's roommates from stealing his milk and drinking it, then completely lying about the situation and denying he snuck a few sips. So the OP came up with a way to get back at him in this story. 

However, although it seems straightforward, people in the comments told the OP he went too far. He could actually be in legal trouble for this 'prank,' at least according to some of the commenters. It doesn't seem like his roommate would actually sue him, but perhaps this is a cautionary tale to not mess with people's food, and find other methods of getting revenge instead. 

Next up, read about this goofy manager who got his own food stolen, and lost his mind upon finding out. 

'If you're reading this, you've won $50': Parents bribe kids to clean bathroom but make an ultimatum

Fail Blog - Sun, 01/29/2023 - 11:00

Whatever it takes to get your kids to clean up after themselves! This thread was posted to Reddit's r/funny subreddit by u/prevuznack, who shared that she and her husband hid a note in their bathroom to see if their kids would find it. The note would reward them with $50 provided that they clean the bathroom like they were asked to, but there's a catch.


The note, which was dated January 17th, 2023, also states that the number of days between when the note was written and when it was found will be taken from the total. As many folks in the comments pointed out, this could end up becoming a lesson on debt and/or interest, considering that it's very likely these kids won't discover the note after 50 days. While it could be fun to watch this all unfold from an objective perspective, it might not be fun for the parents to see it all happen if the dirty bathroom ends up attracting unwanted creatures. Was this genius parenting or is it a parenting FAIL in the making?


Keep scrolling below to see what other people had to say. For more stories like this, here's one about parents who didn't tell their daughter about her education fund.

Twitter Thread: Users Race To Post Pics Of Their Cats Mid-Blep With Their Cute Lil Tongues Slightly Extended

LOL Cats - Sun, 01/29/2023 - 11:00

Hey pals! Another day, another fabulous feline Twitter thread. Today's cat-themed Twitter thread features a whole bunch of cats caught on camera mid blep with their cute little tongues ever so slightly extended from their cute little mouths. This adorable phenomenon occurs at the most random of moments and owners must be quick to capture it on camera! 

What is a blep face? It's that face when a cat sticks out their little sandpaper tongue and keeps it there like they're going, "Blep." Do you understand what we mean? If you don't, not to worry, just scroll down below and you'll see a bunch of examples of hilarious bleps of all different varieties. We've got some bengal beauties, smol kittens, tabbies, voids, and everything in between. So, stick out those tongues and get ready for some fun! These Twitter users raced to post the cutest pictures of their cats mid-blep with their cute little tongues slightly extended, and we are thankful for their efforts. 

Coworker calls woman a "nasty girl" after throwing trash in her candy bowl

Fail Blog - Sun, 01/29/2023 - 10:00

What is it about the workplace that causes grown-ass adults to lose all common sense? Sure, they probably don't want to be there—but none of us do either, and we're not going around making life more intolerable than it already has to be. 

The similarities between what you experience in the workplace and middle school classroom are just a testament to the fact that most people never mature; instead, living their lives in the same perpetual state of petty behavior and hatred as they did when they were smaller, younger, and less hairy.

This woman's experience also is just another example of the fact that no good deed goes unpunished. As commenters have pointed out in the original thread, providing strangers with access to your free stuff is just inviting the entitled people and choosing beggars of the world to descend upon you.

. . . 

Keep reading for this tale of a terrible coworker; for more like this, check out this bad boss who stole Super Bowl tickets that were gifted to a worker from a client. 

Purrfect Parenting: A Cat's Unusual yet Adorable Adoption of a Baby Otter (Pictures and Video)

LOL Cats - Sun, 01/29/2023 - 10:00

This adorable momma cat is fostering an orphaned otter pup at a cat cafe in Vietnam. We don't have too many details on why the little otter pup was orphaned, but the important part is that it found a loving mother to take care of it. Cats are really good at this, taking in babies that aren't their own kittens. It goes to show that love goes beyond blood and outer appearances, and how strong an instinct can be to protect a child in need.

This heartwarming story is a great addition to a purrfect Sunday, snuggling under the covers and staying warm (and preferably not thinking about starting a new week tomorrow). Get cozy, grab your nearest, fluffiest stuffed animal (or pet, if you have one), and hold them as close as this foster momma is holding her new baby. Lots of love, ICanHas-ers!

January Wrap Up: 24 Of The Cutest Cat Pics We Found On The Internet This Month

LOL Cats - Sun, 01/29/2023 - 09:00

The first month of the new year can always be a bit stressful. Maybe you're trying to stick to some pretty tough resolutions, starting a new job, or making changes in your life, it doesn't matter because we made it through together. We're proud of you, and you deserve some cuteness as a reward. This month was pretty cute, and full of amazing kitties gracing us with their presence on the interwebz. Let's treat ourselves with the cutest cat pics from January to end this month on a smile, and also to prepare ourselves for the beginning of another.

We hope these pics give you that warm, fuzzy feeling, like holding a cup of hot cocoa, or when your cat lays on your chest while watching tv or reading a good book. And let's be honest, there's no feeling quite like when your cat chooses to cuddle with you. We hope they bring you a grin from ear to ear, and give you that good vibes energy boost you need to start February off on the right paw. Let's make February just as cute as January!

20+ People Share the Subtle Signs That Someone is an A-Hole

Fail Blog - Sun, 01/29/2023 - 09:00

If someone is snapping their fingers at waitstaff, shouting down a customer service rep, or abusing a stranger—they're an a-hole—absolutely no question about it; by acting in this way, they have broadcast their character loud and clear to the rest of us. But not all a-holes are quite so blatant; some do an incredible job of disguising themselves as a well-meaning person—a wolf in sheep's clothing—if you will. These people can go undetected for long periods of time, only exposing themselves in small, subtle ways. 

These Redditors gathered on a thread posted to the popular r/AskReddit subreddit in order to share their thoughts on what these things might be. "What are [the] minor red flags that you use [to] see as a subtle but very indicative sign the other person is an a**hole?" the original poster, u/mountcoffee, posed. 

I—uhh, found that very wordy and hard to get out, so I'm rephrasing this question to: "What subtle red flags indicate that someone is an a**hole?"

Keep reading for this collection of responses, and feel free to share with us some thoughts of your own.

. . . 

For more, check out these red flags that people wish they didn't ignore. 

Wholesome Posts Of Cats Randomly Showing Up And Choosing Their Humans For Themselves

LOL Cats - Sun, 01/29/2023 - 08:00

If you're somebody who wants to adopt a cat and has been thinking about it your whole life, then you know that the process of choosing your cat is important and not always the easiest. You go to shelters, you look up prices of equipment that you'll need, you take it seriously - as you should. Thing is… when it comes to cats, sometimes, it's totally not up to you when a cat will come into your life. Sometimes, it's not the humans who choose the cats. Sometimes, the cats choose the humans

It can happen at the most random and unexpected times. We once saw a video of a man going on a long hike and returning home with a kitten - because he got chosen in the middle of said hike. Another time, we saw a teeny weeny abandoned kitten block a man's car and ask him for help - because a car was not going to stop the kitten from getting to its chosen human. It just happens sometimes, and we, the humans, cannot stop it and have no choice but to go with it and feel absolutely honored. 

'He thinks he will catch a lunch thief. Of course, he ends up flashbanging himself': Kevin manager goes on rampage to find out who stole his sandwich

Fail Blog - Sun, 01/29/2023 - 08:00

Tuna sandwich thieves, your days are numbered once this bumbling manager finds you! 

This is the story of "Kevin: The Last Grocery Emperor," a colorful and imaginative grocery store manager. As told by one of Kevin's employees, the man was a tyrant at this grocery store. He seems more or less incapable of actually leading a team, and is way more concerned with one thing: guarding his lunch from the lunch thief. Someone was stealing Kevin's precious tuna sandwich, and he'd be darned if he'll let them get away with that! 

This Kevin is incredibly goofy, and I'm genuinely surprised he didn't get anyone hurt. At one point in this story, he does something completely disgusting, and I actually can't believe that no one called the health department on that man. The workers were well paid, so they were willing to put up with pretty much anything! 

Then read this article about a waitress who has crowned herself the "Queen of Petty" after she saved her coworkers from a non-tipping customer. 

‘I Won’t Sign Your Weird Contract’ : College Student Dodges Unfair Grading via Malicious Compliance, Professor Left Speechless When She Can’t Fail Her

Fail Blog - Sun, 01/29/2023 - 07:00

Study guides are basically the hail mary of every student, but there are professors who don't believe in this practicality — because they would rather encourage their students to read the entire material, adding to the sublime mountain of headache they already have. In my opinion, any professor who does this is simply lazy. Why don't the students just buy the books and not pay for classes? It would certainly be much cheaper. Thanks for adding to the small fortune I owe to the banks called student debt.

It turns out that this professor was one of those types of people. Moreover, she apparently handed out a 'grading contract' that no student had formerly agreed to when they joined her class. This contract asked the students to indicate what grade they wanted at the start of the semester, and if they did not meet the conditions for that grade, they would fail.

To be perfectly frank, I find this ludicrous. In a nutshell — if the students want an A, they either meet the qualifications for said A, or fail — even if they could have gotten a lesser grade and passed the class? It makes no sense. So one student in particular decided that she would not conform to these stupid rules, and via malicious compliance, passed the class without actually doing the final at all.

Scroll down to read her detailed account below. If you're procrastinating at your job and feel like you need some serotonin to make it to the end of the day, you're also welcome to check out these funny work memes.

Twitter Thread: Awwdorably Calm Cats Chilling On Their Humans And Showing Off Their Danger-Bellies

LOL Cats - Sun, 01/29/2023 - 07:00

If you ever get to live with a cat for more than 24 hours, there is one universally true thing about them that you will inevitably learn, and that is that cats fall asleep in some of the most uncomfortable positions that you will ever see in your life. And they look happy and content while doing it! There are so many cats that fall asleep in sinks - as if that's the softest, least cold and most uncomfortable surface you can think of. So many cats fall asleep in the faceplant position, leaving you wondering how the heck they're even breathing that way. Some cats even like falling asleep on eggs - literal eggs in egg cartons. Why? We have no idea. 

But, by far, the cat sleeping position that we love the most is when cats fall asleep on their backs with their whooole bellies out on show. Yes, it's a little weird and funny, but that's not why we love it. We love it because it means that the cat is happy, that the cat feels safe, that they're content, and that makes us content too. 

Entitled Karen coworker insists woman's out of work commitments are less important than her children, sparks office drama

Fail Blog - Sun, 01/29/2023 - 06:00

Is your personal time less important than your coworkers just because you don't have children?

This woman was asked by her Karen coworker to cover an evening call for her. Karen's son had a soccer game that she wanted to attend, and she was getting desperate. 

The woman, who has since deleted the post, so we are unable to get her username, responded that she was unable to cover the call for Karen as she had plans already. She had a volleyball game to attend that she was partaking in. Further, she had already covered the last two evening calls, and it was well past Karen's turn to cover for her. 

Karen immediately took offense. Since, clearly, her children were more important than our poster's personal life. 

Karen has since proceeded to spread gossip around the office regarding her coworker's refusal to cover the call. The woman is worried that others in the office might be taking Karen's side and is wondering if she has done something wrong. 

Sounds to me like she's just working in an office FULL of Karens.

. . .

For more Karens doing Karen things. Check out this one that complained to her workplace facilities manager that her keycard wasn't working when it was working perfectly fine. He retaliated by revoking her access.  

The Most Hissterical Places People Have Ever Found Their Cats: ICanHasCheezburger Edition

LOL Cats - Sun, 01/29/2023 - 06:00

For this week's challenge, we wanted to embrace the shenanigans of our kitty cats. That's why we asked you to tell us about the funniest places that you have ever found your cats, and boy, oh boy, your answers did not disappoint. 

From the fridge to the ceiling to the inside of your drums, you guys seem to find your cats literally anywhere. Don't get us wrong. We know that cats cause mischief and mayhem wherever they go- often on purpose, and we know that cats have a tendency to fall asleep in the most uncomfortable ways possible, and we have heard about some hilarious hiding places that cats have chosen, and still - somehow - your answers managed to surprise us. So, thank you for sharing them with us. We really, really needed such a good laugh today. 

'Smelling bad is genuinely the worst insult someone can receive': Guy tells smelly coworker he can't drive him to work anymore

Fail Blog - Sun, 01/29/2023 - 05:00

No one would want to be on either side of this conflict. This employee had been driving his smelly coworker to work but after a while, it became too much for him to bear. So what happened? He told him the truth, and the results were not pretty. In fact, one could say they were smelly too.


This thread was posted to Reddit's r/AmITheA**hole subreddit by the appropriately named  u/TheLittleStinkster, who further explained that other coworkers made complaints about the guy's odor several times. Despite these complaints, however, nothing much has changed. According to the Redditor, he doesn't have a problem with the smell in the office, but he does have a problem with it when it comes to a 45-minute car ride. He later reveals in the comments that his coworker does, in fact, have a medical condition. While we are sympathetic to that, of course, it is not the Redditor's responsibility to grin and bear it and continue driving him to work. 


For more stories like this, check out this post about an "age awareness" training presentation.


Thumbnail background photo: Prasad Panchakshari

100% true

LOL Cats - Sun, 01/29/2023 - 05:00

'Instant karma!': Impatient driver gets what he deserves after harassing and tailgating a local man on a dangerous, rural highway

Fail Blog - Sat, 01/28/2023 - 17:00

Road rage is a slippery slope that a lot of people have fallen victim to. For some reason, the anonymity behind the wheel gives people a false sense of power and safety, prompting them to do things and act in ways they wouldn't if they were just walking on the street. However, behind the wheel of a 2 ton iron box on wheels, people get irritable, impatient, and fired up. 

One man, u/iceariina, dealt with the brunt of classic road rage on the dark, midnight streets of a rural highway along his commute. One evening after a 12 hour overnight shift, he was on his way home on a one-lane highway, tired and hoping to get home as safely as possible. Knowing that this one-lane road was treacherous (it had no street lights, deer crossings,lots of curves, and no shoulder), our hero, Iceariina, drove cautiously and at the speed limit. He also had a hunch that the roads were often patrolled by police and didn't want to risk either a ticket or and accident. As he was making his way safely down the road, a speeding car comes racing up behind him, riding close and sketchily at his rear. This tailgater flashed his brights and angrily swerved back and fourth, insinuating that Iceariina had an inch in either direction to pull to the side so he could pass– which he certainly did not. 

Iceariina did what anyone would do and, with pettiness in his heart, he set his speed on cruise control just below the legal limit. 

The angry tailgater, most likely fuming with road rage, refused to make easy passes on passing zones, just so that he would harass the man driving the speed limit. Once the duo reached a darker zone on the road, a 'no passing zone', the tailgater decided he was fed up with harassing Iceariina and he zoomed around him, hazardously making the pass around him. Moments later, there were blue and red lights in their rear view and a cop car races around Iceariina in search for the dangerous driver. The tailgater was pulled over and written a ticket for speeding as well as passing in a 'no pass zone'. For Iceariina, he felt it was instant karma. He kept a level head and was able to see fate play out in his favor. 

I hope that tailgater was hungry because, revenge is a dish best served cold. 

'I got rid of my boss to make my life better, but instead made it worse': Guy has Epiphany That He's a Backstabbing Employee After Getting His Favorite Manager Fired, Karma Comes for Him with Vengeance

Fail Blog - Sat, 01/28/2023 - 16:00

Finding a good manager, one that isn't a toxic leader who gives you work-PTSD, isn't easy. When you find a place with a boss that treats everybody with respect and helps elevate everybody, then you hold onto them tight. 

Unfortunately, that is not what this employee did and when he realized what he did, he knew karma was coming for him. This guy took to Reddit to confess his horrible actions. He has been working at his place of establishment for almost a decade. He got a new boss right before the pandemic and she was the best. He actually started to love working, started to improve in his job, and even got a promotion. His new manager was always there for him when he needed and he was very happy with the new leadership. 

However, one day, his manager got Covid and she suffered longterm effects. She started being less attentive because of it, and he got annoyed. The boss of his boss came to him and asked him about the performance of his manager, and he was upset and vented everything to him. He says in the moment he thought that his boss was asking him about his manager because he wanted to help her. But it turns out he wanted a reason to fire her, and he served it up to him on a silver platter. 

After she was fired, the guy hated his job. He had to work more directly with the boss who fired his favorite manager and he turned out to be the worst. When they finally did hire someone to replace the old manager, he was also the worse. Because of everything, his own performance has suffered and believes he is now also on a track to being fired. 

He had his epiphany and confessed to Redditors about his backstabbing actions and his regrets, but the internet does not go easy on him. Read it all below.

'AITA?' Cyclist wonders if they're wrong for blocking traffic in snowy conditions and drawing the rage of drivers

Fail Blog - Sat, 01/28/2023 - 15:00

This cyclist posted to Reddit's AITA subreddit in order to see whether or not they were in the wrong for riding in the road instead of in a snowy cycle lane. Now, it's no secret that cyclists are not popular amongst most other motorists and road users, drawing a disproportionate amount of hate and rage in online discussions for the number of them there actually are.

There's just something about being mildly inconvenienced while driving that provokes unbridled rage in our minds; it's really difficult and inopportune to have to lift your foot off of one pedal and place it onto the other, before moving your hand to flick on the blinker and indicate passing and turning the wheel slightly while moving your foot back to the other pedal. All of this costing precious seconds that you could have spent texting on your phone or playing candy crush at the next traffic light. Yes, cyclists are a blight on society and must be stopped. 

I can already sense the itchy fingers aching to type angry responses in the comments just because riding a bicycle has been mentioned in this post. But, really, is it ok to try and murder someone with a 2-ton vehicle just because they're wearing tight-fitting clothing and manually powering a 15 lb. machine on two wheels?

Surprisingly. Reddit largely voted in the cyclist's favor. What's your take?

. . . 

For more AITA, check out this sister who disagreed with her sister's bizarre stripper-like baby names. 

Chase the Curiously Calm Cat Goes Viral When He Gets Pampered by Hooman on Spa Day

LOL Cats - Sat, 01/28/2023 - 15:00

Any cat owner can tell you how utterly difficult it is to get your kitty to sit still, lay still, or just be generally still. They are independent little critters, and they don't necessarily like loud noises (like vacuum cleaners) or vegetables like cucumbers (Remember that cucumber phase on the Internet where everyone film their cat's reactions to the vegetable?). But Chase is a different story — he is probably the calmest, most human cat we have ever seen!

We stumbled upon an adorable video while scrolling through Instagram — low and behold, a cat was receiving a spa day! And he was totally chill about it, too! No wriggling, screeching, or clawing of any kind was involved. In fact, he didn't even make a sound — not one single meow was given. It left us absolutely flabbergasted. @dontstopmeowing uploaded the viral video and got a lot of wholesome attention. You can check out the screenshots down below, or scroll all the way down for the cute video.

You're also welcome to have a look at this adorable doggo who defied all odds after sustaining an injury to his leg — the doc said he'd never walk again, but he was determined.


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