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'CEO [told] me to help them with my old accounts or he'll sue me': CEO ignores former employee's warnings about outdated system, leads to decade-spanning malicious compliance

Fail Blog - Thu, 12/07/2023 - 11:00

Some employers refuse to hear the truth, and if you're lucky, they will have to experience the consequences of ignoring your constant warnings. We all know what it's like to be a disregarded employee. Sure, most bosses say that constructive feedback is welcome no matter what your position in the company is, but in reality, you are likely to be ignored if you are at the bottom of the food chain. When this happens repeatedly, it soon becomes exponentially clear that the problems you are noticing are unlikely to be solved in a timely manner and that you are personally better off moving onto a better work environment while the clock keeps ticking before your boss finally realizes that you were right all along. This happened to a former employee ten years after he left the company. The worst part of the story, though, is that when the boss finally did reach out to OP for his help, he refused to admit that he was wrong and instead threatened to sue OP if he didn't assist. Not exactly the kind of "you were right" message OP should have gotten.

Relatable Random Cat Memes For The Hoomans Whose Week’s Been Weird Enough Already

LOL Cats - Thu, 12/07/2023 - 11:00

There are some weeks in the hooman existence that are simply weird. From the moment they start to the moment they end nothing seems to go right, nor does it seem to go too far wrong either. You might have experienced waking up 5 minutes before your alarm, convinced that you missed your train, you might have dropped your morning toast only to miraculously catch it on the way down to the floor, you may have even thought you stepping in dog poop, but instead you stepped in mud. These are a few of the many symptoms of the weird week.

As such we have compiled a compilation of relatable memes of cats being random and weird to help you feel less alone in this weird week that you have had more than enough off. From the cats who have developed a thumbs up bean, to the nerdy introvert cats kicking it on the DSs, to the felines who simply cannot deal with anymore information, today's felines are feline just as weird as you.

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‘I canceled the room to get her away from me’: Hotel guest throws a tantrum over room reservation, front desk clerk forced to give her a refund

Fail Blog - Thu, 12/07/2023 - 10:00

Imagine you are sitting in an uncomfortable, old desk chair that needed to be replaced about 10 years ago, and instead of staring at the empty hotel lobby in front of you, you opt instead to play some Solitaire on your as equally old computer. You are just about stumped when your game is interrupted by a Karen who is on her way to interrupt your peace.

She enters the lobby with a dramatic air about her, shouting words that you can't quite make out yet until she gets a bit closer. Anddddd, you have met the antagonist of our story. Let's start at the beginning. OP was working the night shift at a hotel as a front desk clerk, and the hotel they worked at had a lot of ballroom and conference spaces. Large groups would come and some of the guests would stay at the hotel.

Due to the holidays, every room was basically sold out, and OP received an angry rant from a hotel guest (Karen), about how she had not booked 'two rooms' and they were not allowed to 'charge her for two rooms'. To read about how it escalated, scroll down. Then, check out this computer science student who did the workload of 3 people for his group project, and then did not get any credit and decided to get even with them.

Floofy Feline Fever: 28 Feline Fluff Balls With Floofy Tails Living Their Feather Duster Dreams

LOL Cats - Thu, 12/07/2023 - 10:00

There's just something so majestic about cats, especially when they have long, floofy tails. They look like the ultimate feather dusters, and even we're tempted to play with them! It also feels very appropriate now that we're preparing for the holiday season, it's time for winter parkas and cats to grow into their winter coats, so bring on the floof! This listicle is dedicated to cats who have embraced their winter look and are purroud of their fabulously floofy tails.

We're pawsitively swooning over these felines that could pass as balls of fluff, in fact, we think we might have a fever from fluffy overload! Don't worry, a warm cup of tea and some kitty snuggles should get us back up to the holiday spirit in no time. Let's scroll down and enjoy these floofy felines together, and don't forget to take your cat to sit on Santa's lap this holiday season!

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'We won't be paid, [so] my answer was no': Daycare worker refuses to work overtime for the school's Christmas party, gets criticized for lacking 'Team Spirit'

Fail Blog - Thu, 12/07/2023 - 09:00

During the holidays, it's almost inevitable that someone at the dinner table will ask you for free services related to your career. If you're a lawyer, you'll likely be asked for legal advice over the Christmas ham. If you're a doctor, your distant cousins might ask you if the mole on their neck is benign after a few too many glasses of grog. And if you're a daycare worker, you'll likely be asked to volunteer for free at your school's kiddo Christmas bash.

37 Cat Memes From Feline Flooballs And Goofballs To End The Workweek Right

LOL Cats - Thu, 12/07/2023 - 09:00

Don't let the stress of the workweek get you down! We know that by the time you arrive to Thursdays and Fridays you feel like you just want to crawl under the covers like a purrfectly tucked-in kitty and sleep for a few days, but that's no way to start your weekend. We want you to start your weekend on a pawsitive vibe, so we're sending you a quick cure for your sour mood with some funny cat memes from floofballs and goofballs to end the workweek right.

From a cat betting it all in poker to Joe Biden (?) chasing a cat around the Oval Office in an attempt to give it the love it deserves, our rainy day has turned into a day filled with sunshine and giggles thanks to these hissterical cat memes. So scroll on down to end the workweek right, you deserve it!

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'Don't mess with my gardens': City officials tell family their garden is 'overgrowing,' family brings in experts to protect their plants

Fail Blog - Thu, 12/07/2023 - 08:00

This home is a gardener's paradise. With two gardens enveloping their family home, this person shared that their family tended to their yard each and every day. So they must have been quite confused when their city reached out to them to condemn the way they were maintaining their lush lawn

Those who have space for a garden have an amazing resource at their fingertips. Alongside growing veggies and herbs for meals, you can plant a variety of flowers or shrubs to make your yard look and smell incredible. Soon enough, your yard will be filled with butterflies and honeybees. And there will surely be a few animals sneaking a bite of your vegetable plants each night, no matter how fenced-in the garden is. There are plentiful benefits, but it does require upkeep. 

Some families hire gardeners to keep their yard looking fresh and trimmed. Others, like u/IamasimpforObi-Wan, are more hands-on. The OP writes that their family members were constantly working on the garden---every day, in fact. Working with nature does have a therapeutic effect. 

I have a basil plant at my home that I have anthropomorphized. It's just a happy sunlight-loving little dude! Every time I add some basil leaves to a soup, it feels like the little guy is earning its keep. The basil plant wants to be helpful, I think, and it's making some flavorful contributions in lieu of paying rent. 

Check out this person's satisfying story of gardening malicious compliance. Up next, take a peek into the life of a very overworked coffee shop manager who got to take two weeks off and decided to reevaluate their career. 

Man Builds A Pawsome Treehouse For His Cats, And They Have The Most Hissterical Reactions To It (Video)

LOL Cats - Thu, 12/07/2023 - 08:00

Some… may call us crazy cat people - because of all the things that we do for our cats. And those "some" will be correct. We are crazy cat people, and we do go out of our way for our felines. We buy our cats expensive cat trees that they don't use. We buy our cats cool toys that they don't even touch. We spoil our cats in every pawssible way, and even though they show us little to no gratitude, we keep doing it. The only thing that those "some" get wrong is that they think we will be ashamed of it. But no, we will not.

Here at ICanHasCheezburger, we are proud crazy cat people, and when we see a video like the one we have for you here today, we do not think that this person went overboard. What we think is… "how can we build something like this for our own cats?"

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'I stood up abruptly... there was a stunned silence': High school class's grades plummet after one student flips the script and gives everyone the wrong answers during their final history exam

Fail Blog - Thu, 12/07/2023 - 07:00

Hey there, Ms. Smith, if you're reading, yes, I one hundred percent was peeking at Sophie's test that time you pulled me aside and gave me a big fat zero with a smiley inside, just to be petty. You stared at me with your beady little eyes and breathed angrily into my face, and I in turn, totally lied and adamantly held my ground that I did not cheat on the test. Today, I'll admit… I was the kid who copied off of other students' tests.

I did not take school seriously, and that did not change, even well into my high school years. The system and I did not get along… But to be fair, I was not mean to the people I copied tests off of. In this case, the students copying off of OP's test did not treat them with respect, and that is what made OP take such serious action, resulting in everyone's grades plummeting into the ground.

OP's actions held ramifications for the students involved down the line, even several years later, and those same students ended up being knocked out of the running for Valedictorian. They made their bed, I guess. Now they have to lie in it. Scroll down to read the full story, and then check out this similar story about a computer science student who did the workload of 3 people for a group project and then got zero credit, pushing him to get even with his team.

Marvelous Feline Toe Bean Extravaganza: Behold 20 Adorable Cats Displaying Their Spread Toes for Your Viewing Delight

LOL Cats - Thu, 12/07/2023 - 07:00

Hi, friends. Toe beans are one of the most delicious types of beans, and every cat comes with a whole bunch of them. We have found that when the toe beans are spread, a whole new level of cuteness emerges. We've combed through the internet to present you with 20 of the most adorable cats proudly displaying their toe beans in all their spread-out glory. There's an inexplicable charm in those tiny pink and grey pads that can send cat enthusiasts into a delightful frenzy. 

These cats vary in shape and size, yet they share a common trait: they're unabashed about flaunting their charming little paws. And who could blame them? When you possess something so cute, it's only natural to want to showcase it for the world to see. The level of adorability in this collection has reached a downright ridiculous peak.

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'Drop everything now': Manager's micromanaging demand backfires after he interrupts an employee who is busy working on CEO's task

Fail Blog - Thu, 12/07/2023 - 06:00

Imagine you are sitting in your office at your own desk, minding your own business, when in storms your manager,  unannounced, tells you to 'drop everything now' and immediately take care of a 'very important' task he gives you, which ends up being not very important at all. It shouldn't be hard to picture, as this is what managers are best known for…

This manager was especially good at micromanaging his employees, and he wasn't even that high up on the food chain, so where he got all his confidence beats me. He barged into an IT employee's office and interrupted what he was doing with vigor. The employee in question was actually busy doing something for the CEO, but this manager told him to drop it and focus on his task instead.

The manager was oblivious to the fact that this employee was, in fact, working on something that should have taken priority over his Highness's request. Good thing the CEO was informed, then. Scroll down to read what happened, and afterward, check out this mass resignation that took place after one micromanager was micromanaging just a little too hard.

Best Cat Tweets Of The Week From The Feline Depths Of The World Wide Web (December 7, 2023)

LOL Cats - Thu, 12/07/2023 - 06:00

Hey there, feline-fanatic human beans. What's good in the hood? Aside from cats, of course! Cats are always a source of goodness. We're thrilled to welcome you back as we delve into the delightful world of wholesome feline goodness, Twitter edition. We understand that Elon recently gave the platform a new moniker, "X," but we're sticking to the classic and calling it Twitter for now – a single letter just doesn't capture its essence.

We genuinely adore our job. Writing about cats every day and sharing our pawesome content with the cat-loving corners of the interwebs brings us immense joy. While some people find themselves stuck in mundane jobs lacking passion, we consider ourselves fortunate to be immersed in the world of cats, even if mornings can be a bit challenging. Cats, in their peculiar ways, are truly extraordinary, and we proudly stand as their staunchest supporters! Now, let's dive into the best cat tweets from the past week.

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'Think about whether you want to keep working here': Temperamental boss loses it and gives ultimatum, employee maliciously complies

Fail Blog - Thu, 12/07/2023 - 05:00

It's not that employees should be careful around bosses with tempers; it should be that bosses with tempers should be careful around their employees. Those who throw tantrums and who have a habit of unfairly threatening employees should not only be fearful that they themselves might get in trouble for their tirades, but also they just might lose those employees forever and not of their own volition. I once had a friend who willingly took a job with a temperamental boss who had a known reputation for getting away with ridiculous workplace behavior. Unfortunately, the friend felt like he would be the exception and would be able to handle it. It turns out he did not last more than six months, but at the very least, he had enough sense to quit and to call his boss out on his nonsense before leaving forever. Who knows whether or not this confrontation got through to the boss's head but at least my friend was able to get it off his chest.

Should've chosen the other family

LOL Cats - Thu, 12/07/2023 - 05:00

'I still got [it] for a cheaper price': Cashier refuses to honor "online only" price, dude orders it online right in front of them

Fail Blog - Thu, 12/07/2023 - 04:00

Working retail is the experience of permanently being wedged between a rock and a very angry place. The rock is the obstinate management structure above you that is setting and enforcing policies that make no sense—but that they refuse to change. On the other side are the perpetually angry customers who are often upset about those exact same policies. Unfortunately, you, the lowest-level employee, take the brunt of the customer's dissatisfaction, which then becomes management dissatisfaction as they try to blame you for the customer issue, despite the fact that their own policies are what upset the customer in the first place. Eventually, you'll give up trying to argue with either side, fully hollowed out into a soulless husk with no emotion or energy left to try and work things out for the customer.

This is probably exactly who this customer was interacting with when they tried to argue prices with the cashier when the item they were purchasing rang up higher than the online price. Instead, the customer returned the microwave and went to order it online while standing right outside the store. A smooth move to get back at a ridiculous corporate policy.

Big Batch of Pawdorable Smol Kittens to Warm Your Heart on This Winter Day

LOL Cats - Wed, 12/06/2023 - 23:00

It's little itty bitty smol kitten batch time! Your dose of teeny tiny cats has arrived, and they are cuter than ever. When are they not? Itty bitty kittens are the gift that keeps on giving. Speaking of gift, it might be that time of the year to up your cat game. Adopt 1, 2, 3, or infinite cats! After seeing these photos and memes, you might have to. Some of them are seepy, and some of them have the zoomies. Either way, It's cuteness overload over here…and we don't plan on stopping.

So buckle up and scroll through what might be the most adorable big batch of baby cat photos. Send this to all your feline friends, even the ones that say they prefer doggos. They won't after this, we can guarantee it!

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Kind Hearted Hoomans Show Off Their Cats and Kittens Bleps and Mlems to Meow-tivate Fellow Hoomans to Get Through The Day

LOL Cats - Wed, 12/06/2023 - 22:00

Winter has officially arrived! However, we love everything associated with summer! We love the sun, the beach, and the sound of purrrrrfect little fluffy felines running on the playground. If we close our eyes, even for a brief moment, we can practically feel the sun blazing! But instead of reminiscing, we would like to focus on the present, on the good things that help us through these dreadful winter days… 

We would love for you, our fellow hoomans, to take a moment to appreciate all of our feline friends in the crowd. Their unwavering loyalty, persistence, and unparalleled cuteness are what help us get through even the worst of days. Our purrrrrfect little feline friends are all we need to meow-tivate us forward and continue our day. So, for some extra meow-tivation and in just time for Mlemsday, we have gathered some screenshots of adorable kittens! And when you're done, check out a comedic collection of cute moments of Casper the cat! 

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A Hissterically Spicy Selection of 45 Ferociously Feisty and Goofy Felines to Inspire Fiery Hearted Humans

LOL Cats - Wed, 12/06/2023 - 21:00

Have you ever stared down at your feisty, ferocious (wannabe) feline and thought to yourself, 'Why does their little face evoke SO much love from my tiny, cold little heart'? Your love for animals know no bounds, and your love for humans is… questionable. What can you do, you are a cat person, and cat people usually like cats way more than love humans. Plus, you are not a human, you are a hooman, thank you very much.

Today we have compiled a seriously cute collection of 45 cats who are sneaky, goofy, adorable, curious, adventurous, lazy, and always up to no good. Whether they are bouncing around in Christmas trees, or climbing up curtains, or even bringing home some much NOT wanted presents… They are always on the move. Well, mostly. Some of them are caught not moving at all, with their tongue stuck all the way out as they snore (don't tell them we know)…

Scroll down for a laugh, and then next up, check out these ferociously fluffy cat memes for a boost of serotonin. While you are pspsps-ing your way to the weekend… Sign up for our newsletter for a daily dose of hissterical cats and feel-good felines!

Happy holidays, everyone.

32 Fabulous Felines Flaunt Their Ears in Airplane Mode

LOL Cats - Wed, 12/06/2023 - 20:00

In a purrfectly organized feline heist, these 32 kitties decided to switch things up and put their ears in airplane mode. Tails twitching with excitement, they formed a whiskered squadron ready for takeoff. Whisker Airlines was born, and Captain McWhiskers led the pack, navigating through the living room skies.

Now in airplane mode, the kitties' ears ensured a turbulence-free journey as they soared between couch cushions and leaped over clouds of cotton pillows. The adventure reached new heights as they executed purrfect barrel rolls and synchronized acrobatics, leaving no feather toy unturned. As they touched down for a well-deserved catnap, the 32 kitties dreamt of future high-flying adventures where the only turbulence was the gentle rumble of a purrrrrrrr.

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A Silly Selection of 32 Sweet and Spicy Orange Cats and Kittens for a Whiskery Afternoon Treat

LOL Cats - Wed, 12/06/2023 - 19:00

Orange you glad the weekend is coming up?

We sure are. This week we have been keeping busy with work, friends, and cats… Not to mention all the trouble we have been going through in order to go Christmas shopping. The snow outside it making it hard to leave the house. Our cats, Leo and Spock, are not complaining. In fact, they are enjoying all the extra cuddles they are getting. They both are under the funny assumption that they are still kittens, because they will both unashamedly jump on our laps at the same time, and they just do not realize how heavy they are…

Maybe we should tone down on the treats! But no, we could never. Their big eyes melt our hearts, and we could not image saying 'No, we will not give you some yummy afternoon treats'. Still, maybe on our next vet visit, we will be told that there is no choice. Until then, they stay happy. Scroll down for the funniest orange cats of the week, and then check out these pawsitively pure hearted pups when you are done.

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