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'His friends are wheezing from laughter at this point': Customer tries to outsmart store policy, embarrasses himself in front of cashier and friends

Fail Blog - Sat, 04/20/2024 - 12:00

You buy it, you break it… wait, that's not right. 

A lot of stores have the policy of making you purchase an item if you break it. It's often found at antique stores or vintage shops, or other shops that are crammed with fragile items. Some of them make you carry your backpack on the front of your body, or leave your bags up front, to make sure you don't accidentally swipe something off a shelf. Accidents happen, and sometimes things just topple to the ground, making for an irritating purchase for both the seller and the buyer

This dude was bold, though. As u/DancinginHyrule shared, they were an employee at a video game store, and their last customer of the night was giving them a hard time about buying game insurance. Perhaps this guy had never heard of the concept of insurance before, because he had a weird reaction after buying his new game. 

After you read this employee's tale of victory over their oddball customer, check out what happened to the woman engineer who was asked by all her male colleagues to "get coffee" for them

22 Classic Caturday Cat Memes To Make Sure You Get Your Feline Fix On The Fluffiest Day Of The Week

LOL Cats - Sat, 04/20/2024 - 12:00

Meow meow dear feline loving hoomans, we have made it to Caturday which means it is time to pick up your favorite feline and get to pawrtying! Finally, the work week is behind us and whether you are just waking up, or have already been having the time of your life today, you have found yourself at just the right place to get your feline fix on the fluffiest day of the week. Today's collection of classic Caturday cat memes is the pawfect way to fill yourself with feline goodness and inspire your Caturday activities.

We have scoured the internet to bring you some of the longest standing cat memes out there to give you a fluffy dose of the cattos that you have come to know and love. From call center cat, to the orange loaf, to the cats keeping SpongeBob hostage in bed, to the classic vanilla ice cream cat, to the cat who showed us how to reply to emails from people we very much dislike. These classic cat memes are the pawfect way to set the tone for this hallowed day.

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25+ embarrassing job postings filled with spelling errors and typos

Fail Blog - Sat, 04/20/2024 - 11:00

If recruiters and hiring managers expect everything a job candidate submits to be polished, should they not do the same? 

Let's break this down further. A job applicant is often expected to submit a resume and cover letter at the very least during the first round. Throughout the application process, depending on the position, there could be interviews, assessments, subsequent essays, etc. The expectation is for applicants to create something new and tailored to the specific position each time, which always feels like a stretch. 

This is why it can be particularly infuriating when you come across a job posting that is filled with spelling errors, typos, and altogether nonsensical information. It makes you wonder who allowed this careless employee to create this job listing in the first place. It makes you wonder why you would ever want to work for a company that hired that person. It may even make you feel confused and existential about the recruiters and hiring managers we're trying to impress and whether or not they are worth our time and energy at all.

Keep scrolling below for this collection of poorly written job advertisements. When you're finished, feel free to take a look at this collection of unhinged online customer reviews.

Stacked Selection of 27 Silly Snuggle Puddles of Cats on Cats on Cats on Cats

LOL Cats - Sat, 04/20/2024 - 11:00

Hey, I Can Has-ers - happy Caturday! Caturdays are our furrvorite day of the week because we get to do all the cat-related things that we don't have time for during the hectic work week. Our schedule goes like this: wake up and scroll through some hissterical cat memes, feed our cat breakfast, and then proceed to take them to the couch to encourage them to snuggle with us. This doesn't always work, so when it doesn't, we enjoy a stacked selection of silly snuggle puddles of cats on cats on cats on cats!

Our cat isn't the biggest cuddler, so we cuddle vicariously through the cute kitties on the internet that do. If you think you've seen snuggling before, just wait until you see how big these snuggle puddles can get to! We're talking about 5+ cats in one puddle - it's ameowzing! Scroll down to get all snuggly and awwdorable below, you won't want to miss it.


Neighbors snitch on the guy next door for a petty infringement, he returns the favor 10x over: ‘KARMA’

Fail Blog - Sat, 04/20/2024 - 10:00

We've all learned one critical thing from scouring the Internet for entertaining stories of petty revenge–Never start a feud with your neighbor. While we don't have to be besties with the guys next door, things can quickly turn ugly when there's bad blood on your street. And like the neighbor in our next story, you have nothing but time to get revenge on the folks next door if they do you wrong. All they need to do is wait for an opportunity. 

After getting reported to the city for having his shed 1.5ft too close to his neighbor's shared property line, u/bobby_bakerson was fuming. While he went through the laborious and tedious measures of shifting his structure a couple of inches to the left, his head was alight with ideas of revenge. Almost a year later, opportunity struck! With vengeance on his mind and a tight smile every time he interacted with his snitchy neighbor, he noticed the guy next door building a tall (expensive) fence. It would be a shame if someone were to let the city know that the fence was 2 feet too tall according to city guidelines… 

Scroll for the slow burn of petty revenge that will bring satisfaction to any salty neighbor in need of a little payback. 

A Purrfectly Playful Prescription of 26 Funny and Cute Cat Photos To Pawsitively Pummel Your Stress Levels

LOL Cats - Sat, 04/20/2024 - 10:00

Happy Caturday, cat lovers. Everyone has a different reason for getting a cat, but we can all agree on one thing - they're great! Sure, they may wake us up at all hours of the night or early in the morning for breakfast, but they also provide us with a lot of love. Studies show that even looking at pictures of cats on the internet can help make you feel better. So, if you're feeling pawsitively overwhelmed, we've got the purrfect prescription for you - some funny and cute cat photos to pummel your stress levels!

Behold our cute collection of kitties that are here to work wonders on your nervous system. From cats in curiously cute pawsitions to snuggle puddles, to cats being supremely silly, we can already feel our serotonin flowing and our stress levels slipping away. Scroll down to see for yourself and have a great weekend!


Top 21 Hopecore Posts of the Week for Anyone In Need of a Wholesome Pick-Me-Up (April 19, 2024)

Fail Blog - Sat, 04/20/2024 - 09:00

Have you had your recommended daily dose of happy tears yet today?

Splendid Series Of Orange Cats Doing What Orange Cats Do Best, Waiting For Their Turn With Their One Communal Brain Cell

LOL Cats - Sat, 04/20/2024 - 09:00

Hey cat lovers, all of us here at the ICanHasCheezburger editorial office would like to welcome you to the purrfectly silly world of orange cats. In this whimsical world, orange cats share one singular communal braincell and they eagerly await their turn with it. Though their turns are few and far between. there is something oh so special about orange cats, or 'cheeto puffs' as we like to call them over here at the ICanHasCheezburger office. 

Orange cats embody absent minded energy, their goofiness is parallel to none, and we simply adore them in all of their orange glory. We have compiled an abundance of images featuring orange cats waiting for their turn with the  one collective brain cell and being downright hissterical. We think this collection adequately sums up all the hilarity involved in living with an orange Cheeto puff, or two, or three! Enjoy. 


'Either do your job or hand in your resignation': Long-time employee calls boss's bluff, leads mass exodus

Fail Blog - Sat, 04/20/2024 - 08:00

This boss felt confident in telling one employee to quit… but he didn't think they'd actually do it. 

In a story to r/Maliciouscompliance, this employee shared what happened when they worked for a company with high turnover and low pay. U/Catacombs3 wrote that it was a continuous cycle. People would be hired, trained, and could often hit their targets. But paying your employees a low salary means they can't be loyal to you: they're always going to be looking for someone else who can pay them more. The stress of having a low wage is no joke. When money is always on your mind, it's hard to focus on the good parts of life. 

This employee had idealistic visions of the company, and they stayed long after other employees had switched to competing companies. They thought that since they worked so hard and were so dedicated, their employer would see the light, and decide to give them a raise or a promotion. In so many cases, though, these raises or promotions just aren't going to happen. Bosses will lie through their teeth, promising employees these dreams of future success, but it's just not going to happen. 

Next up, check out these cute shelter pets with hilarious names, like "Golf Cart" the black cat, or "French Fry Freddie," a sweet looking pup

Hissterical Memes Entirely Embodying The Humorous Creatures That Are Cats

LOL Cats - Sat, 04/20/2024 - 08:00

Hey cat lovers! Put your paws up in the air like you just don't care and get ready to unleash your laughter with this hilarious cat meme collection. Cat memes make the world go round, and if you don't agree with us on that statement than kindly escort yourself elsewhere. These funny feline memes are here to brighten up your day and turn that frown upside down. 

Cat memes are the internet's pride and joy, and we are here for it. At the ICanHasCheeburger office, we always say how much our faithful readers deserve the very best and funniest cat content, and we work heckin' hard to put our money where our mouths are. We like to bring a little variety to our meme dumps. You won't find just one type of humor, rather you'll find at least a few. Though they are all of the fabulous feline variety, you're welcome.

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'If it's not in writing, it didn't happen': Employee uses written communication as defense when micromanaging supervisor's tries to get of them

Fail Blog - Sat, 04/20/2024 - 07:00

There's a pretty simple rule of management that leaders should follow: Don't mess with something that's working. Whether that's a single high-performing worker, an efficient team, or just a general flow of business, messing with something for the sake of it is always going to end poorly. It's a similar premise to "let sleeping dogs lie," but in this case, it's more of a "let productive workers work." Alas, all too many managers let their egos get in the way and think that they need to have direct control over all the ins and outs of their workforce.

This worker shared their experience with a micromanaging new manager, who, despite their exemplary performance, insisted on controlling their work with unnecessary scrutiny and by leveling unnecessary criticism of their work, giving them needless tasks and arbitrary demands. Thankfully, when their manager sought to get rid of them through the formal disciplinary process, they had plenty of evidence to defend themselves, deflecting the fallacious attack back onto the manager, leading to the exposure that may have caused them to lose their job.

20 Cutest Kittens Of The Week: The Tiniest, Most Irresistibly Awwdorable Criminals (April 20, 2024)

LOL Cats - Sat, 04/20/2024 - 07:00

Kittens. These itty bitty creatures that are so cute and so precious and so very far away from anything resembling innocence. Yes, teeny weeny kittens are the cutest thing in the world, but don't let that fool you. They are criminals! Yes. Yes, they are. These kitties may be smol, but their crimes are much greater than they are. All you need to do is look at their pictures, and before you know it, you will be awwing, smiling, and the need to adopt one of them will be so strong that your legs will carry you to the nearest shelter before your brain even gave them the command to do so.

These kittens even make us, the ICanHas editors, create this listicle each and every week. Here, we showcase the smallest kittens - i.e. the biggest criminals. This was your warning, friends, continue into this listicle only if you are ready for the consequences. 


31 Teacher Memes for Educators Skipping Class More Than Their Students

Fail Blog - Sat, 04/20/2024 - 06:00

You take a deep breath as the projector hums to life, bathing the room in the soft glow of a colonial map. You push aside the stack of ungraded essays threatening to topple over on your desk. Today you are going to talk about the American Revolution, a topic drier than yesterday's whiteboard marker. You clear your throat and ignore the confused murmurs and glares of students who probably wish they were anywhere else.

'Imagine yourselves transported back to 1775, Boston' you begin to ramble on, even boring yourself. Every few minutes one of your students starts to talk, and you find yourself repeating yourself, going over questions, and once again, repeating yourself. If only they would listen. As the bell rings, signaling the end of class, you can't help but smile. They may not memorize every detail from the textbook but they are, in the end, good kids.

Scroll down for the funniest teacher memes of the week and then check out this employee who cleaned the printer… with water. Then she approached IT and failed to mention she had completely soaked it.

Start This Caturday With Some Serious Self-Care By Smiling At The Silliest Cat Memes Of This Week

LOL Cats - Sat, 04/20/2024 - 06:00

Everyone, take a deep, deep breath. Can you smell that? It's the smell of freedom. It's the smell of no alarm clocks, of sleeping in, of having snacks and of spending the day doing nothing but cuddling our cats and gently snorting at cat memes. It's the smell of Caturday. Thank goodness we have made it. For a moment there, we weren't sure we would. Time was moving so slowly, and no matter how many funny cat memes we scrolled through each and every day, it wasn't quite enough to get us through the madness of the world.

But we have made it to the most purrfect day of the week, and the only way – the purrfect day to start this pawfect day is, of course, with the best cat memes of the week. Forget getting out of bed. Stay in a little while longer. We won't judge you. Have a meowrvelous day, everyone! 


'If you have a problem with my direction, you come to me': Entire team complies with boss's vague instructions, putting her job in jeopardy

Fail Blog - Sat, 04/20/2024 - 05:00

Don't you just love it when your boss is on thin ice and decides to take it out on the entire team? You know, as if it's their fault that she's an incompetent manager? That seems to be a frequent occurrence in the workplace. It's certainly nothing new that people in high-pressure situations act out unfairly, but it can be difficult to stomach when the person acting out is also the one who signs your paychecks.

Let's start with one obvious truth that always needs to be restated: your boss's tantrum is not the fault of anyone else besides your boss. Here, we have a manager who sent an aggressive email with vague instructions to her entire team. As soon as she heard rumblings that people were confused, she ended up throwing a fit in front of everyone. Well, despite her outburst, the confusion remained, so her team decided to comply, albeit maliciously.

Keep scrolling below for the full story and for the best reactions. For more tales of workplace malicious compliance, check out this post about a wild interaction after a job candidate declined an offer.

Too easy

LOL Cats - Sat, 04/20/2024 - 05:00

19 Life tips that are so smart, they feel illegal: 'Professional house cleaning is cheaper than you think'

Fail Blog - Sat, 04/20/2024 - 04:00

It's hard to learn the cheat codes of real life. Turns out, the world isn't like a video game where we can just type 'motherlode' on the loading screen to earn ourselves 50,000 Simoleons. In the real world, there aren't any easy shortcuts or simple hacks that can get us living more comfortably, but there are some tips n' tricks that can get us a little closer to the ideal. 

For those of us who didn't grow up with a wise old guru at our side teaching us the ancient ways of freezing rubber bands to make them last longer or giving us insight on the perfect baby shower gift, I present to you something far wiser: The Internet! Keep scrolling for this month's greatest and most insightful life hacks that'll surely become a normal practice in your daily life. You can thank kind strangers online for these gems of wisdom–it may not be $50k, but it just might protect you from the woes of a stinky trashcan! 

Hooman Seeks Fosters for Fluffy Felines After Landlord Kicks Them Out, Forcing Family to Live in Shelter, Internet Bands Together to Help Cats

LOL Cats - Fri, 04/19/2024 - 20:00

Sometimes life throws you a curveball, and you have to do your best to dodge it. In this case, a hooman, alongside their family, was kicked out of their home, forcing them to go to a shelter. The thing is, they had 2 adorable cats who they couldn't take with them. The hooman took to r/cats to express their fear and frustration, asking if anyone who be able to help foster the kitties until their life was more stable. 

They got an overwhelmingly positive response, and the internet immediately banded together to help the fluffy family in need. It's so nice to see the good parts of humanity in a story like this… especially when the landlord is so awful. Scroll down to read the full detailed series of events, and check out the comments, and the outcome. For more like this, here is a story about a pet owner who built a $12,000 fence for their cats, hoping it would keep them safe in their backyard. People laughed at the pictures they uploaded and informed them that their fluffy felines would escape anyway.


Deaf Cat Becomes Hissterical When Hooman Turns Vaccum Cleaner On, Internet Instantly Falls in Love with Funny Fluffy Feline

LOL Cats - Fri, 04/19/2024 - 18:00

My cats think that the vacuum cleaner is Godzilla. Whenever I head over to the closet to take it out, Spock and Leo begin yowling. I'm always afraid my neighbors will think I'm a terrible person so I try to shush them with treats but it doesn't always work. I know it's not nice, but it's almost amusing watching them clamor under the sofa for 'protection' against this big beast. They find it utterly terrifying and I feel bad for laughing. Of course they are completely safe, and you would think after years of living with a vacuum cleaner they would know that, but no…

In any case, this fluffy feline named Chmurka is deaf, so their owner thought they wouldn't be scared of a vacuum cleaner, since they would only feel its vibrations and not actually hear it. But nope, Chmurka is your regular fluffy feline in that regard. Scroll down for the hissterical thread, pictures and comments.

Check out these pet owners who built their cats a $12,000 fence so they could go outside, only to be told by the internet that their kitties would escape anyway.



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