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A Funny Cat Camera Roll for Spicy Meowzers Hissing Their Way Into Monday Meowrning (June 10, 2024)

LOL Cats - Sun, 06/09/2024 - 20:00

Nothing makes hoomans smile quite like a cat. The cat could be purring, the cat could be attacking our ankles, or the cat could be furious about a half-empty food bowl and still, cat-loving hoomans coo and awe over every cat expression. But on a Monday morning, hoomanity needs a grouchy, scrungy, tart-faced feline to start our week right. 

So dunk these sugar-coated feisty felines in your morning coffee and get going on your own moody Monday with this spicy collection of mighty meowzers hissing their way into the meowrning. Without our kitties, we'd have no reason to dash to work and get a paycheck every two weeks, for cat-loving hoomans live to serve our felines–even if their mood turns foul. Turn that frown upside down with this motivating meow mix of funny feline expressions!


Runt-of-the-Litter Kitten Gets Save From Cruel Neighborhood Boys Attempting to 'Put Him on Their Tee and Hit Him With a Baseball Bat'

LOL Cats - Sun, 06/09/2024 - 19:00

There are a few moments in every person's life when they're presented with a crossroads between doing the right thing and sitting idly by. For two girls living in a small town, that crossroad came by recently when they stumbled upon a trio of neighborhood boys attempting to hit a home run at the baseball field using a runty kitten instead of a ball. 

Shocked and horrified at their jests, the girls quickly came to the aid of the kitten, scooping up the tiny feline and deciding to do everything they could to save him. While the kitten was smol and malnourished, the girls came just in time, quickly establishing themselves as the kitten's new mothers and heroes of the day. 

Scroll onward for the entire heartwarming story of heroics, cute kittens, and a feline that is given a second chance at a purrfect life. LIFE IS BETTER WITH CATS - SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER FOR YOUR PURRFECT WEEKLY PICK-ME-UP 

'Bye bye garden bed': Neighborhood dogs destroy their own garden after a clever mom uses their untrained aggression against the owners

Fail Blog - Sun, 06/09/2024 - 16:00

The best petty revenge is self-inflicted. 

Sometimes neighbors confirm their foolishness by lacking the intelligence to better their own situation. For example, I have a neighbor who constantly pushes the pots off of their balcony, sending shards of ceramic and dirt all across the courtyard. You'd think that after the first two broken pots, this neighbor would either find a new way to pot their plants or secure their vessels more appropriately–but alas, not everyone has this kind of reasoning. 

A clever mom in our next story used similar foolishness against one of her rowdy neighbors, using their own aggressive dogs against them. For months, this mom and her young boys had to walk past a very spooky house in order to get to school every day–the reason the house was alarming wasn't because of a haunting or any other malevolence, but because of a pack of semi-feral dogs charging the fence and barking at passersby every day. In order to exact her own revenge against these folks, the mom decided to take her sweet time walking by the house, casually slowing her pace right in front of the owner's meticulously planted garden, watching the dogs bark, scratch, and annihilate each and every flower. 

Scroll for the full story of self-inflicted revenge served up at the end of a leash. Perhaps it's time to start thinking about some training….

Do something!

LOL Cats - Sun, 06/09/2024 - 16:00

34 Memes to Hand in With Your Two Weeks Notice

Fail Blog - Sun, 06/09/2024 - 15:00

You've gone through the grueling process of finding a job, been through countless interviews, been ghosted by (many) recruiters and hiring managers, and you finally landed the role of your dreams. Okay, so that was a bit dramatic — it may not be the role of your dreams, but it will definitely do. Now all you have to do is head over to your micromanager's office and hand in your two-week notice. This is going to be awkward. They're going to hate it.

You do it anyway, and they take it as badly as they could possibly take it. 'Who will cover your shifts? I won't find someone to replace you in time! After everything I've given to you… you're lucky we even accepted you to this place! You're never going to find a better boss, yada, yada…' and you practically roll your eyes as they go off. Sure, you won't find better. Sure, this place 'made you who you are'. The delusion is unreal.

Best hand in some memes while you're quitting, right? Make your boss laugh one last time.

Eccentric slicer

LOL Cats - Sun, 06/09/2024 - 15:00

Update: 'I've already started packing': School worker refuses to be substitute teacher, boss demands they comply

Fail Blog - Sun, 06/09/2024 - 14:00

We all know that teachers these days are under a lot of pressure, and it turns out that pressure extends even to other school staffers. Like this person, for example. U/hhhhhhd5 is literally not even a teacher, and yet their boss keeps trying to get them to substitute teach for absent teachers! 

Although this person was hired to do marketing, they quickly found themself having zero time to actually do that job. That's a bad sign at any job: if management has to bait and switch you into doing something else entirely, that's some bad planning on their end. I imagine the boss in this story was under a lot of pressure too. After all, what else was she supposed to do with numerous classrooms of kids with no teacher around? Still, it's no excuse for the way this person was treated. At least this marketing person/unwilling substitute teacher managed to look for another gig. And as they explained in their update post, they managed to maliciously comply with their boss on their way out the door. 

After that, this contract worker was told to "Just do the important things and let the small stuff slide," but soon after, they were fired! 

A Cat Meme Breakfast Buffet With A Side Of Eggs, Bacon, And Pure Feline Hilarity

LOL Cats - Sun, 06/09/2024 - 14:00

Good meowrning, cat lovers! We hope you got a good night's sleep! As a cat mom to two lovely babies myself, not a night goes by when I am not inundated with cat biscuits throughout the night. Occasionally the biscuits wake me up and I am forced to physically remove the babies from their biscuit factory (my legs). My partner thinks we should shut the bedroom door, but I just can not bring myself to deny the babies of their biscuit factory, even if it wakes me up. Simple as that. 

Anyway, after a decent night's sleep (with a few biscuit breaks) I wake up and prepare myself the most important meal of the day: breakfast. Breakfast sets the tone for the rest of the day's nutritional patterns, and it is ever so important to indulge in a breakfast full of serotonin and pure feline hilarity. That's why a cat meme breakfast buffet is always the way to go. Just think about it, cat memes make everything better, breakfast included! Now, enjoy all of the pleasures this cat meme breakfast buffet has to offer! 


'You really can't win with her': Top Infuriating Coworker Stories of the Week (June 9, 2024)

Fail Blog - Sun, 06/09/2024 - 13:00

Every office has an infuriating coworker, and they can really be the difference between a perfectly average day at work and the worst day of your life. 

This week, we have a variety of difficult team members that range from the entitled to the chaotic. The entitled ones tend to boss you around even when they are just slightly senior according to the company hierarchy. 

The chaotic ones, however, can be even worse, as these stories will show. Sometimes, you actually befriend your chaotic coworker, and you end up really liking them as a person. However, when they start to exhibit unhinged behavior at work, you begin to develop second-hand embarrassment for even being associated with them in any capacity. Then, you end up trying to distance yourself from your chaotic coworker, who has started to become branded as problematic, while maintaining the friendship outside of the office. Then, you learn that this is nearly impossible and that you either have to end the friendship entirely, draw boundaries, or one of you has to leave the company. I'm totally not speaking from personal experience (or am I?).

Keep scrolling below for this week's top infuriating coworker stories. When you're done, check out this post about a strict boss's bogus new policies.

Delightfully Derpy Cats Engaging In Totally 'Normal' Feline Behavior (Being Complete and Utter Derps)

LOL Cats - Sun, 06/09/2024 - 13:00

Hey, pals. Cats are… an interesting species. That's one way of putting it, anyway. They are completely independent entities, they march to the beats of their own drums and they will not change their behavioral patterns. You can try training your cat, but this effort will likely not be successful. Because at the end of the day, cats are going to engage in totally 'normal' feline behavior. And by totally 'normal' feline behavior, we mean that they will always be complete and utter derps. 

What does being a derp consist of, you ask? For a cat, being a derp means acting goofy, silly, or clumsy. It's like they're having a moment where they're not quite as graceful or coordinated as usual. There are endless examples of hilarious cat derpiness and we have put in the hours to collect some of the most delightfully derpy moments that we could find on the internet. You go ahead and indulge in all of this silliness, we'll be right here doing the same. 


'He assumes he's better': Ex-boyfriend tries to show off to ex to bring them down a notch

Fail Blog - Sun, 06/09/2024 - 12:00

This person got back at their ex in a tiny but very irritating way. That's the way some relationships go: the couple breaks up, but they can't stop seeing each other. They get into a cycle of squabbling and making up, but that doesn't mean their relationship isn't toxic. 

u/ReSpekt5eva shared their story of dealing with an ex with whom they ended things, yet remained on friendly terms. They explained that this guy went to the same grad school they did, although he was a few years older than them. The original poster realized that he was self-conscious about their age difference. You can go back to school to get your degree at any age, yet this dude was bothered by the fact that his younger partner was in a PhD program at a younger age. 

In the comments, people remarked on their relationship. One person wrote that "It must be exhausting to compare everything one does to other people." From the biggest issues to the smallest, comparing yourself to others constantly won't exactly help you reach your goals. You can check out the full malicious compliance story down below!

Next up, these people revealed the funniest reasons they've ever gotten in big trouble, like the poor 11-year-old who "received a speeding ticket… on my bike." 

23 Gorgeous Grumpy Cats Captivating Hearts With Their Charming Crossed Faces

LOL Cats - Sun, 06/09/2024 - 12:00

Let's hear it for our cats and their irresistibly awwdorable grumpy faces! Cats have all sorts of reasons to get grumpy, missed treats, not enough cuddles, or the absence of a new cozy box to explore. Their little lives can be so tough! That's why they show off those serious faces. But for us, their grumpiness is a bundle of joy! Who can resist those aww-dorably cuddly, cross expressions? They turn every frown into a delightful spectacle! It's one more reason why we absolutely awwdore our fluffy feline friends!

Cats really take their grumpy moments seriously, but to us, it's pure cuteness! Whether they are giving us the side eye or wearing a frown, we can't help but love their charmingly grumpy faces, after all is there anything not to love about our awwdorable and charming felines? Let's cheer for these furry little characters and their irresistibly aww-dorable grumpy moods! 


Top Dad Jokes of the Week to Prepare for Father's Day (June 9, 2024)

Fail Blog - Sun, 06/09/2024 - 11:00

Father's Day is the day to let your dad be his weird, crazy self. To all the fathers out there who feel like Father's Day is somehow always an afterthought, in truth, it's the opportunity to get away with all the lame jokes and bad habits you have that typically result in nothing more than an eye-roll from your partner and children. It's the one day out of the entire year when they really can't say or do anything about it. It would be a shame to not take advantage of the albeit temporary power fathers have on Father's Day.

So if you want to order dinner from the restaurant everyone else detests, Father's Day is the day to do it. If you want to watch the movie of your choice and make everyone else join you, Father's Day is the day to do it. And last but certainly not least, if you want to get all the Dad Jokes out of your system, now is the time. 

Keep scrolling below for this week's top Dad jokes. When you're done, check out this list of funny airport greeting signs.

22 Funny Feline Fails For A Silly Sunday

LOL Cats - Sun, 06/09/2024 - 11:00

Sometimes Sunday calls for sweet, innocent images of cats living their best lives, to make us feel whole and hugged on a day that typically can carry a lot of dread considering its proximity to the beginning of the work week. However, for this particular list we are taking a different approach and instead embracing our silly side with these funny feline fails to make your Sunday as silly as pawssible.

From the hilarious house cat who, after going outside for literally a few seconds and decided that it was no place for her to be, to the silly feline whose attempt at dieting took a steep downward trajectory at 3 a.m., to the unassuming catto who only wanted to grow up to be an adult, yet was disappointed with what he found when he grew up, to the crazy cattos who threw the uno reverse card on their pawrent by making them choose which cat they would cuddle and play with. These hissterical cats are the pawfect material to get your silly side lit up and ready to go.


'OK I’m not an idiot': Tech support guy drives 1 hour to plug in an outlet because an incompetent client fails to follow simple instructions

Fail Blog - Sun, 06/09/2024 - 10:00

Tech support guys have seen it all–from power outages and troubleshooting, to complete idiocracy, IT guys must cultivate some serious patience to deal with the technologically illiterate folks of the world. 

A tech guy was pushed to the limit of his patience recently when a completely incompetent employee proved to be bafflingly foolish. Anyone who has lived on earth at any point during the last 100 years knows how a power outlet works. You plug in electronics, they go boom-boom, bading-bading and the lights come on… Simple as that.

If an electrical cord isn't plugged into the wall (the source of its power), how is anything supposed to work? 

Well, this tech support dude taught one incompetent client the ABCs of technology after walking her through the steps of plugging in an outlet into the wall instead of into itself. Scroll for the entire story of asinine stupidity and one woman's stubbornness that led to a heft tech support bill. 

21 Awwdorable Orange Cat Posts To Sweeten Your Sunday

LOL Cats - Sun, 06/09/2024 - 10:00

Purr, purr hoomans, the weekend is half way done and soon enough the work week will come back around to force us all to leave our cozy homes and step into the big wide world. So until that fateful moment happens, we made this list of awwdorable orange cat posts to make sure your Sunday as sweet as it can pawssibly be, so that at the very least you will land into the work week like a cat falling onto a pile of pillows.

From the dozy orange catto who only wanted to take a mini cat nap, but ended up sleeping through half of the day, to the feisty fella who tried to act natural for his crush but ended up looking like the centerfold from this month's issue of Playcat, to the clever cat who knows how to look busy when the boss comes around to check up on everyone. These orange cats are the pawfect motivation and inspiration for the last day of the weekend and even a little for the beginning of the work week.


Employee skillfully complies with micromanager's demands for complete access to personal schedule by erasing everything from calendar before granting access

Fail Blog - Sun, 06/09/2024 - 09:00

We somehow muster the strength to report to work every day, seven days a week. We work very hard at our occupations so that we are capable of a fair standard of living. Thus, it may be said that even though their justifications may differ, the employer and employee have a common goal in mind: producing high-quality material.

The story below is an account of a frustrated employee. The dispute between the original poster (OP) and his micromanager is discussed. After the micromanager started tracking OP's every move at work and had complete access to his planner, the initially satisfied worker took matters into his own hands and hatched a crafty scheme to wreak revenge on his manager.

That being said, be sure to read the story below if you're interested in learning the specifics of what happened and how OP sought revenge! When you're done, don't forget to read the account of the worker who survives the initial wave of cuts only to learn that eighty percent of his team has been let go!

27 Purrfect "Not my cat" Meowments of Funny Fluffy Felines Capturing the Hearts of Wholesome Hoomans Without a Warrant

LOL Cats - Sun, 06/09/2024 - 09:00

Hello, fiery-hearted feline fanatics. If you have been chosen by the cat distribution system, you know that cats always come when you least expect them. Like, when you find a kitten inside your engine, when you get back from the store and find a random cat in your house, or the best one yet, you wake up to a cat crawling over you sleep. 

It's true, we weren't cat people before our cat chose us. Don't tell anyone, but we used to be dog people (it will be our little secret), but then a cat showed up in our lives one day and we never looked back. A cat just stormed in one day, claimed us as their hooman, and we both lived happily ever after. It wasn't so easy for everyone else though, so scroll down to see some silly "not my cat moments" where kitties captured the hearts of wholesome hoomans without a warrant!


‘I got to spend the next hour cleaning up 96 broken eggs’: 20+ “I don’t get paid enough for this” moments that made people rethink their jobs

Fail Blog - Sun, 06/09/2024 - 08:00

It's a thought that crosses everyone's mind at times: "I don't get paid enough to deal with this nonsense." Some days at work make you take out your phone calculator to figure out how much you're getting paid by the minute or second. When you've had an off day, it's easy to start fantasizing about future careers that'll line your pockets better.

A lot of times, the most physically demanding jobs also pay the least. Jobs where you're dealing with fuming customers also seem to pay peanuts. Meanwhile, folks with cushy office jobs often make five, six, or even seven figures annually, and they don't even have to stand all day or get yelled at by angry customers! It's just not fair, and there's not much to be done about it except heading to a job site to put your application in.

More than 13,000 people revealed their moments of "I don't get paid enough for this" in response to u/sprite_is_spicy's question on r/AskReddit. Check out some of the funniest answers down below!

Next up, this foreman was surprised when one of his employees stood up to him to declare that no, they would not be working unpaid overtime

27 Pawsitive Cat Memes To Start the Work Week With 9 Purrfect Lives of LOLs and Wholesome Feline Laughter

LOL Cats - Sun, 06/09/2024 - 08:00

Good meowrning, fellow feline fans. You probably woke up with a smile on your face today (you definitely did if you woke up with your fuzzy feline curled up next to you), but then you realized that you have to go back to work tomorrow. Oh no! Nobody likes Monday mornings, not even cats. But here at I Can Has Cheezburger, we like to focus on the pawsitive over the negative, so let's scroll through some pawsitive cat memes to start the work week with nine purrfect lives of lols and wholesome feline laughter.

If we had the power to help you skip Mondays altogether, we would, but since we weren't born in the world of X-Men, we'll have to use the superpowers at our disposal - which happens to be sending wholesome feline funnies to people in need. It isn't much, but it does the job. So enjoy your remaining hours of the weekend and these super silly cats - they're purrfecly hissterical!



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