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Friendliest Feline Gets Returned to the Shelter for Being "Too" Affectionate of a Cat, Internet Comes to the Defense of This Bestest Boy

LOL Cats - Sat, 01/28/2023 - 02:00

If we lived in a perfect cat person world, everyone kitty would have their perfect home and get all the loving and cuddling they desire—the cats, not the humans. But unfortunately, we do not live in that world. We apparently live in a world where cats get demonized for everything, even for being "too" loving. 

Recently, a shelter posted a heartbreaking video of one of their cats up for adoption. The little Tuxedo is named Jerry and he was surrendered to the shelter because the owner said he was "too" affectionate. The previous owner was annoyed by how often this cat wanted attention, cuddles, and loving. So now Jerry has been sitting in a shelter for a long time trying to find that furever home where he will be able to cuddle with his hoomans for life. 

The shelter posted Jerry's predicament on their social media and the cat people of the internet came flooding in to defend and help Jerry out. Many commenters post in disbelief that someone could give up a loving cat like that. While others are volunteering to adopt Jerry—one commenter even offered to pay any adoption fees for whoever ends up adopting him. #JusticeForJerry

Check out sweet loving Jerry below and his Internet defense team below, and his adoption info here.

Most Adorable 'How To' Videos: How to Give a Kitten a Proper Feline Flea Bath

LOL Cats - Fri, 01/27/2023 - 17:00

How To videos are supposed to be educational and help you develop a new skill. Many find them odious and boring, but you gotta learn to get the job done. But when the How To video's star character is an adorable itty bitty floofy kitten then SIGN US UP!

Why don't they just add kittens to every How To vide? Seriously, humanity would probably learn a lot more if the learning process included adorable baby animals. Oh, your husband wants to fix the new flooring all on his own, he just needs to watch that YouTube video on that one part, but he keeps falling asleep during it? Find a video where the teacher's assistant is actually an adorable kitten! 

Giving a cat is not a normal thing, you do not need to do that often. It is only for certain situations, like giving a cat a medicate flea bath, do you need to do this. People who often rescue cats usually end up giving cats a bath and they have perfected it. One woman shares her kitten bath videos online and they truly are the MOST adorable How To videos you will ever watch. 

The Best Service Industry Memes of the Week for Servers and Bartenders Who Never Thought They'd Be Here This Long (January 27, 2022)

Fail Blog - Fri, 01/27/2023 - 16:00

It all starts when you take that summer job during college at the local restaurant when you're studying to be a doctor. It's fast paced, the money's pretty good, and your entire employee roster has hooked up with pretty much everybody. Sometimes you might even get free food! When you're 20, that's the dream right? Well then the money got too good and you forgot about post-grad degrees. The longer you were bussing the tables, the more they moved you up on the hierarchy and then you became a ~server~, the most coveted position in the room. Now, you're making bank on tips and wondering why your back hurts all the time and your cheeks get tight from fake smiling all night. Oh, that's because you're 30 now and the last decade of partying with your coworkers and spending all your cash has flown by pretty fast. Uh oh. Well, at least your entire friend group works on the weekends and parties on Monday so there's no reason to start being a corporate clown at this point. You might as well go to bartending school and just become a part of the system.

Bad Kitty: Funniest Rebellious Cat Memes of the Week for Feisty Felines Who Will Never Yield to Authority (January 27, 2023)

LOL Cats - Fri, 01/27/2023 - 16:00

Welcome to our good Lord Kitty Kittenson's domain. King Kitty rules this house and all who oppose him will get the ultimate punishment: The Claws. Have you ever had a cat that took over your life, but in a bad way? How is it that me, an adult human person, is governed entirely by a six pound ball of fluff? It all started when your calico beauty started faking stomach pains so that you would buy them the expensive wet food. From there, they realized their power over you and faked a gluten allergy too so that you would have to buy the EXPENSIVE good treats. Then you noticed they were tearing apart their little bed, so you bought them a throne-like cat tree from Williams Sonoma. Now you're hooked. You've forfeited all power over this little beast and they know it. Next time you try to oppose them, they might just react violently. Now, lowly hooman, go dig through the litter box and clean their p00p.

'What are my options?': Restaurant owner fires server and holds $2000 for ransom to force signing of illegal NDA

Fail Blog - Fri, 01/27/2023 - 15:00

Working in the service industry is often stressful and traumatic for a number of reasons. On the one hand, you're often treated poorly by clientele, who mostly regard you as subhuman because of your line of work. On the other hand, you're at the mercy of the unrealistic expectations and unethical practices of the small business owner who owns the place, and—let's be honest—these people often shouldn't be allowed to operate a business or have responsibility over the livelihood of others. 

These owners are often willfully negligent of labor practices and standards, more likely to laugh in your face at the request for fair treatment than to take on board any meaningful feedback. Margins are slim in this business, and despite already being paid pennies for your work, when it comes to their bottom line, you're their most costly—yet most controllable—resource. 

This worker shared their experience to Reddit's r/Serverlife subreddit, sharing how they had been fired for questionable reasons, and their ex-employer was now holding $2000 of their pay as ransom to force them to sign an NDA. They shared their story in order to as the service subreddit for advice, of which they received plenty. 

. . .

Keep reading to see this story and the advice the original poster received. For more, check out this job advertisement for a server that sparked debates online over the outrageously low wage.

20 Funniest Feline Memes for Obsessed Cat Owners Whose Smol Kitten is Their Biological Child

LOL Cats - Fri, 01/27/2023 - 15:00

They say that in the modern age, for parental-aged millennials, "plants are the new pets and pets are the new kids". Having a plant is as demanding as having a pet in previous generations. Plants require meticulous tending and care in order to thrive in your home– like a pet. In the old days, you could just set your dog free on the ranch and hope it came back without any broken limbs. Nowadays, your pet is more important than that. Your pets no longer serve a purpose or have a job on the farm, their occupation is to enrich your life with their love and company, sort of like a human child…? 

So if you're one of the classic aging millennials who refuses to have a kid in the world climate right now, then you probably have a cat that you love dearly. That cat is your obsession. That cat is your best buddy. That cat is your biological child. 

Most Adorable Fluffy Faces In The Form Of Felines Who Don't Mind The Chilly Season

LOL Cats - Fri, 01/27/2023 - 14:00

Our kitties are driving up us the wall in the best way — they're so cute that it hurts. We want to snuggle with them all day and forget about the blistering cold outside of our fogged-up windows. February is nearly here, and winter is at its peak. Lucky for our fluffy cats, their fur protects them against the cold, while we humans can't really say the same. At this time, the more fluff the merrier! 

It's alright though, as we can use our adorable cats as blankets. You only realize how warm you were when your feline decides that its social battery has peaked and jumps off of your lap towards a random corner of your house. They truly do find the weirdest places to sleep. Scroll down for some of the floofiest critters we've seen this week on Instagram. We're lowkey jealous, but we guess that a hot water bottle and a weighted blanket will have to do.

While we're on the topic of fluff, check out these Siberian twins who are giving the facts out, straight.

30+ Funny moments of failure that people actually shared publicly for everyone to see

Fail Blog - Fri, 01/27/2023 - 14:00

Oh, you did something awkward? Time to share it with your 8000 closest friends on social media! 

These people below are unashamed, thriving, living their most embarrassing lives right out in public. It's easy enough to shoot off a quick Snap story to your friends or followers. I feel bad for the guy who accidentally sliced off half his hair just in time for his very first day of class. That's not quite the right impression you want to give! 

I also feel for the woman who was shaving her legs and presumably put a foot on the faucet, only for it to fall off and start shooting her with jets of water. No wonder she posted to social media for help, I wouldn't know what to do either! 

Check out these hilarious fails below. Then, dive into the most mildly irritating things that happened this week on the internet. 

'She's been utterly betrayed by her entire office and her husband:' Entitled boss brings married employees to the brink of quitting and divorcing after getting husband to secretly push wife out of huge company deal

Fail Blog - Fri, 01/27/2023 - 13:30

Dating a co-worker has never worked in the system. If you have experienced this, then you know, it always tends to get messy. But when you are married, working with your hubby doesn't seem too bad. As long as you aren't driving each other nut in the office, then it could work. Until it doesn't. A happily married couple that are also coworkers are now on the bring of divorce because of the actions of their boss. Both the hubby and wifey work in upper management and felt confident in their jobs. They worked hard and even got double the bonus this passed quarter. However, something the CEO did recently started an avalanche of consequences. The CEO has been talking about retiring and throwing around the idea of selling the company to his upper management. The wife has been included in these discussions until recently. 

It seemed like a normal day until everybody but her and the company's book keeper was called into a meeting. She asked everyone what was going on, even her husband, and nobody would tell her. She found out after that it was a meeting where the CEO officially put the offer on the table for upper management to buy him out of the company. Apparently they had been planning this meeting for weeks and to add insult to wound, they even went out for a nice lunch afterwards on the company's dime. 

She couldn't believe the level of betrayal she felt—not only from her place of establishment, but also from her husband. He had known for at least a week that she was going to be pushed out of the deal and he never said a word to her. In his mind, he was just being a good employee, but in her eyes, the entire office betrayed her and then on top of that, the man who made a vow to her, the one person she is supposed to be able to trust with her life, sided with the company that just betrayed her. She has no idea what to do and takes to Reddit for advice. Should she quit and work on the marriage? Should she divorce her husband because of his breach of trust? Should she Quit and divorce? Redditors flock to the comments to add their two cents. 

Frisky Friday: A Cat-tastic Collection of Hilarious Feline Memes to Kick Off Your Weekend (30+ Memes)

LOL Cats - Fri, 01/27/2023 - 13:00

It's finally Friday, thank the cat gods! We all survived the week and it's time to get into that weekend mood. No matter what you're doing this weekend, whether it's spending it inside with your four-legged feline friends, or outside with your human friends, you need some funnies to shake away that office feeling and get into relaxation mode. 

This cat-tastic collection of memes is here to do just that. Let's take our minds off of our work emails and any unfinished projects we have hanging over our heads to make room for some good old laughs in the form of cat memes. You know them and love them, they're the best medicine for a person with the blues or worries on their minds. So let's shake off that stress and get into the fun zone because these little guys pack a serious punch of funny. Have a great weekend!

'How this email finds me...': Top Email Fails of the Week (January 27, 2023)

Fail Blog - Fri, 01/27/2023 - 13:00

There is nothing worse than receiving an unwanted email at work. Well, let's amend that statement already. Since all emails are unwanted emails, we might as well say that there's nothing worse than receiving any emails at work. Seriously, some messages just don't need to be sent. Unfortunately, however, in this corporate world, people will never seem to learn that and will simply bombard your inbox as if it's theirs. I mean, the audacity of your boss sending an email reminder for you to complete your regular job duties! What kind of toxic work environment is this?


Well, whether or not we like them, emails come with the territory of having a job. However, as long as there are emails, there will always be memes, tweets, and fails about said corporate emails. Keep scrolling below to have a look at this fresh batch of email-related work fails. When you're done, check out these Sunday Scaries memes.

True crime

LOL Cats - Fri, 01/27/2023 - 12:00

'Restaurants like that don't deserve to work': Worker claims to be wrongly fired, reports restaurant to the feds

Fail Blog - Fri, 01/27/2023 - 12:00

A young person in the food industry experienced poor treatment from their boss, and took some extreme measures to ensure it wouldn't happen again. As they shared to r/pettyrevenge, this worker shared that they were a 19 year old working in a pizza place. After a while of working in a nice environment with coworkers they liked, the place changed management, and that's when the s*** hit the fan. 

The OP says they trained the new people, yet the new management still made some inflammatory remarks against the OP. As the OP writes, they had to take a medical leave from their job, but since it was the first week since the new management started, that didn't look good for the OP. To discover what happened next, scroll down and read this pizza drama yourself. 

Up next, get inspired by another revenge story. This guy took down an entire HOA organization in an incredible stroke of genius (and legal methods, of course). 

Waiter knows best.

LOL Cats - Fri, 01/27/2023 - 11:00

'If I messed up it was on his head': Coworker Bob bosses employee around, cue malicious compliance

Fail Blog - Fri, 01/27/2023 - 11:00

We all have a Bob in our lives... you know, that coworker who thinks they're the boss of you? The one who actively lurks waiting for you to mess up or to give you unsolicited feedback or advice. Yup, Bobs are everything and there's truly nothing stopping them. That is unless you stand up to them or engage in some well-deserved malicious compliance.


That's what this Redditor did. They posted their story via this thread on Reddit's r/MaliciousCompliance subreddit, and let's just say that Bob's meddling was beyond ridiculous. This whole story serves as a great blueprint for what to absolutely not do to your coworker. If you're ever worried that something is being completed incorrectly, approach them with a sense of camaraderie. Don't approach them with vague threats and demands. Who do you think you are, BOB?! 


Keep scrolling below for the full post and for the best comments. For more, here's another story about an employee's PTO request. 

Hairless Cat Who Tragically Lost Her Own Kittens Adopts Two Fluffy Newborns (Video)

LOL Cats - Fri, 01/27/2023 - 10:00

If there's one thing that all cat moms know, it's that being a cat mom is a really hard job, but it is also incredibly gratifying. Seeing your kittens' eyes open for the very first time, watching your adorable kittens take their first steps, introducing your kittens to all the pawnderful things out there in the world that they can explore and - ultimately - try to destroy. 

Cat moms indeed have a hard job to do when it comes to raising their kids, but sadly, what's even more difficult for some cat moms is the birth. That is the situation in this video - from both ends. Here you have two kittens who have lost their momma as well as a momma cat who lost her kittens. And amazingly, even though it took a while, this momma adopted these kittens as her own. They are a little funny looking as a family, that's true - with a hairless momma and two incredibly fluffy newborns - but they seem happy, and we wish them all the luck in the world. 

Update: Landowner returns after 3 years to tell the story of how they defeated a backstabbing HOA and land developer

Fail Blog - Fri, 01/27/2023 - 10:00

What are you to do when you purchase something only to have the terms of sale retroactively changed by a governing association? Oh, and that governing association is controlled by the organization that sold you the thing in the first place. Well, lawyer up and hit them with a strongly worded email letting them know just angry you are. 

After a three-year hiatus, this landowner returned to share the grippingly realistic tale of how they managed to defeat a land developer and HOA who had changed the terms of sale after they had purchased their lot. This story may not end with a fund-siphoning, power-tripping, fraudulent HOA board member getting ousted—and the whole HOA disbanded… but it does strike a few chords of realism that these stories seldom manage to.

Keep reading for this two-parter. The original thread is items #2-14 and the recent update is items #15-26.

Adorable Friendship Between A Wild Cat And A Fox Cub Goes Viral, And The Internet Reacts

LOL Cats - Fri, 01/27/2023 - 09:00

Cat haters have one very persistent belief about cats, and that is that they are not friendly, that no matter how nice you are to them, at some point, in some way, they will hurt you. And yes, despite the fact that cats are known for their aloofness and independence, cats seem to continuously try to prove people wrong - by befriending as many unexpected animals as possible. You think cats are unfriendly? Then, clearly you have not seen that adorable video of a senior cat hanging out with its cockatoo BFF, and you have definitely not seen the cat who became one with his feathered chicken friends, and you for sure have not seen the teeny weeny kitten who befriended a giant horse or the itty bitty kitty who became best friends with a pig

Cats can be incredibly friendly. It's just that they are picky about their friends. And they are allowed to be. Still, seeing it seems to take people off guard, and that's definitely true for this video and pictures of a cat being friends with a fox who just went viral. 

Inconsiderate Roommate Suddenly Brings Home Kitten & Expects Roomie To Keep Her Senior Cat Isolated In Response

LOL Cats - Fri, 01/27/2023 - 08:00

Hey, y'all! So, living with roommates can be difficult. You never quite know what you're going to get, and how people are going to respond to uncomfortable living situations. It's a gamble if you will. But in the case we are going to discuss now, the situation is quite clear. Meet OP, a person living with her girlfriend, and another roommate. The other roommate has a senior cat that requires a lot of care and attention, which she clearly stated prior to moving in. OP's roommate gave fair warning regarding her cat's temperament and specifically requested that the roommates do not own any other pets while in the space, as her cat would likely not respond well. 

Fast forward to now, OP and her girlfriend decided to bring a kitten home without informing their roommate, and then they had the audacity to ask their roomie to keep her senior cat isolated in the bedroom. Are they for real? Cats need space, they need to stretch their cute little legs and feel ownership over their surroundings. What got us through this tough-to-read post was the fact that after reading through the responses, OP did in fact realize that she was the a-hole in this situation, and learned from it. That's all we can really ask of folks, that they learn from their mistakes and become better people. 


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