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15+ Memes for Restaurant Workers, Bartenders, and Cooks

Fail Blog - Wed, 05/24/2023 - 13:00

Working in a restaurant is, at the very least, a humbling experience. It's definitely one of those "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" jobs, even if it doesn't feel that way 100% of the time. Customers can be abysmal, managers can be ruthless, days can be alternatively too slow or too overwhelming, and your legs often get tired. Sometimes, the days can be so rough that when an entitled customer asks to take a meal back because it's too cold, you're this close to throwing their plate of food on the floor and giving them a piece of your mind.


However, that scenario only exists in your head. Instead, you manage to maintain a gracious smile and fake your way to the end of your shift before collapsing on your bed and trying to get a decent amount of sleep before having to wake up in the morning and do it all over again. If this is you, please enjoy this assortment of restaurant memes. When you're finished, check out these top 'me IRL' memes. 

'I absolutely think it’s tacky': Birthday party host asks teenagers to pay separate bills

Fail Blog - Wed, 05/24/2023 - 12:00

Customs and etiquette change over time, but this mom is pretty sure this party host is being super tacky. 

There are all types of parties, from simple to extravagant. For smaller events, it can be great to host your family and friends at your home for a backyard BBQ, which is casual and cost effective. Other people love to spend big money on their kids parties by renting entertainers or bouncy houses, or hosting the event at a restaurant or play zone. As a kid, you have a wonderful time regardless of which party you go to! But that might not be the case if you were expected to pay just to go to the event itself, which is what happened to the OP's kid.

People in the comments left helpful advice for the OP, u/momtechteach9. She also left edits with additional information about the party host, noting that she's not exactly strapped for cash. 

After you read this party drama, check out this employee, who quit immediately after management shared their personal info with the entire company. 

Super Stealthy Kitties: 16 Pics Of Magnificent Meowsters Of Camouflage

LOL Cats - Wed, 05/24/2023 - 12:00

Now you see them, now you don't! Watch as these magnificent meowsters of stealth use their natural camouflage and ameowzing hiding skills to disappear from before our very eyes. Many feline friends attempt to spot these amazing floofballs while they are one with the shadows because if they do, they will then be able to enter the Cat Ninja School, where the best of the best in kitty camouflage is taught.

This illustrious school is headed by the greatest cat ninja that ever lived, Headmistress Shadowfang, who also happens to be the head of the Shadowfang clan. It is said that she is capable of biting any human's ankles, anywhere, within 24 hours of receiving her mission. It is due to this and her long history as a fangsassin that she comes so incredibly recommended and received both of her positions.

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27 Cats In Hats and More Silly Props That They Let Us Plop On Their Head, Sometimes In Bed

LOL Cats - Wed, 05/24/2023 - 11:00

We always joke about cats having short tempers, but in reality, they put up with a lot of our nonsense. We love to pick them up all the time, bother them while they're sleeping (but, to be fair, they're always sleeping), and in this case, put random things on their heads and take pictures of them. We love seeing their perturbed faces, while they tolerate wearing a cute hat, or anything else that we can find to balance on their purrfectly shaped heads.

We've got cats wearing everything you can imagine - spoons, leaves, tiny as well as regular-sized hats, and even a food bowl! These kitties are sure to bring a smile to your face, and they might even inspire you to find something interesting to place upon your own kitty cat! We recommend doing it while they're baking a purrfectly cooked cat loaf, because then they're less likely to move. Have fun!

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'You don't have to make [the DMV] any worse': Rude customer berates DMV worker, she gets petty revenge by giving him the worst license plate number

Fail Blog - Wed, 05/24/2023 - 11:00

No one enjoys being at the dreaded Department of Motor Vehicles, otherwise known as the DMV or the physical manifestation of purgatory. However, the only thing worse you could do as a customer at the DMV is to make the experience more difficult than it needs to be.


This thread was posted to Reddit's r/pettyrevenge subreddit by u/grantchart, who explained that one of the few joys on the job was the occasional discovery of a humorous license plate number. When one customer decided to be absolutely dreadful that day, OP got back at him when she came across a humorous license plate number in the queue that the customer clearly wanted. Instead of giving him that satisfaction, she moved that option to the bottom of the screen and gave him a boring number instead. That's what you get when you are condescending to the people who are working to try to make things easier for you.


For more stories like this, check out this HOA drama.

Sit Happens- Silly Series Of Cats Who Assert Their Dominance By Fitting and Sitting All Over Their Households

LOL Cats - Wed, 05/24/2023 - 10:00

Hey pals! Time to pull up a chair and get comfortable. If there's one thing about cats - it's that they love to assert their dominance over anyone and everyone standing in their way. It doesn't matter whether you're a human or a mammal, small in size or tall as heck, you can bet your booty that cats will find a way to make sure everyone knows who's in charge. They'll stare you down with the most judgemental eyes or knock cups off every surface in the house. Basically, what we're saying is there is nothing cats won't do when declaring control. Even if it means squishing and squeezing in the smallest of places. 

Speaking of which, everyone knows that cats love to fit and sit. No matter if it's an Amazon delivery box or your favorite salad bowl - if it's weird and random enough - then that's all that matters. There is not a square foot of house that cats will not pop a squat upon. And we are here for it. With that being said, we present to you a funny collection of cats sitting and fitting all around their respective households. 

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'You can't use your work phone unless you're on the clock': Company suffers drop in production following employees' conformance to new guidelines, HR fails to mediate

Fail Blog - Wed, 05/24/2023 - 10:00

It's quite something when incompetent leadership and management destroy initiative and morale. In this case, OP was working at a job that required a lot of communication and coordination. Often, a lot of things required from them were time-sensitive. The employees all had a work phone, which they would use for work calls outside of work hours, as well. One day, the company decided to forbid its employees from using their work phones outside of work. They would use scare tactics to make sure the employees complied with this upper management decision, calling and texting them off the clock to see if they answered.

As you can imagine, this resulted in fury, disappointment, and some good old malicious compliance. In an act of defiance, the employees decided not to use their work phones outside of work hours at all. Things quickly began to fall apart, and things got so bad that the company's clients began complaining, resulting in a loss of revenue.

The CEO teamed up with HR and called an emergency meeting, to which all the employees' arrived, smirking. OP and the other employees told management that they had warned them but to no avail. The CEO and HR were utterly exasperated, unsure of what to do. Scroll down to read what happened next.

For more, here is a customer who lost thousands of dollars thanks to their own lack of skills in the communications department; the customer complained about a designer item that had arrived in 'terrible condition', to which the retailer replied that they were willing to give them a full refund. Nevertheless, the customer decided to file a chargeback, leading to a whole other variety of issues.

'That would be to expensive': Boss boasts about his standing desk but won't let anyone else have one

Fail Blog - Wed, 05/24/2023 - 09:00

Standing desks may have become all the rage, but some people can't stand them. Being on your feet all day can be tiring and result in aches that can't wait to be eased by a well-deserved rest. Just ask anyone who works in retail, nursing, or the service industry and has to be on their feet all day. Workers from these sectors are probably permanently bewildered by office workers' obsession with standing. 

My own experience with standing desks has led me to believe that their sole reason for existence is to annoy your coworkers—the dramatic whirring determination of the motor letting them know that you've decided to swap from sit to stand, then stand to sit—and back again… for the fifth time in twenty minutes. For the person with the standing desk, it's amazing. Having the flexibility to swap from standing to sedentary whenever you please. Still, whatever your feelings on standing desks themselves, it's always frustrating to have double standards in the workplace, with rules and policies blatantly benefiting senior management at the expense of everyone else. 

This worker shared their experience of this, telling how their boss had been gloating to the workers about his new standing desk and the health benefits it offered. When questioned about whether or not everyone else would be receiving one (if the health benefits were really so grand) the boss replied that it was simply not in the budget. 

If this boss was truly a stand-up guy, he would have offered his workers the option of a standing desk too.

Read on to see screenshots of this thread and the responses that it generated on Reddit's r/antiwork workplace subreddit community. Next, check out this worker who was fired a month after starting her new job.

Cat Parents Guess What Their Felines Would Say If They Could Talk: ICanHasCheezburger Edition

LOL Cats - Wed, 05/24/2023 - 09:00

Hey friends! It's time to delve into the wild imaginations of ICanHasCheezburger users and their witty interpretations of what their beloved feline friends would say if they could talk. From purrfectly timed demands to sassy retorts, these cat parents bring the laughs with their creative guesses! The catnip of curiosity led us to the virtual kingdom of Facebook, where the ICanHasCheezburger community shared their delightful responses. Most of which consisted of requests for food, no surprises there! 

Snuggled in their warm, fuzzy beds, these cats would apparently demand treats like there's no tomorrow, uttering "snacks NOW" or "GIMME TREATS" with irresistible charm. Some cats seem to have a managerial streak, wondering if they could "speak to your manager?" whenever they find things not up to their impeccable standards. Even if they can't speak our language, their personalities shine through in the funniest ways. When it comes to our beloved feline companions, the comedy never stops!

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A Bunch Of Mildly Funny Cat Memes For All The People Who Just Can't Take It Anymore (20 Memes)

LOL Cats - Wed, 05/24/2023 - 08:00

Listen, no matter how well-balanced you are in life, some mornings, you wake up, and you just- can't take it anymore. The world is insane, yo, and there is not much we can do. For the most part, we must simply accept the madness and learn to live with it and around it. Of course, that doesn't mean tha twe can't be exasperated by it sometimes, and when those times come, there is only one thing that can help us get out of that slump, and that's… you guessed it - funny cat memes

Seriously, there is not much that hissterical cat memes can't override. No matter how much craziness you see in a day, sitting back and scrolling through a bunch of cat memes is pretty much a guaranteed way to make a cat person smile at least a little bit. So, we hope these memes will make you smile, and seriously, take a breather, think about cats, and allow them to remind you that the world ain't really that bad. 

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'I decided to quit once the schedule went up': Entire workplace receives employees' personal writeup note on their schedule

Fail Blog - Wed, 05/24/2023 - 08:00

This worker has every right to be furious at their (now former) employer. As u/lbo1000 shared to r/TalesFromYourServer, the management at their job has been treating them unfairly, and with this newest humiliation, they knew it was time to find work elsewhere

As the OP writes, their place of business has an issue with last-minute callouts, but the OP claims they aren't part of that problem. Instead, over the past 6 months, the OP has never called out of work, and rarely shows up late. But then they got food poisoning, which will put any person out of commission for at least a few days. Now that the OP finally had to call out, their managers pushed back, and demanded a doctor's note

The OP told them they didn't have insurance, and if they already identified their illness, they didn't feel the need to go see a medical professional over this. Instead, OP writes, "[I] told them I'd take the write-up." The OP's former bosses seem so petty — good for the OP for dipping out while they could.

After you scroll through this person's story, check out these stories of job firings gone completely off the rails. 

'You’re laying ME off? That’s embarrassing for you…': Guy normalizes shaming the company for firing you instead of feeling embarrassed by sharing hilarious Gen Z POV

Fail Blog - Wed, 05/24/2023 - 07:00

Each generation has their own way of handling stressful situations. The older generation, like boomers and Gen X, are all about holding that shame within yourself. Millennials recognized this and are actively trying to end that thought process, but it is a process to unlearn these things. However, Gen Z is straight up over it. They are done taking entitled management's sh*t, pardon our french. And, honestly, us millennials applaud them. That is exactly what we were working towards, so bravo! The second you are unhappy in a workplace, call them out for it, aim high. When you're getting to a point where you would rather skip meals to afford rent than have to go to work to afford rent, then it is time to go. The world is stressful enough just existing, you don't need some Karen boss to make anything harder. 

A TikTok comedian shared what he imagined is the POV of a Gen Z getting laid off and it is giving epic. It is high time that the employees start shaming the company for having to cut staff. That IS embarrassing for them. They obviously didn't plan their business right or made some dumb decisions and now they have to lay employees off. Wow. Really makes you think about the times you felt ashamed for getting fired, when in fact, it was the company being making dumb choices. 

Gen Z are fully entering the workforce and dealing with older generations like a champ, just check out this Gen Z having to deal with boomers at a phone store! Scroll on to see the hilarious Gen Z POV of getting laid off below. 

Cat Medley: The Cutest, Funniest And Most Catalicious Posts Of The Week

LOL Cats - Wed, 05/24/2023 - 07:00

Happy  morning, lovely people! The week is in full swing, and we hope that you have had a fantabulous start to your week so far. But just in case you haven't, just in case you need a little extra pawsitivity in your life, we're about to make sure that this Wednesday indeed starts off purrfectly for you. Nothing warms up our hearts more than seeing awwdorable pictures of cats. Or pictures of cats being funny as heck. Or just pictures of cats being cats. So, we have decided to put all of the best ones right here.

We put together this cat medley for you guys every singe week - to not only make sure that you wake up on the right paw, but so that you have your morning cat fix and something to make you smile this fine morning. Please enjoy, friends, and have a pawfect day!

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'I got a nice bonus': Dude automates both boss's and boss's boss's job, they get fired

Fail Blog - Wed, 05/24/2023 - 06:00

With all the talk of AI and all that, you might be looking at your job nervously and wondering… could an AI do this? You'd hope that automation and new innovation would lead to better working conditions and easier tasks. Still, it's more than likely that your company will cut your job to save a dollar today, even if it costs them tomorrow when the AI fails to replicate the nuance of your work. 

But what if the shoe was on the other foot? What if, instead of having your job automated by your boss, you automated your boss's job instead? To add to that, why not automate your boss's boss's job as well?

That's what this worker did when their boss encouraged them to work on automation of their role in order to receive a bonus from the company's CEO. Instead, when the boss called out from work for her usual shenanigans with her boss, the worker automated both of their roles, which allowed the CEO to send them packing.

Read on for this brilliant tale of workplace malicious compliance and revenge as shared by Redditor u/lungbong to the ever-popular subreddit community. Next, check out another worker who got their boss fired through malicious compliance.

Halfway To Caturday: Purrfectly Funny Cat Memes And Tweets (May 24, 2023)

LOL Cats - Wed, 05/24/2023 - 06:00

Good morning, friends, and welcome back! Against all odds, we have managed to make it halfway through the week successfully, and if you're one of purrfect loyal readers, then you already know what that means! It's time for another collection of pawsome cat memes because we're halfway to Caturday. Caturday cannot come soon enough - ever, and we're in need of our daily cat fix in the form of some hissterical cat memes. So, buckle up, friends!

Week by week, right when we start feeling the spirit of Caturday calling to us, meowing at us, hissing lightly in the background of our lives, we bring you guys a new collection of cat memes. With the help of these memes, you'll be able to make it through the rest of the week purrfectly. Have a pawnderful day!

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'Let's see how that goes over': Worker told submitted report wasn't detailed enough, sends 30+ page document, bosses regret their request

Fail Blog - Wed, 05/24/2023 - 05:00

Be careful what you wish for! There's nothing quite like showing your superiors that what they are asking for is not what they actually want or need. In this case, this woman was told the report she initially submitted was not detailed enough, so what did she do? She complied, but only to prove a point.


The report she ended up sending was ridiculously detailed. Every single aspect of the volunteer organization she was reporting on was itemized, along with superfluous data and information like pie charts and graphs. Eventually, the people above her came back and admitted that what they received was way more than what they needed. Their new request, however, was to get a more concise version. Rather than go back and create something new, OP decided to just submit the original report she sent over. Keep scrolling below to see what people had to say in the comments.


For more, check out this post about a coworker quitting after receiving their final raise.

It's a Family thing...

LOL Cats - Tue, 05/23/2023 - 16:00

'Am I really being neglectful?': Man discovers grandfather's dooms day bunker and turns it into his man cave, pregnant wife threatens to seal it

Fail Blog - Tue, 05/23/2023 - 15:00

When you agree to becoming a husband and, especially, a parent, then you no longer get the luxury of having alone time whenever you feel like it. Yes, it is important to find some time to yourself so you can center yourself, decompress, and be the best husband and father you can be. But if the kids need care, your partner needs help with the chores, or anything, you have to be able to drop everything and put yourself 100% into that. This isn't a hot take, this is just what you agree to when you say "I do" and when you say yes to parenthood. 

So when this Redditor posted a question trying to defend his "man cave" over spending time with his pregnant wife and toddler son, the internet was not having it. This guy was gifted his grandfather's old house, which had a hidden dooms day bunker on the property. He discovered the buried bunker and transformed it into his "man cave." He says it is 100%, where as the house was mostly decorated by his wife, so he deserves this space. However, how is being able to decorate the shared common space where you cannot lock out your family to have alone time equivalent to a man cave? That's the question many Redditors are commenting. 

Fortunately, the man who posted the Reddit thread seems receptive to the harsh reality many commenters are showing him. He is being called the AH, but he seems to be open to change that. Will he seal the bunker or make it another shared space for him, his wife, and his family? That seems to be the common suggestion, that or to create a "she shed" for his wife to also have her own private space. That way the mental load of raising a family can be shared rather than solely put on the wife. Do you agree? Read the story yourself and see what other people think about it below!  


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