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'Make me jump hoops, I jump ship': Potential hire laughs at manager during scrutinizing interview for a minimum wage job

Fail Blog - Fri, 03/22/2024 - 06:00

It seems like no matter what job you are applying for, the interview process is always excruciatingly long. Even if the job is a cashier at a gas station or a simple grocery store clerk, people will treat it like it is the most important job ever, and suddenly you are not even qualifying enough to get it. Is it really necessary for an employer to know a potential hire's weaknesses? If All they will be doing is bag groceries, what difference does it make?

This is pretty much the point that this person on Reddit was trying to make. The story is that OP (original poster) was looking for an easy job to fill up their free time after moving to a different state. They found this position in which they basically had to unload products from a truck and into a store, but were surprised to learn just how scrutinizing the interview process was. They had to sit in front of the store's manager and talk about their strengths and weaknesses like they were applying for some fancy job. The absurdity of the situation made them joke about it during the interview, which might make you wonder if they even got the job…

Scroll down to read the full story. Once you finish scrolling, click here for another story of an overworked employee who left the company to drown.

Top 20 Cat Memes of The Week - Cheezburger Users Edition #337

LOL Cats - Fri, 03/22/2024 - 06:00

Hi friends, we did it, it's the weekend! It's been another long week of writing fun cat meme listicles, drinking way too much matcha, giving our cats endless love and affection, and trying out new recipes. This week, we were in the mood for something fresh and light to fill our bellies, so we opted for vegan spring rolls wrapped up in rice paper! They came out splendidly if we can toot our own horns here. 

We've been on a trip around the sun quite a few times and are slowly learning to appreciate the simple things. On days like this, we're thankful for our awesome community that produces new and hilarious cat memes. It's always a pleasure to see what you guys come up with and it is an immense source of happiness and good vibes. Thanks to our trusted audience, Lolcats is the biggest cat meme gallery on the internet! Every day our viewers show their unwavering dedication to the art of creating cat memes. Help us and yourselves by making your own wholesome and hilarious cat memes using our meme builder.  Now, let's get this weekend going, ICanHas-ers. 

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'The original offer was starting at $4000 and up to $5000 per month': Candidate advances to final round of interviews when HR makes a "slight change" to the salary

Fail Blog - Fri, 03/22/2024 - 05:00

We all knew hiring managers can be shady, but this "slight change" during the interview process was about as shady as it can get. Imagine going through multiple rounds of interviews and feeling excited because you're likely to get this position. You're comfortable with the offer from the job posting and you seem to like all of the people at the company with whom you have spoken thus far. Then, all of a sudden, they pull a bait-and-switch on you. Just before your final interview, you receive an email stating that the company is only willing to offer $3000 a month for your services instead of the initial offer, which fell between a $4,000 and $5,000 monthly pay range. 

This is the kind of heart-sinking experience that so many job applicants go through. In fact, when this Redditor shared the email they received, it was even more remarkable how many folks in the comments section had similar experiences recently. Keep scrolling below for the full story and for the best reactions. For more stories like this, check out this post about a CEO who made his bed and caused a mass quitting. 


LOL Cats - Fri, 03/22/2024 - 05:00

'I said no...': Demanding dude approaches passenger on flight to switch seats so he can sit with his wife, dispute follows after passenger refuses

Fail Blog - Fri, 03/22/2024 - 04:00

When organizing a trip, there are many factors to take into account. The list is endless and includes the hotel, the vehicle to collect you from the airport, the various activities, and the restaurants. But despite their evident importance, the flights are an important component that is occasionally overlooked. The flights and seats you book should be carefully considered when making travel plans, as they have the power to make or break the remainder of your trip.

The story that follows is an account of a perplexed woman who is planning a trip from New York to Cairo. The Original Poster (OP) made sure her vacation had been arranged to her satisfaction by taking great care to select the seats that would be most comfortable for her when she booked her flights. However, things took a turn for the worse when a entitled pair requested to switch seats so they could sit together. Even after months of planning, the conversation started off calmly since OP was open to the notion of switching places. But as soon as she saw where the two had first taken their seats, she refused, insisting on staying in her own seat.

Having said that, be sure to read the story below if you're interested in learning the specifics of what happened between OP and the entitled couple! After you're done, don't forget to read about the man that executes a cunning plan to get back at his neighbor who stole his parking space!

Ladies and Gents, Put Your Purrecious Paws Together for These 30 Meowtastic Cat Memes

LOL Cats - Thu, 03/21/2024 - 22:00

Hey hoomans! We truly hope that you and your awwdorable, cuddly feline friend are having an incredible week! We know that spending endless hours each day away from your awwdorable kitty at work never gets any easier since there is always a great temptation to give in to the need to sneak back home. However, to put a good gloss on things, isn't the reunion all the more thrilling the longer you've been apart?

That being said, we have compiled a collection of some of the funniest cat memes we could possibly find online to help pass the time and quench our itch to simply hop on the first bus back home. So, if you're in desperate need of some prime cat entertainment like us, don't forget to check out the hilarious memes below! Additionally, after you're done perusing, don't forget to click this link to view some more amusing cat memes!

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Spongecake Cat Trio Go Viral for Jet Setting Internationally, Their Dad Breaks Down What You Need to Know Before Traveling With Your Pets

LOL Cats - Thu, 03/21/2024 - 21:00

It always amazes us to see how people manage to travel with their pets, especially when it comes to air travel. It seems like such a struggle to manage a pet in such a small space like an airplane, where you literally have no one to go to if things start to go wrong. That amazement doubles itself when the pet you are traveling with is a cat, and do not even get us started if you are traveling with three cats.

Which is exactly what is happening in this video. A pawrent to 3 absolutely awwdorable cats shared a video in which he explains how he travels with his fluffy companions. From getting the flight tickets to getting a pet passport, this video tells you everything that you should know about traveling with cats. We loved being educated, and now we might even be open to the idea of taking our cats on a little vacation.

Scroll down for all the tips and hacks, and click here for the full video. When you finish with those, you can check out these hilarious cat memes for more silly content.

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Feline Friend Adopts New Family, Husband Hissterically Seeks Advice on Breaking the News to Wife

LOL Cats - Thu, 03/21/2024 - 20:00

Howdy hoomans! The cat distribution system is hard at work on this one. And you know how it works: if a cat shows up at your doorstep, you have to take it in. We don't make up the rules.

This hooman husband is in need of advice on how to break it to his wife that the cat distribution system picked them. Their current cat, Mosin, is cool with it, but apparently, his wife wasn't too keen on Mosin to begin with, so the husband is worried that his wife will not be happy with the two cats. The comments and advice on this post were hilarious, with some advocating for the stray and recommending, "Keep the cat, rehome the wife," or "That's not y'all cat; that's Mosin's cat." All very compelling arguments, we must say. We hope the hooman here knows there's only one option. Best of luck to our feline friend and his new family!

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40 Funny Feline Expressions in the Form of Cat Memes to Pspsps Your Way to the Weekend

LOL Cats - Thu, 03/21/2024 - 19:00

Spock and Leo are at it again… fighting with their doppelganger in the mirror. Their hair is standing up on the backs of their neck, their tail is all frizzy, and they are hissing at the mirror. I am standing close by, amused, hands on my hips. I wonder if they are genuinely afraid of their own reflection, or if deep down, they know that they are messing about. Their cute little faces are all scrunched up, and now, they are growling. I whisper, 'Pspsps' but to no avail… They aren't even looking in my direction. Are they in love with themselves or what?

Today we have a sassy selection of cat memes in honor of the fluffy feline's ferociously funny faces they make. I'm talking ALL cats, even yours! So scroll down for a good chuckle, and then check out this abandoned kitty who waited all day at his owner's back door, unaware that they had moved, leaving him behind. Luckily this story has a happy ending, and the poor baby ended up getting adopted.

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27 Funny Felines With a Mischievous Funny Bone to Laugh Your Way Through the Struggles of Having a Naughty Cat

LOL Cats - Thu, 03/21/2024 - 18:00

No roll of toilet paper is safe from your cat's mischievous paws… Despite your best efforts, they manage to find a way into your bathroom and rip it to shreds. Then, they drag bits and pieces around the house so that you are left ogling at the mess that is in your living room. You make your way into the hall and sure enough, toilet paper. Your bedroom? Toilet paper. I don't know why cats love it so much, but the fact is, they do.

They are tiny, furry troublemakers. From the moment I adopted my cats, Spock and Leo, I knew I was in for quite an adventure… They have a knack for mischief that is on the one hand, endearing, and on the other, exasperating. Every day is a new episode of 'What will they do next?'. Their curiosity and naughtiness truly know no bounds.

Scroll down to check out the most hissterical kitties of the week, and then for more awwdorableness, here is a cat who outsmarted her hooman and climbed the fence over to her neighbor's backyard…

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LOL Cats - Thu, 03/21/2024 - 16:00

Married man finds a secret folder on his wife's laptop where he makes a spine-chilling discovery: 'There were over 300 photos of MY ex'

Fail Blog - Thu, 03/21/2024 - 15:00

Whenever we hear the stories from true crime podcasts or from 'based on a true story' docuseries, sometimes it feels like the dramas are embellished. Either the tales are too juicy to be real or just hard to believe based on human nature, but alas, true crime buffs have seen and heard it all... But even the most seasoned aficionado would be flummoxed by the details of the marital strife in our next story. 

This husband probably wished that his wife was simply having an affair, but this was far, far worse.

There are a few betrayals in a relationship that have become unfortunately too common. Lovers fool around on each other, long-term couples fall out of love, and married couples struggle to move forward after having kids. But there are a few dramatic marital problems that we save for the big screen–things too insane to imagine happening in real life–but for the married guy in our next story, he found that his personal life was secretly inspiring the plot of future true crime podcasts. 

Keep scrolling to read all of the details of a man's discovery on his wife's computer, where he was baffled after finding a taboo secret photo album on her laptop. 


LOL Cats - Thu, 03/21/2024 - 15:00

'She will straight up ignore you': New sister in law gets called out for avoiding everyone in group setting

Fail Blog - Thu, 03/21/2024 - 14:00

This person is baffled by her SIL's decision to attend family events—and then refuse to say a word to anyone. 

Maybe there's at least one person like this in every family. Sometimes there are underlying reasons why people aren't talkative at the function. If you go to a party and one person just won't chat with anyone, they tend to get ignored. If that's what they want, that's what they'll get. 

This person wasn't about to ignore the non-speaker at this family party, though. It seems like this woman's sister-in-law is just an extreme introvert. The way she acts is just odd, though. Instead of opting out of events with big groups of people, the SIL attends, and then ignores everyone for the entire night. 

It'd be one thing if the SIL was just ignoring people. But in actuality, she was being pretty impolite by rolling her eyes and staring at her phone whenever people tried to talk to her. If she just mentioned that she didn't want to talk, that'd be one thing. But by adding some snark to her reactions, it was just a matter of time before someone called her out for it

Next up, these people made some pretty silly one-star reviews—they answered their own questions in the reviews they wrote. 

22 Wholesome Cute Cat Memes For A Day Of Delightful Smiles

LOL Cats - Thu, 03/21/2024 - 14:00

We can't be the only ones who wake up, and the first thing that pops into our mind is our fluffy feline friends and that hilarious new trick they've mastered. It's like having a daily dose of happiness delivered right to our doorstep! Cats are more than just pets, they're purrfect companions who fill our lives with fluffy fun and endless entertainment.

On Thursdays, when the weekend is just around the corner, our feline friends step up their game, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary ones. Whether they're chasing their tail or pouncing on a toy, their playful fun never fail to put a smile on our faces. Let's face it, cats are the real MVPs of our week. They not only keep us company but also sprinkle our days with doses of joy and laughter. So, let's take a moment to appreciate these whisker-tastic creatures for all the pawsitive moments they bring into our lives.

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Yoga Karen stalls woman so she's late, then steals her class reservation: 'Sorry, she just took the last spot'

Fail Blog - Thu, 03/21/2024 - 13:00

This yoga Karen knew exactly what she was doing. Namaste to that!

First, she recognized another frequent attendee of her favorite class in the elevator, who was running late as the class began in under ten minutes. Then, the yoga Karen intentionally made the other lady late by pressing the wrong buttons on the elevator so that it kept stopping on the wrong floor. Why would she do this? Well, the rules at the studio are that if you have not checked in prior to five minutes before the class, your seat is up for grabs, and Yoga Karen forgot to reserve her spot for the week. When they finally arrived at the studio on the correct floor, which was conveniently under five minutes before the start of the class, Yoga Karen sprinted to the front desk to snag the lady's seat. That fully confirmed the lady's position, and when it was her turn in line, lo and behold her reservation was no longer valid. She had nothing to do but sulk and share her story on Reddit. Sometimes, that's the only way to handle a Karen situation after the fact.

Keep scrolling below for the full story. When you're done, check out this story about another Karen's outburst on a campsite.

Slightly Evil And Very Funny Cat Memes For Your Thursday Therapy

LOL Cats - Thu, 03/21/2024 - 13:00

How are you holding up hooman? Feeling the woesome weight of the week up to your shoulders? We can hardly blame you. The week has been tough, with plenty of chaotic challenges, clawminal catastrophizes and mindless meetings. So it is no wonder you need a pick me up to get you to the end of the week. And as such, we present you with today's collection of slightly evil and very funny cat memes for your Thursday therapy.

From the cute cat who was forced to be jolly, much like you in the world place, to the philosopher feline who has come with a motivating message that if it does not feel okay then it is not the end, to the furry kitten who does not know how to swear yet, but is trying its best, to the feisty feline who has been held captive for his crimes. These sweet and spicy cat memes are the pawfect alternative to a therapy session.

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'Now they’re asking me to pay even more': Seller insists a customer "support" them with extra shipping money

Fail Blog - Thu, 03/21/2024 - 12:00

One shopper is confused and suspicious after an odd encounter with the person who sold them a gift. 

It seems like ordering online has become such a gamble. Even if you're ordering from a site that is known to be reputable and sell handmade items, you might find you're actually ordering from some random person overseas. Some people will order a blanket or some clothing from another country, only to find that it get stuck at a border somewhere for months. 

This is especially irritating if you're trying to buy a gift. If your little cousin's birthday is next month, and your product doesn't even get a shipping label printed for weeks, you start to get that sinking feeling. You realize, "Maybe this item isn't ever going to get to me." 

A shopper who goes by u/AphraHome wrote about their own mildly infuriating experience while shopping online. Despite completing the purchase for a gift from Vietnam, the seller had some post-purchase instructions for them. 

Check out the shopper's post from an email the seller sent them. Then, this server found the perfect moment to quit their job— just after losing out on a $700+ tip. 

Silly Cat Memes That Are Definitely More Interesting Than Your Work

LOL Cats - Thu, 03/21/2024 - 12:00

Well, there is no way to sugar coat it, work is boring and at this late point in the week it can be ever more so cumbersome. A fact which is only mildly comforted by the fact that the weekend is well on its way. But until then, there is today's collection of silly cat memes that are definitely more interesting than your work. Which you can use to pass a few minutes of the work and spend the rest of the day thinking about.

From the feline who was branded as quite incredible, to the cute kitten who ated his first cheese, to void catto showing us his best sports logo pose, to the eight-year-old cat who is the poster child for America's failing education system, to the conspiracy catto who is sure that his ears are flat, to orange cat come pizza dough who has proofed just a little bit too much. These distracting felines are the complete solution to your mental pollution.

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