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Creepy And Cute Cat Memes To Shake Up Your Caturday

LOL Cats - Sat, 03/30/2024 - 13:00

It is no secret that cats have incredibly varied and surprising pawsonalities that are ever evolving and morphing. And today we are taking a moment to appreciate the up-and-coming cat pawsonality the creepy and cute cat. This catto is a particularly special species, in that it has the qualities of an introvert feline mixed in with the flirtation of a spicy catto, all while being overall sweet and fluffy. For some hoomans it is quite the refreshing and attractive prospect, while for others there is hardly a more vile or awkward creature. Nonetheless, join us today as we delve into this list of creepy and cute cat memes to shake up your Caturday.

From the furless feline who had a cheese dropped on him and did not even notice his processed yellow accessory, to the fluffy feline who has no sense of personal space but simply wants to play games on your phone, to the utterly cute kitten wrapped up in a little sock. These quirky cat memes are the pawfect way to bring a different flavor to your Caturday.

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'If the company's holding your car, get taxis everywhere': Boss lets employee take petty revenge on secretary who refuses to give them back their vehicle

Fail Blog - Sat, 03/30/2024 - 12:00

One employee found themself without a car, and it was only because their workplace refused to give it up. It was a weird situation to be in! The employee, u/FMLitsSML, shared their story of the petty revenge route they had to take just to get their own car back. 

Layers of bureaucracy don't help any employee to be independent in their work. This person was responsible for showing clients around and entertaining them. It's pretty common practice in certain industries: it's a way to reassure paying clients that the company they're partnering with will be professional in their business transactions. An employee with a good personality will take the clients to dinner and schmooze to make a good impression for the company. 

But of course, taking clients to events or gourmet dinners can take place outside of normal 9-5 work hours. That's why this employee was using their own car to ferry these people around. Instead of being rewarded for their work, this person's car was taken from them for nearly two months!

Check out the extra petty revenge that this person and their supportive boss achieved together. Then, check out how this person created the world's pettiest email address, just to get back at their former terrible boss. 

Sweet And Spicy Cat Memes To Elevate Your Caturday Celebrations

LOL Cats - Sat, 03/30/2024 - 12:00

Caturday is a hallowed day for all feline aficionados, but even for the most hardcore cat lover there comes a time when the need to shake things up sets in, and they start looking for a change. After all, week in and week out we do the same work and the same commute, no wonder we end up looking for something new. And that is what we have anticipated today with this collection of sweet and spicy cat memes to elevate your Caturday celebrations. Because sometimes all that you need is a spicy little hit to shake things up in life.

From the cat whose pawrent will no longer be buying stuff for it after the utter destruction of a cat cozy, to the child and parent who unwittingly meowed at one another from different rooms, each one sure that they are meowing at the family cat, to the cat who is so intensely loved by his family that they built him a perch to keep watch over the front door. These funny and feisty feline memes are the pawfect Caturday booster.

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20 times awkward people messed up simple social interactions: 'Maintaining eye contact. I just can't do it'

Fail Blog - Sat, 03/30/2024 - 11:00

It's no secret that being a socially anxious person can make the simplest of social interactions feel like a Sisyphean undertaking. Whether that's calling someone on the phone and speaking to an actual human being or making small talk with your boss about what you had for lunch, if you're an anxious person you are likely to be considering the infinite number of ways you might end up making the conversation weird, strange, or impossible to end. 

It was the great Wendy Williams who once gave an infamous shout-out to people with social anxiety on her show, adding a sardonic "I kind of feel sorry for you" admission. For some of us who were viewing that viral moment, it probably felt like she was speaking directly to you and only you.

These folks likely fall into that esteemed company of individuals who shudder at the idea of conversing with mere acquaintances. They shared their social interaction fails via the following r/AskReddit thread. Keep scrolling below for this collection of social mixups and mishaps. For more content like this, take a look at this list of useless lessons people learned in school.

'How long have you been twins?': 30 Half-wit questions that left smart people dumbfounded

Fail Blog - Sat, 03/30/2024 - 10:00

If you've ever taken a Philosophy class, your teacher probably laid down one simple rule on the first day. 

"There are no stupid questions"

While this may be true for Socrates 101, this is not the case in the real world. For us intellectual folks with cognitive function, there are a whole slew of stupid questions that need dodging on a daily basis. Anyone in the customer service industry fields silly questions for a living and expert intellects can cringe at the number of times they've corrected a half-wit comment. 

So for those of us who find humor in the silliest questions, we've compiled a hilarious collection of goofy inquiries that left smart people completely dumbfounded. Sometimes, the only answer to a question like this is a quick palm to the face, a sign, and moving on to the next topic. For some, there's no explaining the logic. Keep on scrolling to get a chuckle at these stupid questions that'll make you feel like the smartest guy in the room

A Wholesome Hammock Of 27 Seriously Snuggly Kitties Sleeping Soundly To Inspire A Purrfectly Peaceful And Cuddly Caturday

LOL Cats - Sat, 03/30/2024 - 10:00

Meowdy, y'all! We hope you're having a great Caturday so far. There's a lot of rootin' and tootin' to be done, but first, we think it's time for a quick cat nap. After we rest our eyes for a bit, we're going to be purrfectly relaxed and peaceful, so we will get a lot of things done for sure. It might be helpful for some nap-spiration though, to help us fall asleep, and who better to take some inspiration from than cats themselves?

This wholesome hammock of seriously snuggly kitties sleeping soundly is so cute and relaxing that it's making us pawsitively sleepy! Look at them, all snuggled up and sleeping like they paid all the bills, don't you just instantly feel a sense of calm and heartwarming feelings? We would love to keep writing, but we think we're going to go find a spot in the sun and lay down for a bit. Have a great Caturday, and an even better nap!

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‘She recorded herself crying’: Gen X Share Their Thoughts on Gen Z in Entertaining Thread

Fail Blog - Sat, 03/30/2024 - 09:00

I grew up in the '80s and '90s, and life back then was… simpler. Technology didn't rule every aspect of our existence, and social media was just a sci-fi dream. Gen Z on the other hand… Well, they're practically being raised by their smartphones. I definitely admire their spirit to talk back, stand up for themselves, and change social norms, but they're also showing serious signs of communication issues, are overly sensitive, and have the attention span of a goldfish. Plus, they document everything… who wants the world to see them crying? Gen Z does. 

Maybe I think all that because it helps me feel less old and more superior, but that's where I'm at right now. One person uploaded a question, asking older generations what they think of the new ones. Scroll down to read the entertaining thread… See what the adults had to say about the matter. Then check out this demanding couple who came to a restaurant only to try picking a bone with the waiter… their mistake.

Awwdorable Black Cats With Mesmerizing Orb-Like Eyes For A Dose Of Feline Goodness

LOL Cats - Sat, 03/30/2024 - 09:00

Hey, friends. We've had a day. You know those days when nothing seems to be going right and whatever you do it just isn't enough to satisfy your superiors and yourself? Yeah, that's today. On top of that, the whole team overslept and got in late to the office. What are the odds? That kind of negative energy is highly contagious, but we've got a secret power to fight the Debby downs. What's our secret? Well, that's easy, we work in the field of feline goodness and can always help ourselves to a necessary serotonin boost via awwdorable cat content. 

Today we are shining our fabulously feline ICanHasCheezburger spotlight on beautiful black cats with mesmerizing orb-like eyes. These cats look as if they are staring into your soul. They know exactly what you did wrong and what you ate while you were munching at 3 am last night. Don't test them! Anyway, enjoy all of this wholesome goodness. 

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'I got fined for having a Halloween pumpkin on my patio on November 1st': 20+ HOAs who had super strict rules and steep fines

Fail Blog - Sat, 03/30/2024 - 08:00

If you can help it, never move into a neighborhood that is home to an HOA. 

The name of an HOA, or Home Owner's Association, implies that it's a board that'll make sound decisions for the homeowners of an area. But in practice, that's so far from the truth. In reality, HOAs are run by a few people who make sweeping decisions for an entire area, and are often more focused on keeping control over people's homes and charging massive fines to line their own pockets. They're able to do things like charge you $400 for parking your own vehicle in your driveway instead of your garage. One person got fined for having a simple jack-o-lantern on their porch… the day after Halloween. It's an unlivable situation for many people who find themselves in HOA territory.

At least misery loves company! These people wrote in to answer a question from u/eaerp, who asked for people's tales of the "craziest HOA Rule or regulation you've heard about or live with." More than 3,000 people shared their stories---check them out below! 

Next up, this CEO of a startup acted thrilled to bring on a new hire, but then as soon as the employee signed their contract, the CEO started having second thoughts

'He gave me the nastiest looks': Presumptuous orange cat gets played when demanding contents of opened tuna can, turns out to be canned spinach

LOL Cats - Sat, 03/30/2024 - 08:00

Hey, pals. If we know anything about cats, and we do, we know that when cats hear a can opening they will come sprinting to investigate. More often than not, the can being opened is indeed for them, whether it be a tuna can or canned cat food. but every so often, the can contains something that is not for them, but rather for us, the humans.

One such instance occurred some 20 years ago, and the original poster of the thread containing the anecdote finally got around to sharing the silly incident with the depths of Reddit. OP's hongry orange cat came running as soon as he heard a can opening, only this time he was in for a surprise. OP tried to resist the cat's incessant meowing in request for the contents of the can, knowing that he would not find them of interest. But the cat was persistent, engaging his claws to further prove the point in case. When OP finally gave in and presented the cat with the contents of the can, he was displeased to discover spinach in place of tuna. Talk about a disappointment. 

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Worker forced to attend boring training, uses instructor's lesson against them: '[He said] I was being unreasonable'

Fail Blog - Sat, 03/30/2024 - 07:00

Knowing how to effectively communicate with your peers, subordinates—and especially your managers—is (unfortunately) one of the greatest determining factors not only in the success of projects but in how you're regarded within the company, too. Work too hard and say too little, and you'll still find yourself first on the chopping block when it comes time to lighten up the load of payroll, while saying too much and not doing much at all will usually keep you moving up the chain of command.

Yes, managing upwards is an important skill to learn and practice, and many who work in the corporate world will be delighted to find themselves treated with special courses and seminars teaching exactly that. These lucky course attendees will get to spend hours of their time listening to an instructor—with no real experience or qualifications in the matter that they're speaking to—droning on and on with lengthy examples about repeated points that were clear within the first sentence. 

It's not often that you'll get to turn the tables and practice the lesson the instructor is trying to teach the instructor themselves. But that's what this worker did when he was told to "become" his manager, beating the instructor verbally into a pulp and backing him so far into a corner that he was forced to relent from his lesson.

20 Cutest Kittens Of The Week: The Tiniest, Most Irresistibly Awwdorable Criminals (March 30, 2024)

LOL Cats - Sat, 03/30/2024 - 07:00

Hello once again to all of you risk-takers. And yes, you are- you are a risk-taker, because being here, scrolling, once again, through pictures of these teeny tiny kittens, is a massive risk. They may be small, that's true, but they are huge… criminals. They have the capacity to do things much bigger than themselves. Like steal our hearts right out of our chests. Like make us lose control of our bodies and force us to aww unconditionally. Like hypnotize us so that before we know it, we end up at a shelter, looking to adopt a kitten. 

These itty bitty kitties even force us, here at ICanHasCheezburger, to make this listicle every single week. And apparently, these kittens have the ability to bring you guys back each and every week as well, because that's the only logical explanation to why you keep ignoring our warnings all the time. So, once again- continue at your own risk. 

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'You ain't no thug': Hoodlum Karen gets mortified by a 4'11" granny after trying to intimidate a disabled person

Fail Blog - Sat, 03/30/2024 - 06:00

Sassy old ladies didn't get to their golden years by being a numbskull. They've got things figured out and by now, know the ways of the world better than any rapscallion young person–which is why there's nothing more scathing than the disapproval of an old woman. Like the old lady in our next story, if you're caught acting like a hoodlum in public, there's bound to be someone's grandma watching from afar, reaching for the chancla of justice to come down on any wayward ruffian. 

There's no justice quite like granny justice. 

In our next story, a stranger on a bus was reminded of this fact when she got cornered by a thuggish Karen. Disabled and needing the restroom urgently, the lady found herself cornered by an entitled Karen who thought that she was the queen of the bus. However, their altercation was overheard by the 4'11" old lady in the row nearby and the thug was quickly put in her place. 

Freshly Minted Feline Memes For The Overworked Cats Who Are So Happy It's Finally Caturday

LOL Cats - Sat, 03/30/2024 - 06:00

Is it really Caturday? Finally? Has the day come? We almost can't believe it. But yes, we did make it. Yes, we are here. The most purrfect day of the week has come yet again, and we are so friggin' excited. Honestly, we feel like we could do anything today. Go skydiving, rock-climbing, surfing, anything! But we don't have to. And that's the beauty of Caturday, isn't it? That on this day, we can fully embrace our cattitude and do nothing but giggle at cat memes all day long. 

Because scrolling through cat memes is what cat people like us really want to do in our hearts. And Caturday gives us the opportunity to do that - to enjoy the best cat memes of the week without shame of judgment. Hey, here, we even save you the work of having to look for these memes yourselves and just serve them up to you like freshly minted newspapers on a street corner. Have a purrfect day, everyone! 

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Boss dangles $250 gift card to employee he fired if he refers new potential employees: 'Every eligible candidate you refer [...] earns you an entry [to] receive a $250 Amazon gift card'

Fail Blog - Sat, 03/30/2024 - 05:00

Imagine getting let go by your boss over a year ago, only for him to reach back out and offer a gift card if you find him some qualified new employees. Here's the best part: instead of a personalized message, this dude framed his email as if his former employee was part of a "company alumni" group and that this referral process was part of a contest. From our perspective, a personalized message would still have been insulting but it would have been far more effective than this framing was. Still, though, there are far better ways to find qualified candidates than asking the people who were let go as a result of unforeseen layoffs. Here's an even better idea: how about hiring them back if they're still interested?

This thread was posted to Reddit by u/HyperlinksAwakening, who clearly has no plans to help their former boss out given how impersonal the message is, how insubstantial the so-called "reward" would be, and most importantly, the general lack of a desire to help the person who unjustly fired you. All of that is valid and makes sense to us, but clearly, it doesn't make sense for this delusional former employer. Keep scrolling below for the full story. For more, check out this post about a Karen coworker's temper tantrum. 

Selective participant

LOL Cats - Sat, 03/30/2024 - 05:00

Manager demands to see no more reports of hourly workers arriving late, employee cleverly complies by requesting HR stop sending attendance reports to manager altogether

Fail Blog - Sat, 03/30/2024 - 04:00

In order to get to work on time, you get up bright and early. After a torturous and lengthy journey, you arrive at the office. However, you're so thrilled to have arrived at the office that you forget to log in to the system. Does that little incident define your value as a worker? Or do you believe that your managers will strictly focus on the bigger picture and overlook this unnecessary detail?

The story that follows, however, perfectly demonstrates the significance of logging into work on time. Instead of receiving a set salary, the Original Poster (OP) is paid hourly by his employer. Therefore, when the manager noticed that OP was putting in extra hours, he lost it and demanded that OP alter his ways. OP was taken aback by his manager's response at first because he had previously given OP a lot of praise for his outstanding work. But once OP had recovered from the initial shock, he knew just what to do. OP took matters into his own hands rather than quietly carrying out his manager's instructions.

So, make sure to read the story below if you're interested in learning how OP skillfully complied with his manager! Don't forget to read the story of the savvy job applicant who outsmarts potential employers who post job listings that don't exist so they can use the candidates' assignments!

37 Hissterical Cats Doing Funny Feline Things for Fluffy Feline Experts to Enjoy

LOL Cats - Fri, 03/29/2024 - 21:00

These hissterically cute cats brought a big smile to my face today, and now, it's your turn to enjoy their silliness!

It is no secret that fluffy felines have a funny bone unlike any other animal in the world… Purrhaps it is because of their ability to change their expressions so rapidly, or maybe it is because of their hissterical antics that almost trick hoomans into thinking they're one of them… But I believe that they possess a purrfect power that others do not. The power to make us laugh until our tummy hurts!

Some cats were climbing curtains, while others got lost when gardening… There is a silly cat here for everyone. Scroll down for the undeniable awwdorableness that these cute cats are serving, and read what their amused owners have to say about them. Then when you are done, take a look at these purrfectly pure cat memes for some extra serotonin.

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30 Hissterically Heartwarming Kittens for Hoomans With a Purrmanent Cat on Their Lap

LOL Cats - Fri, 03/29/2024 - 20:00

Are you ready for a hefty helping of heartwarming kittens?

These cute critters are so wholesome it hurts. Our heart is filled with joy, love, laughter… You know, all that good stuff. The question is, have these kittens put us in a good mood, or is the fact that spring is arriving the reason? We think it's a mixture of both. The sun is out and we are feeling the vitamins it brings! If that makes sense.

But we could all use some extra serontonin, especially since work is so stressful lately. Is it stressful for you, too? If the answer is yes (and the answer is always yes), then scroll on down and check out these sweet and sassy kittens who warmed our hooman hearts. Afterward, check out these purrfectly pure hearted cat memes for fluffy feline experts.

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A Kitty Kebab of 33 Goofy Cat Expressions to Feed Your Soul at the End of a Hard Week

LOL Cats - Fri, 03/29/2024 - 19:00

Top of the meowrning to you, fellow feline lovers! When we're on that 9-5 grind during the week, there are a few things that become immediately apparent at the end of every shift. For starters, we're starved. We're starved of the cuddling companionship of our cats and kitties and we're starved of soul-nourishing purrs. For those of you who don't work from home (most of us), you're probably clocked in somewhere that doesn't foster your feline needs. As you dash home from your overtime shift, your kitty awaits you, sitting on the counter patiently waiting for their favorite hooman to come home. 

Run to your cat! Embrace them! 

Let your cat feed your soul with a whiskery kiss and a flourishing tail. You've earned it after such a long, hard work week. Scroll onward to enjoy some other cattos whose goofy faces would brighten anyone's day and reminisce on the feisty feline you have waiting for you at home. 

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