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The internet has generated a huge amount of laughs from cats and FAILS. And we all out of cats.
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'I cut off the boot in front of the HOA member': Boss and employee rally entire neighborhood against overzealous HOA

Fri, 06/14/2024 - 14:00

If you're crafty enough, you'd never let something like a boot on your car's tire stop you. You'll have to have a devil-may-care attitude, plus access to some pretty powerful tools. This person knows that all too well, as they shared in a story to the r/AmItheA****** subreddit. 

Putting a boot on someone's car is no laughing matter. Instead of writing a ticket or even snapping a photo of the license plate to report to officials, this HOA decided to stop this dude from driving! Now he wouldn't be able to get to work, or go food shopping, or get to a doctor in an emergency. It's a really serious thing to do,  especially for a minor issue like "illegally parking" somewhere. That's why this person wanted to ask if they were actually in the wrong for bringing their boss the tools to get that boot off. 

In the end, the HOA seemingly made things worse for themselves. As commenters noted, it'd be feasible to vote out the current members and put in new members who have more reasonable views. 

Up next, these retail workers shared the things they really dislike their customers doing, like when they complain about the prices or insist on discounts

'My husband wants to start a "restaurant for magicians"': Woman tries to convince husband not to sink money into his new restaurant idea

Fri, 06/14/2024 - 12:00

This woman wonders if her magic-loving husband is about to do a disappearing act with all of their money. 

One woman took to Reddit to ask for advice on a really bizarre situation brewing between her, her husband, and his friend Chris. It's a doozy. She's been with her husband for 8 years, and they have two young kids together, supported only by his income. But now her husband is insisting on following his dreams, probably thanks to a new friend. 

Now, let's break this down a little, because by the title, you might think, "Well a restaurant full of magic tricks and magicians walking around sounds kind of fun! Dorky, but fun for a lot of people nevertheless." But wait! It's a restaurant for magicians who want to impress their dates with impromptu magic tricks. So the crowd they're aiming to please is magicians who are single and want to repeatedly take their first dates to the same place. Oh, and because the magicians are in on the tricks, the general public is not. So somehow, the restaurant will have to advertise its business model while never revealing it (???). It raises about 10,000 questions. 

It's a sort of cool idea, and on a night out with your friends, maybe that would impress a few inebriated bros. But in reality, unless you're a millionaire who's ready to lose tons of money (and not a dude with a wife and two kids), that idea is really not going to fly. Check out the full story below, plus advice from commenters who had a variety of ideas for u/davidcopperfield9273 to try out. 

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20+ eye-opening industry secrets: 'Job requirements are more of a wish-list situation'

Fri, 06/14/2024 - 11:00

The best part of having friends in different industries is that they can share knowledge with you that most folks are completely unaware of…

This can be useful whether or not you have an interest in that particular industry. For instance, based on these responses in this Reddit thread, I surprisingly learned information about refrigerator models that I will take with me the next time I need one. Sharing industry secrets can be more of a selfless act than a shady one. If there are simpler solutions for customers that would result in saving money, perhaps it's not a good idea to let your boss know that you're sharing those tricks of the trade but perhaps one's moral obligation is to share said secrets so that people can potentially save a buck. 

Keep scrolling below for this brand new collection of industry secrets. When you're done, check out this post about an employee who stood up to his boss regarding outside work events.

'Do I look like I set the prices?': 20+ Customer complaints that retail workers never want to hear again

Fri, 06/14/2024 - 08:00

Cashiers are really tired of hearing the same quips over and over from their customers. They're so bored by them that they don't even react anymore. For example, a cashier will be ringing up a customer's clothes, and one of the shirts doesn't scan. They have to walk out into the store to find that item and get the right price. All the while, the customer is joking around, saying that if the shirt doesn't have a price tag on it, it must be free! Hahahaha! Isn't that just so funny and original? 

Well, no, the cashier doesn't find that joke original because they've heard it three times already today. It starts to break them down after a while: instead of just laughing, it makes them want to scream. Of course, the customers just think they're being witty and clever (although some actually do get upset that the merchandise isn't free, strangely enough). And that's just one of the many complaints that retail workers have about their worst customers. You can check them all out below. 

Next up, these single folks are revealing the funniest and least cool meals they make for themselves, like one person who "bought a head of lettuce and ate it like an apple over the sink." 

Builder gets back at Karen celebrity for trying to obstruct their building site: 'I went ahead and called the police'

Fri, 06/14/2024 - 07:00

We have this tendancy as a society to assume that just because someone is notably successful in one area that they must be a paragon of humanity in all other ways when—well, this often couldn't be farther from the actual truth. 

See, there's this thing that happens to those who have early success—or have success thrust upon them thanks to nepotistic opportunity—where they also think they're better than everyone else. If they found their success through a singular focus on their chosen path, it's incredibly likely that they let other life skills and ethics fall to the wayside along the way in pursuit of their goals. And, if they never had to truly work for what they achieved—well, they're going to be truly insufferable indeed. 

No, a great person great deeds do not make… That's why it's no surprise that, as technology brings greater exposure to celebrities, we're finding that, more often than not, they're not everything we hoped they might be. 

In this case, this builder came head-to-head with a Karen celebrity when working on a job site in close proximity to their residence. See the original story they shared with this popular online community below. 

Employees discuss hacks for getting the most out of vacation days at work: 'If you have a 9-5 job and don't plan on going on a vacation, schedule a three-day weekend for yourself every month'

Fri, 06/14/2024 - 06:00

If you're fortunate enough to get paid time off, you should be using it. Even if you don't have anything planned, it's nice to take a mental break every once in a while. But sometimes, we can find ourselves at the end of the year with extra PTO that we forgot to use. That can be nice if your PTO carries over onto the next year or if you get additional pay for not using those days. But a lot of companies don't allow that time to roll over. In any case, you should still use your time off wisely. Maybe you don't have enough time off to take a whole vacation, or maybe you can't afford to. Whatever your reason for keeping your days is, there are some clever ways to incorporate time off throughout the year. Below, these employees break down different ways they like to take a day off here and there. Whether it's by taking a Wednesday off to break up the week or taking a Friday and Monday off to get that extra-long weekend, they break down their reasonings below. 

'You don't leave a company high and dry all at once?!': Boss enforces three months notice after mass quitting, causes more backlash

Fri, 06/14/2024 - 05:00

Talk about a way to turn your few remaining loyal employees against you! 

This boss decided that the best way to respond to a mass quitting was to send a hostile message to the remaining folks on her team enforcing new strict policies. Those policies were that if anyone decided to leave, they needed to put in three months' notice before doing so. First of all, this boss must be foolish because she simply cannot enforce that when it comes to at-will employment. Second of all, what she should be doing after this first wave of mass quitting is to do everything in her power to prevent another one. That does not mean enforcing strict bogus policies that will only cause more backlash. That means doing some genuine self-reflection, deciphering why so many people quit at once, and changing policies to better reflect the employees' experience.

Keep scrolling below for the full email from this horrible boss and for the best reactions from folks in the comments section. For more, take a look at this post about an employee who confronted their supervisor about work parties.

Landowner rigs a clever boobytrap on his property after a trespasser continually uses his land as a shortcut: 'Just the right angle to puncture your radiator'

Fri, 06/14/2024 - 04:00

My land, my rules.

The best part about being a property owner is that you can usually do whatever the heck you want to do on your land. Less an HOA, you have near unlimited freedoms to do as you please within your own fences and if a trespasser violates your rule of law, they're going to face some serious consequences.

The property owner in our next story tried to play nice with a neighbor who was violating his land by driving through and leaving deep tire tracks in the mud. While the landowner had some specific dreams in mind for how they wanted to use their land, having it become a habit trail or a shortcut was low on their list of ideals. After several attempts to dissuade the trespasser, the property owner decided to take matters into their own hands, setting up clever (and immiscible) boobytraps hidden in the deep grass. Scroll for the entire story of petty revenge on a backwoods property that'll make this trespasser think twice about taking the long way home next time. 

Boss fires video editor after setting impossible targets, video editor ensures their boss gets fired: 'my manager presented my KPI of 85 3-10 minute videos in 52 weeks which was impossible'

Thu, 06/13/2024 - 15:00

You've probably heard about "SMART" goals before, and while the acronym itself might be a little bit silly, it still makes for a good blueprint for target setting used by many organizations and that corporate junkies swear by. It stands as a fact that the "A" in "SMART" stands for "Attainable"—and for good reason. There's nothing more demoralizing than when managers set staff an intentionally unreachable target thinking that dangling the carrot further in front of their workers will achieve greater results, at any cost.

The managers who set these types of goals usually take their methods from memoirs of 1980s business magnates with unrealistic "harden up," "sink or swim," and/or "make them lift themselves up by their own bootstraps" types of lessons—as if they themselves had not received a massive lump sum from their parents to start their own business or just straight up inherited their parent's company.

Well, this boss set their video editor an unrealistic target for the number of videos they needed to produce in a year. Not only did they need to produce the videos themselves, but they were expected to produce the music and, well, everything necessary to go along with it. This was, an impossible task, and the editor let their boss know so early on. Yet, that didn't stop them from being scapegoated by their boss when they found themselves "behind" on their target, ultimately leading to their dismissal—but they'd be damned if they weren't going to take their boss down with them.

'We're just gonna go ahead and sell you the property you've stolen': Construction head faces off with persistent client

Thu, 06/13/2024 - 14:00

Construction work shouldn't have to be quite this complicated. Too bad that one city inspector kept bothering the workers over typical excavation complaints, like making too much noise or "killing their grass." 

As a senior construction superintendent based in Texas, u/Short_Finger_Dizzy was working on one site that continually got complaints from a homeowner. They disagreed over property lines, which seems to be a common point of contention for homeowners. The story often goes that the homeowner will make a big fuss over having to move their fence by just a few inches. After they or their neighbors go to the city about that issue, though, they realize that they actually owe their neighbor a few feet of land! In the end, it almost always results in that person losing some of their property. 

They shared their tale with the malicious compliance community, and commenters loved it. You can read the entire story below! 

After that, check out a few hilarious travel miscommunications, like one dude who kept insisting that a temple of literature was "the temple of Little Richard." 

Employee goes out with Karen coworker, Karen makes a scene at the restaurant, then demands to be driven home: 'I've never invited [her] out since'

Thu, 06/13/2024 - 13:00

Hanging out with coworkers outside of work hours is always a strange experience at first. Some people get along in a work environment, and it doesn't take until meeting up in real life for you to realize that the two of you just don't gel outside of work hours. This employee discovered a bit too late that his coworker was not just a strange person to hang out with outside of work, but it turns out they're a Karen.

Sometimes you really don't know these things until you see someone ordering food at a restaurant. How a coworker treats servers is very telling of whether or not they should be your personal friends in life. If you're like this Redditor, and you discover that your coworker is a difficult restaurant customer, you have a few options. First, you cringe your way through the encounter and swear to never hang out with them again. In this instance, you remain cordial at the office moving forward but you've drawn a boundary. Second, you call them out then and there, which is not easy to do especially considering the fact that the two of you will have to keep working together no matter what.

For more stories like this, check out this post about another furious customer.

'You aren't getting your sound cues fast enough? Okay. Run': Prima donna actor gets exactly what he demands, sound designer makes him regret it

Thu, 06/13/2024 - 12:00

When you watch a play, you're only seeing a fraction of the work that went into making the show come to life. You're watching the end result, and if all goes well, you'll be dazzled by the acting, costumes, music, story, and sets.

 It takes tons of time and energy for the actors to learn their parts, but they're just one portion of the team. Behind the scenes are lighting designers, voice coaches, dance teachers, and, like u/patjackman was at their job, sound designers. 

In the final weeks leading up to a show's premiere, the show is ready to go. But since actors don't rehearse on the actual stage they'll perform on until a few weeks before the show, there's a lot of tech work that needs to happen first. The lighting crew needs to know where to shine those spotlights; that blocking tape isn't going to tape itself to the floor. The same goes for sound design, as this person explained in their excellent malicious compliance story. 

After that, read about the star employees who got fired ASAP, like the group of theme park workers who got canned after they decided to ride a roller coaster after hours (and they didn't even put the lap bar down!). 

'What's the difference between a 6 oz sirloin and a 12 oz sirloin?': 20+ ridiculous questions entitled customers asked their servers

Thu, 06/13/2024 - 11:00

Servers should get an additional 20% tip every time a customer asks a self-explanatory question. 

It turns out people are just as ignorant in restaurants as you would think. This collection of questions real servers were asked by entitled customers just goes to show that thinking before speaking is a lost art. Instead, people are asking questions like why the menu did not properly state that the risotto had rice in it. People are asking what the difference is between a 6-ounce steak and a 12-ounce one. Finally, people are even inquiring about what exactly duck is. What does one even say to that last one? "Um… it's a duck?!" 

If these customers' questions serve as any indication, it's that we really need people to brush up on their reading and knowledge. Do people just not know things anymore? For more stories like this, check out this post about a fast-food worker who quit on the spot.

'I see you're not a team player': Boss limits breaks to two 15-minute sessions due to being understaffed, employee consults union and faces backlash for reporting

Thu, 06/13/2024 - 10:00

Let's face it: we all need a break from work. There's no way our brains can stay totally engrossed for 8+ hours while still producing our best quality work all day long. Whether it's stepping outside for a quick breath of fresh air or eating a snack, sometimes that mental break is really what an employee needs to power through the rest of the day's tasks. Well, this boss is trying to mandate a new break policy. He's only allowing his employees two 15-minute breaks a day due to the company being short-staffed. If you ask us, overworking your employees with no time to recuperate sounds like a straight path to burnout and terrible retention rates. Nonetheless, the entitled boss pulled his authority card and mandated the breaks anyway. So, one employee decided to ask his work union if this was allowed. He claims he did it with harmless intentions, but his boss seems to think otherwise. 

Seafood restaurant server baffled by customers who dine in despite their severe seafood allergies, sparking debate in the comments: 'I don't understand the logic'

Thu, 06/13/2024 - 09:00

Would you put your life in the hands of a 17-year-old line cook who cheated on his food allergen training?

There are a handful of allergies that are known to be deadly. Peanuts, bee stings, and shellfish are some of the most common dangerous ones and from a young age, we're taught to protect people who have these allergens by avoiding contact with their triggers. But what if those people don't want to be saved? 

Recently, a server at a high-end seafood restaurant found himself in the hot seat after complaining about customers who came into his restaurant despite their severe allergies. Naturally, they have other dishes on the menu apart from seafood, but being that that's their primary menu item, wouldn't it be potentially dangerous to put their lives in the hands of a 17-year-old line cook who just took a 10-minute break to smoke his vape and scroll dumb TikToks? 

Scroll to read some more of the debate where a server gets put on the spot for worrying about people's potentially life-threatening allergies more than they do. 

'This temple is dedicated to Little Richard?': 15+ Hilarious travel miscommunications

Thu, 06/13/2024 - 08:00

As a tourist in a country you've never set foot in before, making a few language mistakes is inevitable. Lots of people will study up on the language before they ever set foot on a plane, but even so, it's way different in person. You can read a little translation book all you want, but when a local speaks to you, you're probably going to be stumped. These days, a lot of cell phones can instantly translate for us, but even then, there are bound to be a few mistakes along the way. 

In a lot of European countries, the locals won't even bother speaking their language if they sense you're American. If you're stumbling to order a ham and cheese sandwich while in France, instead of letting you finish your broken sentence, they'll just start talking to you in perfect English. In other countries, though, or places that aren't typical tourist areas, you might have to resort to gesturing in order to explain what you mean. One person shared that they travelled to Greece, but because the word for "yes" sounds a lot like "no," they were mixed up the whole time. Even though they confused a bunch of locals with that, it's probably a funny vacation memory to them. 

Next up, this grocery store manager was totally fine with letting another manager boss them around — until they created their own demise. 

Boss wants employee to train their outsourced replacement who will be earning 75% less: '[He] expects me to train her...'

Thu, 06/13/2024 - 07:00

There's this weird thing that happens in employment, you're there to get a paycheck—no question about that. And while your employer will want to pay you (close) to market rate if they want to keep you they're always going to want to pay you as little as they possibly can get away with. You want more, they want to pay less, probably figuring that they'll get the same amount of work out of you regardless. This dynamic will hang over any employment agreement you enter into.

There becomes a point though where respect comes into play—ask for too much and your employer might feel (or act) disrespected—get paid too little and you're going to be feeling the same. Treading that middle ground is delicate but of penultimate importance for the continued working relationship.

Without a doubt, learning that your job is going to be outsourced internationally for 75% of the rate would come as a shock and make you feel disrespected. Having your boss subsequently ask you to train that outsourced replacement would probably go over like a lead balloon. 

Entitled Boomer barges through the employee entrance to ask prep cooks to make a dinner reservation for him: '[It was] 5 hours before we open'

Thu, 06/13/2024 - 06:00

The kitchen in a restaurant can be a dangerous place. Hot pans, sharp knives, and fast-moving line cooks lie at every turn–so it's certainly no place for an entitled Kevin to make a dinner reservation. 

The guy in our next story pushed the limits of elderly entitlement when he barged into the backdoor, 'employee only' entrance of his favorite restaurant so he could make a dinner reservation. While many prep cooks would have told him to get the heck out of the kitchen and come back during open hours, the guy in our next story was just too flabbergasted to ignore this guy's request, ultimately making the Boomer a dinner rez and coming away with the most insane story of restaurant entitlement we've heard this week. 

Scroll for the entire ridiculous tale of Boomer tomfoolery that highlights that privileged Boomer behavior we see all too often. After this, here's another story of an entitled Karen–a monster-in-law who tried to kick a girl out of her son's wedding celebration because they were wearing the same dress.

Employee quits, then orchestrates an audit to get former boss fired three years later: 'She couldn't prove that she didn't misuse funds'

Thu, 06/13/2024 - 05:00

Imagine putting a toxic work experience behind you and thinking you've completely moved on until the opportunity to get your boss back conveniently arises. Sure, you may have transitioned to bigger and better things in life, but you cannot help but admit that you still harbor a little resentment from those horrid years you endured under such problematic leadership.

This Redditor put in her notice after her bosses accused her of doing zero work despite all the evidence proving otherwise (meanwhile, her boss would take extended vacations and give herself raises while never promoting other employees). Three years later, the Redditor found out that her new employer was a board member of her former company, so she let it slip that he should consider pursuing an audit as there was no way her former boss was handling her business ethically and correctly. Well, let's just say that the former boss's behavior did, in fact, come back to haunt her.

For more stories like this, check out this post about an employee who refused to attend their boss's party after work hours.


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