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The internet has generated a huge amount of laughs from cats and FAILS. And we all out of cats.
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'I've replaced it 52 times': Guy plays annual Father's Day prank on their Dad for 19+ years

Thu, 06/06/2024 - 12:00

This prank has been going on for years, and both father and son are still laughing about it. 

Traditions vary from family to family. Some are the usual traditions involving gathering for family meals on holidays, having family BBQs, or inviting all the family members over to celebrate a birthday. Other traditions are highly specific—in fact, the more specific they are, the funnier they become over time. 

No one knows that better than u/UncleCoyote and their dad. The two of them have been in an ongoing pranking loop for years now! They shared their original story, as well as this year's update. It all started years ago when this person asked their dad for a tool, only to find out their dad didn't actually have it. Since it was missing, their dad couldn't help but make a dad joke out of the whole thing. 

Commenters loved the story as well as the annual updates. The original poster was quite active in the comments section answering people's questions about their relationship with their dad. They also mention that although they give their father the same gift over and over, he does also get other presents, too. 

Next up, take a peek into the high fashion/low fashion world of utterly strange shoes, from fish-flops to scuba heels

'He can't justify giving me a raise': Two-faced boss gives employee glowing mid-year review, then denies him a raise for not going "above and beyond"

Thu, 06/06/2024 - 11:00

Duplicitous managers may praise you one moment and then come up with every excuse under the sun to not give you a raise the next. 

We've all had managers like this. You know, the ones who don't seem to understand that giving someone a raise means that they have been performing their primary responsibilities well. It does not mean going above and beyond and doing extra, unpaid labor. That wouldn't necessarily be a raise, then. It would be overdue compensation for responsibilities that are already being performed. Unfortunately, these kinds of managers still subscribe to the whole "paying your dues" narrative, which is about as eye-roll-inducing as any other dates workplace culture problem.

Keep scrolling below to see what happened to this relatively new employee, who received a glowing mid-year review and then was reprimanded for not doing more… within the same meeting! For more infuriating workplace stories like this, check out this one about a boss who made his employee keep his blazer on in boiling hot weather.

25 Employees share the best jobs they've ever had: 'I do about 10-15 hours of actual work a week'

Thu, 06/06/2024 - 10:00

Have you ever had a job you loved so much you wished you could go back? Maybe it was a summer job you had as a kid or a random contract that ended up being better than you expected. There are so many jobs out there that it's impossible to know about all of them. Well, these employees share the random odd jobs they had that ended up being the best jobs they ever had. Whether it was great because they had the best coworkers, the benefits were amazing, or they barely had to put in any time for what they were being paid, these employees share it all and more below. From working as a night watchman at a warehouse to teaching at a community college, you never know why those jobs can be the best. So, if you're in the market for a new job or maybe just curious as to what other possibilities are out there, you should check out this list below. You may just come across your next dream job!

'Don't pretend like you're busy': Furious boss places employee on work schedule after they quit because they didn't find a replacement

Thu, 06/06/2024 - 09:00

You step into your boss's office, your heart hammering in your chest. This is gonna be good. Breathe in, breathe out. They'll take it well, you're sure.

You say the words, watch your boss's face fall, and realize that they did not, in fact, take it well. Quite the opposite. Oh well, if they take it personally, it's their problem, you think. But then they give you the cold shoulder, act strange, and make it weird for both of you. To each their own… but why?

This employee gave their two-week notice to their boss, and even worked a few days extra, despite having already quit. They made it super clear that after their last day, they wouldn't be coming back. Their boss became angry because they hadn't found anyone to replace them… and that's the employee's problem, how? Ugh, management. So entitled, taking your goodwill and ruining it for everyone.

Things went downhill, which you can read about below.

Neighbor gets pro-level revenge on the "HOA Karen" trying to kick them out: 'I began my research'

Thu, 06/06/2024 - 08:00

One HOA member apparently had nothing better to do with her time than police her neighbors constantly. 

Having a bad neighbor can be a giant pain. Some of them play loud music 24/7. Others love to leave for long weekend trips while their dogs bark and howl for hours. Some people are just inconsiderate of the others around them, and will park on the sidewalk or put up bright floodlights that keep the neighbors awake. But this person wasn't doing anything wrong when their HOA neighbor confronted them. Their big crime according to HOA member was… having a dog. Another time, all they were doing was grilling on a nice day. These little tiny things really set off the local "HOA Karen," as u/judis697734 calls her. 

Some people just get a kick out of controlling others. Surely there are a million actual hobbies this HOA woman could get. But no, she's choosing to spend her one wild and precious life calling the cops on someone making a dinner for their family on a nice day. This is a great story with a wild ending, so check out the whole thing for yourself below. 

Next up, these resort workers needed supplies that were locked in a cage, but with no managers around, they had to resort to doing something that was "petty and [we] thought it'd be funny." 

Professional pet sitter asks for someone to watch their own pets for free, community criticizes their request: 'People are just delusional'

Thu, 06/06/2024 - 07:00

Running a business is challenging, especially once you expand to the point that you need to hire people to help you manage the workload and, as it turns out, people expect to be paid for all that effort, cutting well into all those exponential profits you had been imagining. These people want some of your money… Can you believe that???

This is the thinking that a lot of people subscribe to when it comes to handling their growing business and personal affairs. And for some reason, types of "choosing beggar" posts seem to almost always center around some kind of child-care or pet-sitting. While child care is wildly expensive, it stands to reason that you'd want the person watching your pride and joy to be someone with a degree of professionalism and care around what they were doing—and not the only stranger that you were able to con into taking up the task on Facebook.

Further, when you work in that profession yourself, turning around and wanting someone to do that same job for free is about as ironic as you can get and requires leaps and bounds in logic that bottle the mind. Yet, that's what this pet sitter was seeking when they themselves sought a sitter for their own pets on this online community.

‘Boy, was I tickled pink': Couple who's lived in their home 15 years gets a 4-page passive aggressive plea to join the HOA for $70 a month, turns them down

Thu, 06/06/2024 - 06:00

Why pay nothing to do whatever you want with your property when you can pay $70 a month to be told what you can and cannot do with your property?

'You probably don't remember me, but I waited on you about a year ago...': Server runs into Karen customer a year after her outburst, gives her a taste of her own medicine

Thu, 06/06/2024 - 05:00

It's not easy to forget the people who yell at you for no reason. Those moments become embedded in our memories forever and often inform how we respond or react in future confrontations. 

No one has to endure more of these confrontations than our servers, so be sure to give them tips and a break if something goes wrong. Here, we have a server who worked the opening night of a brand new restaurant when a Karen customer memorably screamed at her in front of the entire restaurant because orders were backed up on such a packed evening. The server never forgot the encounter and ended up running into this patron again at a different restaurant a year later. Since this was her final day at work, she did not mince words and gave the Karen customer the exact kind of verbal dressing-down she deserved.

Keep scrolling below for the full story and for the best reactions from folks in the comments section. For more stories like this, check out this post about a Karen neighbor who kept stealing a tenant's laundry detergent.

After learning that micromanager monitors workers with the help of surveillance cameras and recorders, employee turns to reddit for advice

Thu, 06/06/2024 - 04:00

Each morning when we get up, get ready, and head to work, we discover that not much has changed from the day before. We work to maintain our means of survival and to enjoy occasional vacations.  That being said, how would you feel if, in spite of your diligence, your employer decided to follow you around as if the objective were personal rather than shared?

The following story tells the story of a disappointed gas station employee. The original poster (OP) worked at the gas station for an extensive stretch of time. At first, everything was going well for OP; he was content with his salary, his coworkers, and his employers. All that changed, though, when they were handed a 'special' gadget that followed them about with audio and video.

OP turned to Reddit for advice and guidance on what should be done. That being said, if you're curious about the details of what transpired, including how the monitoring tool functions and what guidance was given to the original poster, read the story below. Remember to read the account of the employee's strategic compliance with the administration office, which led the company to amend its corporate policies, when you're done!

'HOA wants to increase [dues] by 94%': Florida condo owner asks for advice for skyrocketing HOA fees

Wed, 06/05/2024 - 14:00

Some people refuse to buy any property that's on an HOA-owned territory for reasons just like this. A Florida condo owner is wondering what to do after their terrible HOA decided it would nearly double the monthly dues! 

It's tough out here for a lot of Americans. You can work multiple jobs and still be barely scraping by. This person, u/BearlyGerry, is doing just that: working a full-time gig plus a part-time job on the side just to make ends meet. But their HOA (homeowners association) has decided to increase their budget, and they're making that the problem of all the condo residents. 

In the comments, people both commiserated with this Floridian and provided some good advice. One warned that since this is Florida, buildings are more prone to breaking and needing repairs. Even though no one wants to pay for thousands of dollars worth of insurance increases and structural studies, someone has to. It doesn't seem fair for the residents of the building to have to foot a massive bill all on their own. This HOA is demanding a crazy amount of money from the condo owners, and unfortunately, there's not much to be done about it besides moving to a place where an HOA isn't in charge. 

Up next, these people had some hilarious misspellings, like one person who wrote, "It is a very small issue in the gran stephen things."

Top 10+ embarrassing work stories: 'I thought no one else was there!'

Wed, 06/05/2024 - 13:00

Spending up to or more than 40 hours a week in the same workplace environment is bound to lead to the occasional embarrassing moment. Whether it's tripping and falling, spilling coffee everywhere, having a bad bathroom moment, or even a Freudian slip, embarrassing moments are here to stay in life so we might as well embrace their presence in the office.

These moments scar us for life even when they are forgettable to pretty much everyone else. For instance, I remember getting up from my desk to go to the restroom and realizing was so asleep that I had to walk across the entire office floor at a glacial pace until I regained feeling. It was an excruciating experience, and while I'm pretty sure no one noticed, I can't be sure of that fact.

Keep scrolling below for this brand new collection of top embarrassing workplace moments. For more content like this, check out this list of the worst coworkers.  

'It is a very small issue in the gran stephen things': 20 Hilarious misspellings and misunderstandings

Wed, 06/05/2024 - 12:00

I know most of us aren't good spellers—thank goodness for autocorrect! Without it, we'd never spell words like "necessity" or "appreciation" correctly. Without spell checkers, it'd be a lot harder to read just about everything. You can certainly tell that from these hilarious misspellings below, where a lot of people tried to spell words out phonetically. One person had to label a bottle of salad dressing, and ended up spelling "ranch" with an added T. Another person tried to name one of the most popular Christmas songs out there… but they wrote it as "the least knobby dot." So close! Yet so far. I suspect the van driver who celebrated that their kid "done gradiated" was just kidding, but it's a funny choice nevertheless. 

Check out these very funny misspellings below. And up next, check out some utterly bizarre shoe choices, like some heels that could be worn for a scuba dive or a party, not to mention the fish flops

'People want those crates!': Karen sewing circle starts drama demanding empty wine crates without having to buy any bottles, store clerk faces their wrath

Wed, 06/05/2024 - 11:00

What was this sewing circle of Karens up to?

That's what this wine store clerk was asking when three Karens in a row started incessantly calling the store demanding empty crates of wine without having to make an actual purchase. As one might expect, the best way to get a wine crate is by purchasing the wine that comes with it. It turns out that these Karens wanted a bunch of empty crates so they could use them to build a bookcase. However, as we know all too well on FAIL Blog, beggars cannot be choosers and these Karens were not about the get a bunch of free empty crates, nor was the clerk going to ensure that he'd save these crates for them. This, of course, led to a temper tantrum from the entire sewing circle. Our heart goes out to the store clerk who had to endure it all.

For more stories like this, check out this post about a Karen employee's unruly behavior.

'That's not my job': New boss writes up employee for being 1 minute late to lunch after they refuse to complete tasks that aren't their job

Wed, 06/05/2024 - 10:00

One bitter employee who faced challenges at their workplace decided to take matters into their own hands.

They used to love working at their job. They had a great relationship with their boss, got their work done, and always felt appreciated. If there was an issue, they felt that their boss would find a way to accommodate them. Help was a two-way street. But when new management took over, things changed. The boss was demoted, and someone new was hired to take his place. She was less lenient, but above all, she asked the employee to do work that according to them, wasn't in their job description. Let's face it, that's annoying. If I'm a content writer (teehee) and I was asked to go fetch coffee for my boss, it would frustrate me.

Suddenly there was a petty back and forth, and the employee did whatever they could to hold their power. That didn't last long.

Here's a story about an IT team ignoring other employees' cries for help after they didn't use the ticketing system.

Man tricked by brother into selling childhood house for a few extra bucks

Wed, 06/05/2024 - 09:00

Conducting business can be costly. Since there are no guarantees in business, only the daring among us take the chance and embark on the journey into the corporate world.

The story below describes a disappointed sibling. The original poster (OP) had recently lost his father. After the father's passing, the children received equal ownership of the assets and money. As a result, upon inheriting the father's run-down home, OP  spotted his chance to become wealthy and realized that real estate was his gold mine. So, he sent his brother a business proposal that he believed would be profitable. However, the brother declined the offer and sold OP his portion of the land, reasoning that continued development of the concept would require too much work.

Initially, things were going great, the company was growing, and OP easily covered his expenses. But after seeing OP succeed, the brother immediately realized his error and insisted that OP include him in the company. So, read on to find out what was said and whether or not OP complied with his brother's demands for the sake of 'his family'. When you're done, don't forget to read about the man who confronted the truck driver for using blinding headlights, which started a heated discussion about safe driving techniques!

'I was feeling petty and thought it'd be funny': Resort workers get locked out of "The Cage" holding their supplies, plan a break-in

Wed, 06/05/2024 - 08:00

There's nothing like having fun coworkers. Not every workplace is a fun one, but when you have coworkers who can turn an average day into an adventure, it's the best. 

This person, u/KipsyCakes, had a job at a resort restaurant that was in the middle of some changes. While undergoing changes, employees were leaving in droves, and this employee mentioned that it was nearly impossible to find a manager during their actual shift. Workplaces that are run that way are destined to fail. If employees don't know who to turn to when they need help, they're going to try and do things on their own. 

On this day, this resort employee was faced with the issue of needing things from a locked cage at their workplace. A head manager was needed for this, since they were the ones with keys. But there was no head manager to be found, and the regular managers couldn't open the cage either. If the right person had just been around to help, all of this could've been avoided, as you can check out in the story below. 

Next up, this nurse was heading home from a 14-hour shift and decided to help a 90-year-old couple, only to have a woman assume they were an employee and start demanding help. 

18-year-old daughter changes name without telling parents, Mom and Step-Dad learn at her graduation: 'I never wanted to be his kid'

Wed, 06/05/2024 - 07:00

Names are a personal thing… A personal thing that you traditionally have no control over—yet that defines your life before it even begins… and forms the basis of how others shape their understanding of you. 

It's understandable why we need them. The whole thing just makes sense and would be a little confusing if we didn't have ways of categorizing and referring to one another—even in the simplest means of communication… Imagine a world without names where you had no way of identifying who a message was being sent to on your phone, relying on sheer intuition as to who would be receiving it.

You might not have any control over your name as a kid, but you can sure as heck go right ahead and rename yourself once you're out in the world and making it on your own. At that point, you'd just be relying on the older family members in your life rolling with it, just like this daughter did when she didn't tell her mother and stepfather about changing her name until they learned it at her graduation.

‘I was their scapegoat’: Overworked employee confronts boss after they fire him for no reason, boss claims it was to teach the other employees a lesson

Wed, 06/05/2024 - 06:00

Wouldn't you love to work in a place where you cannot get fired no matter what you do? For some people, that dream is a reality, If people are self-employed, or have tenure, they simply cannot be fired. But for most employees, we have to live our lives day by day hoping we would never have to hear the dreadful 'you are fired'. 

The employee in this Reddit story did hear these words spoken to him unfortunately, which came as a great surprise to him, as he could not think of a single reason for his boss of 7 years to fire him. When the employee confronted his boss and asked what the reasoning for his termination was, the boss simply replied – 'We did not see any improvement, let this be a lesson to others'. 

Scroll down to read the full story and the employee's response to his boss. After you are done with this story, click here for an employee who publicly confronted his coworker for stealing his belongings.

'I'm done with this': Cranky grandpa throws temper tantrum after getting called out for cutting the popcorn line at the movie theater

Wed, 06/05/2024 - 05:00

Nicole Kidman may come to the movie theater for magic, but sometimes all you get is cranky Karen customers.

As someone who still frequents the movie theater and loves doing so, I still cannot deny that filmgoers have become borderline barbaric over the last several years. From bringing in pungent food into the theater to fully answering cell phones during climactic moments, one has to wonder why some of these customers even got off their couches in the first place, especially if they were planning on treating a public space like their own private quarters. 

Here, we have the story of a cranky grandfather who tries to cut the long line for popcorn. After he was called out by a sane human being, Grandpa lost his cool and ended up storming out with his granddaughter, preventing her from seeing her movie. Our heart goes out to that little girl who must know deep down how difficult her grandfather is.

For more stories like this, check out this post about a very different family affair.

‘Never doing an AI interview again’: Online job interview goes south after AI assistant asks candidate to pose for a full body scan

Wed, 06/05/2024 - 04:00

It should be common sense that if you are looking for a human to do a certain job, the interviewer for said job should also be human. The whole concept of video interviews, or even worse, being interviewed by AI assistants, should not even be on the table. It makes the candidate feel like the company does not take the job search seriously and generally starts the whole process with a bad taste in their mouths.

The job candidate in this Reddit story will probably agree with these statements after he had to deal with an extremely unpleasant online interview with an AI assistant. An interview that ended rather quickly after the candidate refused to provide a scan of his body and his room. This story sparked a whole conversation in the Reddit comments about the concept of AI doing interviews.

Scroll down to read the full story and conversation. After you are done, click here for a story of a wedding photographer who is facing a lawsuit after failing to photograph a wedding.


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