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The internet has generated a huge amount of laughs from cats and FAILS. And we all out of cats.
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'An entire department quit on the spot': 20+ Workers who quit ASAP thanks to their terrible bosses

Tue, 06/11/2024 - 08:00

These workers had a few choice words for their bosses, like "good luck" and "good riddance." They're proof that you can only treat your employees badly for so long before they decide that the grass is greener at another employer. 

People from all types of industries shared their stories with the r/AskReddit community. u/Who_Did_You_Expect1 was curious about the things that bosses did that made employees quit as soon as humanly possible, and more than 900 people replied. 

Disliking your boss at some point in your career is a universal experience. If you have a great boss, count your blessings! Some people are passionate about the work they do, but their bosses are micromanagers or have zero sympathy for call-outs or sick days. No matter how passionate that employee is about their work, the toll of having a bad boss can turn a beloved job into a despised one. For some people, this happened during their first jobs at restaurants or fast-food places. Others shared that they were already into their professional careers by the time they got fed up with their awful bosses. Check out the stories below! 

Up next, these delivery employees revealed the absolute craziest things they ever saw on a delivery run, like one poor soul who had a customer quickly warn them, "There's a bear right behind you." 

Rural landowner thwarts joyriding snowmobilers with concrete reinforced fencing: 'They all received tickets and their snowmobiles were confiscated'

Tue, 06/11/2024 - 07:00

Fences have a singular specific primary purpose: To keep people, and things, out of places they shouldn't be. If you see a fence—or are otherwise told about its presence when you enquire with the property owner about crossing it—chances are that you shouldn't go ahead and cross that fence anyway or do something to sabotage it and gain entry. At the very least, such actions would probably have consequences.

Of course, some of those still reading might argue that fences are also used to keep things in just as much as they're used to keep things out but the point still stands regardless.

During the winter months, this landowner was approached by some snowmobilers about crossing his property while they were out for a cruise after heavy snowfall. Regardless of his advice not to, since he had just put up a new fence that was all but buried in a snowdrift, he returned to find that his fence had been smashed by crossing joyriding snowmobiles. Picking up the pieces, he erected a new one, bigger and stronger, practically daring other snowmobiles to cross its path…

'Checkmate!': Employee gets paid for 120 hours of overtime and earns 3 days of sick leave after their micromanaging boss tries to play hardball

Tue, 06/11/2024 - 06:00

(Sometimes) Managers know best, but a micromanager never knows what's good for the company. In their attempt to get a grip on every facet of their workforce, micromanagers inadvertently strangle their best employees, forcing even good workers to maliciously comply. In our next story, a retail worker working in a terribly micromanaged department decided to let their boss's bad decisions blow up right in their face. 

After feeling a scratchy throat coming on just before their day off, the original poster of this story thought it was best to rest up as much as possible to avoid an all-out illness. However, even after her restful day off, she was still feeling under the weather. Luckily, company policy stated that she could use any amount of her overtime hours (which had been previously unpaid), to cover an extra day off–like PTO! So with 120 hours in her overtime bank, she asked for one more day off. 

But her micromanaging boss wasn't having it…

Scroll for the entire story of how this retail employee got 3 days of paid leave and 120 hours of overtime paid out in full simply because her boss wouldn't let her stay home sick. 

Downstairs neighbor sends series of unhinged texts about tenant's dog: 'I know now to NEVER EVER give neighbors your phone number'

Tue, 06/11/2024 - 05:00

It always starts with an innocent exchange of phone numbers. After all, the downstairs neighbor seems like a normal person, he offered, and it would be weird to turn him down. Well, it turns out you really should have turned him down because now you're getting incessant complaints about everything from noises to your dog. 

That's what happened to this Redditor, who started to receive a series of unhinged messages not long after exchanging numbers with her downstairs neighbor. First, it was a noise complaint that wasn't legitimate, considering the Original Poster (OP) was studying in silence. Then, there were constant concerns about OP's dog being left in a crate while OP was gone. Pretty soon after that, the complaints were constant and OP was in too deep.

What's particularly amusing about this story is that folks in the comments section were quick to criticize OP for enabling their neighbor and not disengaging right away. People pleasers can be like that, guys. Have a little understanding! For more stories like this, check out this list of hilarious misspellings. 

Fast food chain informs employees their tip money will be used for group activities, but fail to mention those are for management only: ‘We're basically funding their day off'

Tue, 06/11/2024 - 04:00

Group activities within a company are basically a must these days. Every company (well, most companies), wants their employees to have a good relationship with each other, and for their employees to feel their work is being appreciated, and a fun activity outside of the office is often the way for companies to do just that.

So if a big fast food chain tells their employees their tip money will be used for group activities, you would expect those activities to be extremely luxurious, since the employees have to pay for them. But that was not the case in this Reddit story, in which employees found out that their tip money is being used not to fund their own group activities, which they had none of, but the activities of the chain's upper management, the people who had nothing to do with the hard-earned money servers made from tips.

Scroll down to read the full story. After you are done, click here for a story of a hiring manager who stood up to HR in order to hire a promising worker.

Employee told to stand by for reassignment, does for 19 months until they run into their boss who asks them where they're working now: 'You should have seen her face'

Mon, 06/10/2024 - 15:00

People think that their managers don't do any work, merely attending an ever-increasing number of meetings every day, ad infinitum, pretending that they have enough on their plate that they couldn't possibly help you with anything else. But, one of the most challenging parts of a manager's job is ensuring that their team members have enough work to do themselves and not—you know—faffing around all day and enjoying a peaceable existence… All the while not doing a whole lot of actual work themselves.

When this worker's seasonal research job approached an end, they found themselves with not all that much to do and knew a layoff was imminent. They notified their boss to inform them that their workload had trailed off but were surprised when their boss told them to "stand by" for reassignment. They diligently "stood by" for 19 months before a chance encounter ended the charade.

Honestly, it's the sheer number of detailed stories of similar occurrences that readers shared in the comments that make this post even more impressive. Many of these stories could be posts of their own.  See them along with the original story below. 

'Send a Virgo': 20+ Funny food delivery instructions that had nothing to do with food

Mon, 06/10/2024 - 14:00

These customers have jokes! They didn't just want a simple dinner delivered by a random driver: some people specified that they wanted jokes written on the box (or their order delivered by the cutest driver!). 

Restaurant workers are pretty split on this issue. Some people really like when they get to stretch their artistic muscles by drawing random things on pizza boxes. One customer asked for a meme to be drawn on the box, and that person was happy to comply! Other restaurant workers don't like requests to draw things on the boxes, since it adds to the amount of work they have to do. But most people take the requests in stride. 

Some customers want their food to be delivered by the cutest delivery driver, which can be tricky. Should the restaurant actually send their hottest driver, or is it a bad idea? People are also split on that issue. At least when the customer just asks for the delivery driver to be a Taurus or a Virgo, the driver can just tell a little white lie about their birth sign. 

You can check out a bunch of really funny anecdotes below from some of the 60+ food workers who replied to r/phatKirby's question. 

Up next, these people had their "I don't get paid enough for this" moments, like one person who shared that they had to spend an hour cleaning up 96 broken eggs

20+ comical grammar mistakes and poor choices of words: 'I can't today. I have to finish some aarons'

Mon, 06/10/2024 - 13:00

There is nothing quite like making an embarrassing mistake in writing because whether you like it or not, that mistake now lives forever. Who knows? Perhaps that grammatical error or that unfortunate phrasing will become so iconic that it will be repurposed into a collection of fails like this one.

When I think about memorable grammatical errors, I cannot help but bring up my friend's final essay for her History of Popular Music course in college. She was not a music major and merely took the class because she was curious and needed one more credit to graduate. When she submitted her final paper, she genuinely thought she did an excellent job comparing the music of the Rolling Stones with the evolution of rock music today. Perhaps she did make a good argument. Unfortunately, however, that argument did not resonate much after her professor noticed that throughout the essay, she repeatedly referred to Mick Jagger as McJagger, as if he were somehow a part of the McDonald's network. Thankfully, she has a good sense of humor about everything and allowed me to bring this up at her wedding years later. I suppose when you make mistakes that egregious and that embarrassing, the best way to forge ahead is to laugh at yourself and to learn.

For more stories like this, check out these funny misspellings.

'That advice cost the neighbor most of his yard': New neighbor gets fined $11,000 after ignoring friendly grandpa's advice

Mon, 06/10/2024 - 12:00

Instead of listening to someone who'd been on the land longer than he had, this neighbor immediately took offense to some advice. There's a time and place for giving and taking advice, of course. They say you should take advice from people you respect or who have been in your shoes. People who have walked the same path as you are bound to know at least a little bit of good advice. That's why it's pretty baffling that this dude's neighbor was new to the area, yet still ignored some crucial advice from the kindly neighbor next door. 

The new neighbor's big mistake was doing some major renovations without checking any laws or regulations. Similar to how "call before you dig!" signs point people to the rules before they dig into a water main, this guy could've used a sign that said, "check before you build on protected lands!" Clearly he didn't know it, but you cannot mess with endangered species or their habits. In the comments, people applauded the story (and fully took the side of the endangered species). 

Next up, an entitled client insisted that her web designer make the pages look exactly as she wanted, but the designer knows she's going to regret that when the site launches! 

Dad accuses son of losing wrench he lost himself, son buys him new wrench as a gift for every event for the rest of his life: 'This Father's Day will be wrench number 55!'

Mon, 06/10/2024 - 11:00

The old man was warned!

It's funny how in every family, there are certain events with each family member has a completely different recollection of the sequence of events. Sure, perspective is obviously a subjective phenomenon, but facts are also facts. In this case, this Redditor's father very clearly lost his own wrench, but the old man wound up convincing himself that his son was responsible. Of course, as with all recurring conversations within family dynamics, the son got frustrated by this false version of the story after a while and warned his father that if this narrative continued, he would purchase his dad a replacement wrench for every gift-giving event throughout his father's lifetime. 

Well, his dad must have thought he was joking. Now, for this past Father's Day, the old man received his 55th wrench as a gift from his son. Keep scrolling below for the full story and for the best reactions from folks in the comments section. For more stories like this, check out this post about some family graduation drama.

'There's a bear right behind you': 10+ Delivery drivers share their craziest delivery experiences ever

Mon, 06/10/2024 - 08:00

Delivery drivers have seen it all. Really and truly, they've found themselves involved in the craziest situations imaginable!

People order delivery for all sorts of reasons. They might just want food, but they also might be in the middle of a stressful move, or trying to watch a handful of kids, or they might be some college kids who are partying. The delivery drivers never know what type of scene they're going to be walking into when they show up with food in hand. More than 2,800 people answered u/XerxesJester's question: "Delivery drivers of Reddit, what have you experienced on a delivery that you will never forget?" 

We picked out some of the most funny and shocking replies. Interestingly, a lot of people who shared their stories either delivered pizzas or sandwiches. Some of them encountered rouge dogs, which must be a constant problem for the delivery workers of the world. Lots of dogs love to race out the front door at any chance they can get. One person even shared that when that happened to them, they ran after the dog and caught it! Scroll down to read what happened next, as well as a bunch of other great anecdotes. 

Up next, read the update to this school worker's saga: they were hired for marketing, but their boss continually tried to make them be a substitute teacher instead

Wedding guest tells parents to turn kid's iPad volume down reception speeches, earns mother's wrath: 'I thought it was common courtesy'

Mon, 06/10/2024 - 07:00

iPad kids have become a plague, a burden on many a wedding guest, theatergoer, and restaurant diner and server alike. There's nothing like the rising shrieks of an overstimulated and unattended child rising above the communal din or performative silence. We millennials thought that we were going to be better than our parents—in fact, we were determined—but clearly, many of us succumbed to the rigors of life and parenting just as the generations before us did—only managing to get as far as shoving our iPads in front of our kids and hoping for a little reprieve. Still, it remains a fact that decorum must be followed in social settings where we must maintain minimum social standards.

Certainly, when you're the guest at a wedding you need to recognize that nothing about the entire affair is about you, save for the fact that you're there to celebrate and witness the happiest day of someone's life. There's a reason why so many couples are now choosing to do "childless" weddings and that's because too many parents don't know when to walk out of the room with their child when they start to fuss. 

This guest fed up with the sounds emitting from the iPad Kid's iPad behind them during the middle of the wedding speeches, turned around to ask the parents to turn the volume down—earning the wrath of the child's mother in the process. They turned to this popular online community to see whether or not they were in the wrong for their comment. See their original post along with the responses from readers below.

'Sorry, boss. I got other plans': Boss confronts employee about not attending weekend work party, employee tells boss to reschedule work events for the actual work day

Mon, 06/10/2024 - 05:00

Socializing with one's coworkers is important, but why does it have to take up so much of one's personal time? 

Sure, these events are typically not in the office. They might be at a bar, a restaurant, or the boss's home, which is ten times nicer than anything you could ever afford. The reality of the matter is that regardless of location, you're still networking with your coworkers. You're still on the job. It doesn't matter if food and drink are on the company because your time is actively being taken away from you. As one commenter on this Reddit thread states, our time is valuable! If it's so crucial for everyone to be at a weekend work event, perhaps everyone should be paid for that time. Or perhaps it should take place during work hours. 

We know bosses get frustrated at this concept, as this boomer employer did, but they cannot have it both ways. They can't squeeze every minute of productivity out of folks during work hours and then expect a big chunk of that free time as well. That's not what work-life balance should be about.

For more stories like this, check out this post about the best jobs employees ever had.

'Stop laughing at me': Man mistaken for employee by furious customer tries to satisfy her demands he be ‘fired’ by calling his manager

Mon, 06/10/2024 - 04:00

You'd think when you tell someone you 'don't work here' at a store, they'd understand that you aren't employed by the company, therefore you arent obligated to help them out.

One dude was in the store getting wipers for his car because his weren't properly cleaning the rain off his window anymore, making it hard to drive. He was wearing a red polo shirt and jeans, which resembled the uniform of the store employees there. He was minding his own business, looking at the different sizes and makes of wipers, reading reviews on each one, when suddenly a woman approached him. At first, he wasn't sure he heard correctly, but soon it became apparent that she was talking to him. Not one to help an entitled lady in need, he told her he didn't work at the shop, and that she should probably speak with someone else.

She didn't like that, not one bit. Next up, a new boss wrote up an employee for being one minute late to lunch after they refused to do tasks that weren't directly related to their job.

'Bye bye garden bed': Neighborhood dogs destroy their own garden after a clever mom uses their untrained aggression against the owners

Sun, 06/09/2024 - 16:00

The best petty revenge is self-inflicted. 

Sometimes neighbors confirm their foolishness by lacking the intelligence to better their own situation. For example, I have a neighbor who constantly pushes the pots off of their balcony, sending shards of ceramic and dirt all across the courtyard. You'd think that after the first two broken pots, this neighbor would either find a new way to pot their plants or secure their vessels more appropriately–but alas, not everyone has this kind of reasoning. 

A clever mom in our next story used similar foolishness against one of her rowdy neighbors, using their own aggressive dogs against them. For months, this mom and her young boys had to walk past a very spooky house in order to get to school every day–the reason the house was alarming wasn't because of a haunting or any other malevolence, but because of a pack of semi-feral dogs charging the fence and barking at passersby every day. In order to exact her own revenge against these folks, the mom decided to take her sweet time walking by the house, casually slowing her pace right in front of the owner's meticulously planted garden, watching the dogs bark, scratch, and annihilate each and every flower. 

Scroll for the full story of self-inflicted revenge served up at the end of a leash. Perhaps it's time to start thinking about some training….

34 Memes to Hand in With Your Two Weeks Notice

Sun, 06/09/2024 - 15:00

You've gone through the grueling process of finding a job, been through countless interviews, been ghosted by (many) recruiters and hiring managers, and you finally landed the role of your dreams. Okay, so that was a bit dramatic — it may not be the role of your dreams, but it will definitely do. Now all you have to do is head over to your micromanager's office and hand in your two-week notice. This is going to be awkward. They're going to hate it.

You do it anyway, and they take it as badly as they could possibly take it. 'Who will cover your shifts? I won't find someone to replace you in time! After everything I've given to you… you're lucky we even accepted you to this place! You're never going to find a better boss, yada, yada…' and you practically roll your eyes as they go off. Sure, you won't find better. Sure, this place 'made you who you are'. The delusion is unreal.

Best hand in some memes while you're quitting, right? Make your boss laugh one last time.

Update: 'I've already started packing': School worker refuses to be substitute teacher, boss demands they comply

Sun, 06/09/2024 - 14:00

We all know that teachers these days are under a lot of pressure, and it turns out that pressure extends even to other school staffers. Like this person, for example. U/hhhhhhd5 is literally not even a teacher, and yet their boss keeps trying to get them to substitute teach for absent teachers! 

Although this person was hired to do marketing, they quickly found themself having zero time to actually do that job. That's a bad sign at any job: if management has to bait and switch you into doing something else entirely, that's some bad planning on their end. I imagine the boss in this story was under a lot of pressure too. After all, what else was she supposed to do with numerous classrooms of kids with no teacher around? Still, it's no excuse for the way this person was treated. At least this marketing person/unwilling substitute teacher managed to look for another gig. And as they explained in their update post, they managed to maliciously comply with their boss on their way out the door. 

After that, this contract worker was told to "Just do the important things and let the small stuff slide," but soon after, they were fired! 

'You really can't win with her': Top Infuriating Coworker Stories of the Week (June 9, 2024)

Sun, 06/09/2024 - 13:00

Every office has an infuriating coworker, and they can really be the difference between a perfectly average day at work and the worst day of your life. 

This week, we have a variety of difficult team members that range from the entitled to the chaotic. The entitled ones tend to boss you around even when they are just slightly senior according to the company hierarchy. 

The chaotic ones, however, can be even worse, as these stories will show. Sometimes, you actually befriend your chaotic coworker, and you end up really liking them as a person. However, when they start to exhibit unhinged behavior at work, you begin to develop second-hand embarrassment for even being associated with them in any capacity. Then, you end up trying to distance yourself from your chaotic coworker, who has started to become branded as problematic, while maintaining the friendship outside of the office. Then, you learn that this is nearly impossible and that you either have to end the friendship entirely, draw boundaries, or one of you has to leave the company. I'm totally not speaking from personal experience (or am I?).

Keep scrolling below for this week's top infuriating coworker stories. When you're done, check out this post about a strict boss's bogus new policies.

'He assumes he's better': Ex-boyfriend tries to show off to ex to bring them down a notch

Sun, 06/09/2024 - 12:00

This person got back at their ex in a tiny but very irritating way. That's the way some relationships go: the couple breaks up, but they can't stop seeing each other. They get into a cycle of squabbling and making up, but that doesn't mean their relationship isn't toxic. 

u/ReSpekt5eva shared their story of dealing with an ex with whom they ended things, yet remained on friendly terms. They explained that this guy went to the same grad school they did, although he was a few years older than them. The original poster realized that he was self-conscious about their age difference. You can go back to school to get your degree at any age, yet this dude was bothered by the fact that his younger partner was in a PhD program at a younger age. 

In the comments, people remarked on their relationship. One person wrote that "It must be exhausting to compare everything one does to other people." From the biggest issues to the smallest, comparing yourself to others constantly won't exactly help you reach your goals. You can check out the full malicious compliance story down below!

Next up, these people revealed the funniest reasons they've ever gotten in big trouble, like the poor 11-year-old who "received a speeding ticket… on my bike." 

Top Dad Jokes of the Week to Prepare for Father's Day (June 9, 2024)

Sun, 06/09/2024 - 11:00

Father's Day is the day to let your dad be his weird, crazy self. To all the fathers out there who feel like Father's Day is somehow always an afterthought, in truth, it's the opportunity to get away with all the lame jokes and bad habits you have that typically result in nothing more than an eye-roll from your partner and children. It's the one day out of the entire year when they really can't say or do anything about it. It would be a shame to not take advantage of the albeit temporary power fathers have on Father's Day.

So if you want to order dinner from the restaurant everyone else detests, Father's Day is the day to do it. If you want to watch the movie of your choice and make everyone else join you, Father's Day is the day to do it. And last but certainly not least, if you want to get all the Dad Jokes out of your system, now is the time. 

Keep scrolling below for this week's top Dad jokes. When you're done, check out this list of funny airport greeting signs.


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